Medium Grain Rice And 4 Tips To Find A Reputable Supplier


There probably isn’t a food that is more widely consumed than rice. The grains are consumed all across the world and are served at every meal, from breakfast to dessert. While some recipes call for specific varieties, many specify the required rice by the classification of small grain rice, medium grain rice, or long grain rice. But what is the special feature that makes medium grain rice different from the other 2 types? Read on to know that difference and how to find a reputable medium grain rice supplier.

Medium Grain Rice: An overview

Medium grain rice is a versatile and popular type of rice and has a unique flavor that makes it a staple ingredient in many dishes around the world.

What is Medium Grain Rice ?

As the name suggests, medium grain rice is sized halfway between long grain and short grain rice. Compared to long grains, which are four to five times longer than they are wide, the grains are around two to three times longer. Since they release more starch than long grain rice, medium grain rice typically has a moist, tender, and somewhat chewy texture after cooking. Instead of having a fluffy, separate texture, the grains typically have a minor sticking together. 


Medium grain rice is commonly used in dishes such as risotto, paella, sushi, and other dishes that require a slightly sticky texture to hold the ingredients together. Medium grain rice variations also include black rice and calrose rice. And while medium grain brown rice is less popular than long grain brown rice, you can still get it at many supermarkets.


Use of medium grain rice

Although arborio and bomba rice are commonly mistaken for short grain varieties, they are actually medium grain due to their size, shape, and starch content. While medium grain rice can be prepared using short grain cooking techniques (for example, cooking Calrose as sushi rice), the reverse is not true of short grain rice.

Popular medium grain rice types

Here are some of the most popular varieties of medium grain rice:

  • Arborio Rice: This Italian medium grain rice is commonly used to make risotto because it has a high starch content that creates a creamy texture when cooked.
  • Calrose Rice: This medium grain rice is commonly used in Asian cuisine, especially for sushi and other rice dishes. It has a slightly sticky texture when cooked and is known for its ability to absorb flavors well.

Calrose rice

  • Valencia Rice: This Spanish medium grain rice is commonly used in paella, a classic Spanish rice dish. It has a slightly nutty flavor and a firm, slightly chewy texture.
  • Carnaroli Rice: This Italian medium grain rice is often used in risotto and has a high starch content that creates a creamy texture when cooked. It has a slightly longer grain than Arborio rice and is known for its ability to hold its shape well.

Carnaroli rice

  • Sushi Rice: This medium grain rice is specifically cultivated for use in sushi and other Japanese rice dishes. It has a slightly sweet flavor and a sticky texture that helps it hold together well when rolled into sushi.

These are just a few examples of the most popular medium grain rice varieties. There are many other types of medium grain rice that are used in different cuisines around the world.

How is medium grain rice stored ?

  • Medium grain brown and black rice: Be sure to keep the rice in an airtight container while storing it (such as a Mason jar or firmly closed plastic container) because oil contact with oxygen might cause the grains to start degrading or spoiling. Even better is to store the rice (in its sealed container) inside the freezer, which is more resistant to light and temperature fluctuations than the pantry is.

How is medium grain rice stored

  • Calrose and Arborio rice: In your cupboard, keep raw rice whether in their original packaging or in an airtight jar or plastic container with a tight lid.

What is the shelf life of medium grain rice? 

Brown and black medium grain rice that hasn’t been cooked will keep for a year at most in the freezer or six months in your pantry.

When kept in the right container, uncooked Calrose or Arborio rice can be kept for practically limitless periods of time in your cupboard (see above).


All types of cooked medium grain rice are refrigerator-safe for between 3 and 5 days when stored in an airtight container. Alternatively divide it up and freeze for up to 6 months in a freezer-safe bag or container.

Medium Grain Rice: How to find a reputable rice supplier?

It’s never simple to choose reputable medium grain rice suppliers. As a result, we provide you with some advice on how to pick trustworthy medium grain rice suppliers from Vietnam and avoid falling victim to fraud.

Where to find medium grain rice suppliers ? 

