Is Long Grain Rice Healthy? – The Frequently Asked Question From Consumers


Many people wonder: “Is long grain rice healthy?” because some of its disadvantages are found. We consume rice almost every day, so it is too hard to negate the benefits of rice, especially long grain rice. 

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Is long grain rice healthy? – A common question

People are more health-conscious so it is not rare for dieticians to grapple with the common question: “Is long grain rice healthy?”

Long grain rice: An overview

Long grain rice is oval in form and has a grain length of 8 mm. Rice can be clear, white, or brown. It absorbs a significant quantity of liquid when boiling, loosens, but does not boil. Transparent and long grains are the best quality and healthiest.


Long grain rice

There are many famous types of long grain rice varieties like basmati rice, jasmine rice, ST rice. Each rice is popular with the population of every part of the world. For example, basmati rice stemmed from India, so its striking features are suitable for nations around India such as the Middle East or Bangladesh. In 2020, 5 million tons of basmati rice were exported by India. Besides, jasmine rice and ST rice are becoming a staple ingredient in Asian meals thanks to their flavor and reasonable price. Both of them were awarded the first prize in World’s Best Rice contest and consumed most by the Philippines, Indonesia, China, etc.

The process of rice for export at K-Agriculture company

Reasons for questioning “Is long grain rice healthy?”

Consumers eat long grain rice almost every day. There are many articles about the pros and cons of eating long grain rice, making them worried.

  • Most Asians eat rice and noodles produced from long grain rice, foods high in sugar and carbs. The average Chinese eats 4 bowls of rice a day, while with this portion, Americans and Australians eat for 5 weeks. Long grain rice is becoming one of the important foods in every meal but each individual may consume a different type of rice. Long grain rice has a variety of varieties and each of which has various types divided by color like white, red, brown.

Is long grain rice healthy?

  • Some people wonder if long grain rice is healthy because several articles said that few people know that the commonly consumed long grain white rice has some negative effects on human health. Pieces of evidence pointed out are increasing the risk of diabetes because the starch in long grain white rice can overload blood sugar levels in various organs in the body, increasing the risk of diabetes, leading to metabolic syndrome and causing overweight.
  • However, the truth is long grain rice does not really affect our health too much. Therefore, if you know how to control the amount consumed, you can completely include this food in your diet.

Is long grain rice healthy?

Is long grain rice healthy?

Long grain rice has two types (long grain white rice and long grain brown rice) when divided by colors and each of which is suitable for each type of people.

Nutrition of long grain rice


Nutrition of long grain rice

We can see the difference in nutrients of long grain white rice and long grain brown rice. Long grain white rice is brown rice with the bran and germ removed. As a result, long grain white rice lacks some antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals, fats, fiber, and small amounts of protein.

Health benefits of long grain rice

“Is long grain rice healthy?” will be answered through loads of health benefits.

Health benefits of long grain brown rice

Long grain brown rice is more and more popular because of its nutritional content.

  • Prevent blood sugar from increasing: If you have diabetes or other blood sugar issues, you are probably aware of the glycemic index, which evaluates foods according to how much they raise blood sugar levels. Brown rice has a glycemic index of 50, making it a low-glycemic index food. Foods with a glycemic index of less than 55 are called low-glycemic. This implies it will not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, especially when compared to white rice, which has a higher glycemic index.

Prevent blood sugar from increasing

  • May help you sleep better: While melatonin is already present in your body, if you are struggling to sleep, melatonin-rich meals like brown rice can help make up for any deficiencies. The glycemic index is a method that classifies foods based on how much they raise blood sugar levels. Brown rice has a glycemic index of 50, making it a low-glycemic index food. Foods with a glycemic index of less than 55 are called low-glycemic. This implies it will not spike your blood sugar, especially when compared to white rice, which has a higher glycemic index.
  • Aiding in the prevention of chronic illness: Brown rice maintains the bran layer, which includes protective substances known as flavonoids, such as apigenin and quercetin. These chemicals have a significant function in disease prevention. Numerous studies have connected eating whole grains, such as brown rice, to a lower risk of heart disease, some malignancies, such as pancreatic and stomach tumors, and type 2 diabetes.

Health benefits of long grain brown rice

Health benefits of long grain white rice

Long grain white rice has some famous rice varieties like jasmine rice, basmati rice and ST25 rice. All of them bring good benefits to consumers.

  • Jasmine rice: With jasmine rice nutrition, consumers can gain weight and recharge their batteries. You will lose weight and stay in shape since calories in jasmine rice (a cup of cooked jasmine rice) has about 180 calories. If ingested by pregnant women, jasmine rice includes folic acid, which is essential for the infant’s growth. Furthermore, if women are aware of the benefits of folic acid before becoming pregnant, they can avoid birth malformations. Jasmine rice nutrition is crucial for your health if you want to conduct high-intensity exercises since it gives glycogen to your muscles.

Jasmine rice

  • Basmati rice: Because basmati rice has a low carbohydrate content, it will benefit blood sugar levels in the body, preventing sugar levels from increasing and helping consumers stay healthy. Cholesterol is virtually absent from basmati rice. This will assist customers in limiting the quantity of cholesterol absorbed into the body and avoiding future medical issues. Because of its low phosphorus and potassium levels, basmati rice is also beneficial for people with kidney disease. Basmati rice has a low glycemic index of 45 to 69, so you no longer worry about gaining weight or having high blood sugar.