Since rice is an essential food necessity in the majority of nations, trading in rice is brisk. These days, there are many distributors of medium grain rice, so finding them is not difficult.


  • Trade fair for agriculture : It is a typical way for trade brokers to interact directly with many wholesale suppliers of rice. Some typical trade fairs: Vietnam International Agriculture Trade Fair, Agritechnica, Cheshire Agriculture Trade Fair,..
  • Embassy’s referral: It is possible to link customers and medium grain rice suppliers through programs for partnering with embassies.
  • Google website: When you enter the term “medium grain rice suppliers” the websites of reliable rice wholesale will appear first. Some reputable websites appear on google for users to click on and get contact with rice suppliers:,,,…
  • E-commerce websites: On e-commerce platforms, there are a lot of legitimate rice wholesalers because vendors must submit documentation to support the quality of their rice before they can list goods for sale. E-commerce platforms, however, are not liable for any hazards associated with the products that customers purchase. There are some e-commerce platforms: Alibaba, Tridge, Globalsource,… 
  • Social media: Medium grain rice suppliers can be found on social media sites like Facebook. Facebook will also detect your demands when you search for keywords and then recommend other related pages.

4 Useful tips to make sure the medium grain rice supplier is trustworthy

Here, we provide you with some important guidance on how to find trustworthy medium grain rice providers.

  • Verify a business license and a certificate for food safety: You can trust the reputation of the company thanks to two types of accreditation. The registered business won’t be a fake or virtual entity. Customers can feel confident in the pepper’s quality thanks to the certificate of food safety.
  • Facetime or video call: If you are unable to come immediately, you can inspect the factory and the company headquarters in this manner. With video calls, customers may view the entire production, packaging, and preservation process for peppers.
  • Take samples: Before placing a substantial order for medium grain rice from a supplier, request a sample from the source so you can evaluate the product’s quality.
  • Engage experts to inspect products at the factory: Hiring a professional to visit the plant to inspect product quality personally, if you have the resources, would help reduce the possibility of receiving faulty or damaged goods and ensure quality when rice comes.

Medium Grain Rice: Top reputable suppliers in the global

We provide you with information on the top suppliers of medium-grain rice in each nation, all of whom are well regarded as reliable by customers.

Thailand rice suppliers Wonnapob

In 1895, a family-run rice business was founded in Wonnapob, which is today one of Thailand’s top exporters of rice of the highest caliber.


  • The majority of Thailand’s renowned rice is exported by this wholesale rice company: White rice, glutinous rice, and jasmine rice
  • The Wonnapob factory has obtained ISO 9001, ISO22000, HACCP, and GHP certifications. It also has USFDA approval for exporting to the United States and Thai FDA approval for clean rice.

India rice supplier Amar Singh Chawal Wala

A renowned producer of the finest basmati rice in India, Amar Singh Chawal Wala has accredited by APEDA, ISO 22000 and HACCP.

  • As the year has progressed, this organization’s global reach as an international firm has greatly increased.
  • This rice company had an increase of 10% from the year before in its yearly turnover, which in 2018 was close to $300 Crore. In that fiscal year, There was an 8.5 percent net profit.

Vietnam rice suppliers K-Agriculture Factory

In 1996, K-Agriculture Factory was founded as a tiny rice export business. However, K-Agriculture Factory has expanded greatly and is currently the nation’s top rice producer thanks to the leadership team’s ongoing efforts and the support of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Vietnam. K-Agriculture Factory’s production system can produce 15,000 tons of rice per month and has a capacity of 21,000 tons. Jasmine rice, ST rice, Japonica, IR504, OM5451, and sticky rice are the company’s main exports, with the bulk going to markets in Asia (Malaysia,Philippines, China, …), the EU, and countries in Africa. Three well-known worldwide certifications held by K-Agriculture Factory include FDA, HALAL and HACCP.


Contact K-Agriculture Factory to purchase medium grain rice and other types that guarantee the best quality at the most reasonable price.



WhatsApp: +84855555837 (Ms. Kris – Sales Manager)

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