Basmati rice

  • ST25 rice: ST25 rice is good for bones because rice contains a lot of magnesium. Magnesium plays an important role in helping to promote bone health. ST25 rice contains high fiber content that contributes to easier food metabolism, helps reduce diseases such as constipation, hemorrhoids, supports weight loss, lowers cholesterol. ST25 rice also contains vitamin B, a vitamin that boosts metabolism in the brain. Besides, it also contains high levels of potassium and calcium, which play an important role in making nerve cells and body cells healthy. In addition, ST25 also contains vitamin E to help fight oxidative problems.

ST25 rice

Is long grain rice healthy? Ways to eat long grain rice properly

Choosing long grain white rice or long grain brown rice depends on your different purposes.

  • Long grain white rice is better than long grain brown rice for pregnant women

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding need to increase their folate intake. Getting enough folate may help reduce the risk of certain birth defects, especially neural tube defects. Besides folate found in natural foods, pregnant women also need 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. Because long grain white rice is fortified with folic acid, it may be a better choice for people with increased folate needs or those at risk of not meeting their folate needs.


Good for pregnant women

  • Kidney disease: Limit long grain brown rice

Long grain brown rice contains more phosphorus and potassium than long grain white rice, so people with kidney disease need to limit both of these nutrients in their diet.

  • Low-fiber diet: Long grain white rice is better than long grain brown rice

A low-fiber diet is recommended for certain bowel-related conditions, such as diverticulitis and diarrhea, and after surgery that involves the stomach or intestines. Long grain white rice contains less fiber than brown rice, so it may be a better choice when a low-fiber diet is required.


Long grain rice

  • High-fiber diet: Long grain brown rice is better than long grain white rice

In contrast, although long grain brown rice contains only slightly more fiber than long grain white rice, it may be a better choice when a person needs to eat a high-fiber diet. Fiber can help promote healthy cholesterol levels, regularity, and weight management. It can also help with constipation.

  • Better nutrition: Brown rice is better than white rice

Because long grain brown rice has not had its bran and germ removed, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Therefore, long grain brown rice becomes the ideal choice for those who want to improve their overall nutrition.

Is long grain rice healthy? Reliable brands of long grain rice

Here are some trustworthy long grain rice brands for customers’ references and consumers could believe that they provide healthy long grain rice.

Safe Agritrade Private Limited

Safe Agritrade Private Limited – one of the leading basmati rice suppliers created in 2013, is one of the top. They have been accredited to ISO 22000 and HALAL Quality Systems Standards. The primary markets are Africa, the Gulf nations, and Southeast Asia, with significant agricultural long grain rice products such as basmati rice, 1121 Golden Sella Rice, IR64 Parboiled, etc.


Safe Agritrade Private Limited

K-Agriculture Factory

With a 25-year development history, K-Agriculture has exported their products to over 80 countries across the world and produced many famous types of long grain rice namely ST25 rice, jasmine rice, OM5451 rice. K- Agriculture’s products offer distinct flavor and taste characteristics and are GMO and HACCP certified. K-Agriculture Factory, with the slogan “Quality is King,” always provides consumers with the highest quality products at the most reasonable costs.
If you are interested in K-Agriculture’s products, feel free to contact us via:
WhatsApp: +84855555694


K-Agriculture Factory

Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms is a corporation that sells a variety of rice varieties. Because it is certified organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO tested, their organic long grain brown rice is one of the best on the market. Long grain rice from Lundberg Family Farms is similarly additive-free and includes only one component with some famous products like jasmine white rice, organic white basmati rice, California red jasmine rice, etc.


Lundberg Family Farms

Dragonfly jasmine rice Thai

Dragonfly Jasmine Rice Thai is a highly respected Thai brand of jasmine rice. It has a strong scent and flavor, is less starchy than other brands of jasmine rice, and has a little chewy texture, making it a great side dish. Thai jasmine rice is minimally processed and has a low carbon footprint. Dragonfly Jasmine Rice is a Thai rice that may be used in curries or served as a side dish with any meat, vegetable, or fish dish. The price of Dragonfly Jasmine Rice Thai is 34.99 USD/10 pound.


Dragonfly jasmine rice Thai

Royal White Basmati Rice – one of the most consumed long grain rice varieties

The greatest purchase for farmed Indian rice is undoubtedly Royal White Basmati Rice (the best choice among reputable long grain rice exporters). It is cultivated in indigenous crops in India, near the Himalayan foothills, after a period of time. Another intriguing feature of this brand is that the rice has been fermented for a year, giving it an added layer of taste. Because of its fast cooking time (20 minutes) and adaptability, it is considered one of the greatest long grain rice kinds. It’s great in stir-fries, curries, and excellent side dishes.


Royal White Basmati Rice

It is certain that every consumer has their own answer for the question “Is long grain rice healthy?” Eating properly will help customers lead a good life.

To know more, you can contact us K-Agriculture – a pioneer in supplying wholesale Vietnamese rice, for a free consult as well as the best advice about types, price, and the more detailed procedures to import long grain rice from Vietnam.

With about 25 years in producing rice and exporting to nealy 40 countries around the world, we’re sure to help you find the best suitable long-grain rice from our plenty of varieties at a very competitive price.

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