Best Wholesale Arabica Coffee Suppliers In The World


Arabica is the world’s most widely produced and brings the highest economic value among many coffees. During recent years, many Arabica coffee suppliers have appeared and developed remarkably, exporting to demanding markets such as Japan, the US and EU.


Overview of Arabica coffee suppliers

For those who want to invest in Arabica coffee, it is important to have a brief understanding of the product and some basic information about Arabica coffee suppliers.


Overview of Arabica coffee suppliers

Main types of Arabica coffee suppliers

Most Arabica coffee suppliers in the world are classified into 2 main types: Direct and Indirect Arabica coffee suppliers.

  • Direct Arabica coffee suppliers usually come from producing countries with many big growing regions such as Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia,… The advantage of direct Arabica coffee suppliers is high quality products of low cost due to the savings in transportation costs to the factory and brokerage fees. In addition, the direct Arabica coffee suppliers can provide stable and large output because of their giant farming lands, long coffee planting experience.

Direct Arabica coffee suppliers

  • Indirect Arabica coffee suppliers are intermediary suppliers, usually located in countries without coffee lands but of large investment capital and high production technology such as Germany, Canada, and the US. Therefore, the price of coffee from those will be much higher than that of direct Arabica coffee suppliers because of the high transportation costs, brokerage fees, and huge investment in technology.

Indirect Arabica coffee suppliers

Typical characteristics of Arabica coffee

Arabica is known as the most popular coffee plant in the world, accounting for about 80 percent of the worldwide coffee market with the fullest and most complex flavor. Arabica coffee prefers locations in light to semi-shady locations in airy places, at temperatures between 20 to 25 degrees.


Arabica is known as the most popular coffee plant in the world

Compared to Robusta – the world’s second most popular coffee, Arabica has some unique characteristics.

  • Arabica has less caffeine but a more pleasant flavor than Robusta: Caffeine has a bitter flavor, which makes Arabica taste sweeter. Arabica is also described as being full of berry, chocolate, and nutty flavors.
  • Arabica brings higher economic value than Robusta: This is a reason that Arabica coffee is preferred by coffee suppliers. Not only complex and special flavor but also harder cultivation conditions, which makes Arabica more expensive and be considered as an excellent coffee.

Arabica has some unique characteristics

According to ICO indicator price, in the last 3 years, mild Arabica coffee has experienced an upward trend from 279 USD to 570 USD per metric ton. The price of Arabica is forecast to continually rise due to the low output and high logistics freight. However, according to ICO, the leading Arabica importing markets such as American, Germany, Canada, … have still gone up in the quantity of imported coffee at these times. The main reason is due to the increasing demand in consuming light coffee at home. Arabica coffee’s demand is predicted to experience a stable consuming trend due to the drinkers’ light taste preference.

Top regions that supply high-quality Arabica coffee in the world

Most well-known Arabica coffee suppliers in the world are direct suppliers because of their good source: they’re from producing countries and regions, experts at coffee farming and have a deep understanding of the quality of coffee, its harvest, and more precise market price or demand prediction.

Norte Pioneiro, Brazil

Coffee from Norte Pioneiro is of high quality and yield, thanks to ideal terrain lying right on the “coffee belt” road and farming experience in producing coffee since the 1890s. The planting area is 1.6 million hectares, with an average temperature of around 20 degrees celsius and humidity up to 80%, which is matching with washed coffee beans. The coffee trees are densely cultivated, providing an average of up to 8000 tons per year, exporting to large markets such as America, Germany, Belgium,…. In 2016, its key product – Fazenda specialty coffee took the first prize at the Cup of Excellence Naturals competition.


Norte Pioneiro, Brazil

Lam Dong, Vietnam

Situated in the southern part of the Central Highlands, Lam Dong province covers almost 10,000km² with ideal natural conditions for agricultural production, especially Arabica coffee. With average altitudes from 1400 to 1600 meters above the sea, Lam Dong offers high-quality Arabica beans which are rich in flavor and aroma. Lam Dong Arabica coffee is a complicated balance between smokey, bittersweet, and leathery tastes. Lam Dong Arabica coffee has met both domestic and international standards such as ISO 9001:2015, HACP CODE:2003, Vietpresso 2019, … It is popular with coffee drinkers, plays a key role in providing coffee for reputable Vietnamese Arabica coffee suppliers such as K-Agriculture factory, Trung Nguyen Legend, … focusing on exporting to demanding markets such as EU, USA, Japan, Germany,….


Lam Dong, Vietnam

Quang Tri, Vietnam

With a cultivation area of about 5,000 hectares, Huong Hoa district in central Quang Tri province is one of the key areas for Arabica coffee growing in Vietnam, accounting for one-seventh of the country’s total Arabica production with an annual output of over 150,000 tonnes. Although the output of Quang Tri Arabica coffee is not on top in the world, it is famous for its unique flavors and aromas, providing products for famous coffee brands such as K-Agriculture, Trung Nguyen, … with their unique Vietnamese flavor have conquered most of the coffee lovers throughout the world. At the beginning of 2021, its products were honored as the best coffee at the Vietnam Specialty Coffee Competition.


Quang Tri, Vietnam

Sulawesi, Indonesia

The most famous coffee-growing region in Sulawesi is Toraja, where the coffee grows in the mountainous area near the center of the island 1500 meters above sea level. The output of coffee in this region is about 300 kilos per hectare because most producers are smallholder plantations using traditional practices of Arabica coffee cultivation. The soil and other vegetation of this region are mainly responsible for giving the coffee its own flavor. The low annual output and special aroma of Toraja’s Arabica make this coffee expensive. Coffee is particularly popular with the Japanese.


Sulawesi, Indonesia

Factors that strongly affect Arabica coffee suppliers

There are 3 typical factors that affect Arabica coffee suppliers’ ability including demand, supply, and logistics freight.


Market year World Arabica consumption (MT)
2020/21 6.17
2019/20 5.99
2018/19 6.01
2017/28 5.84
2016/17 5.61

From 2016 to 2018, world Arabica coffee demand experienced an upward trend but slightly decreased in 20219 due the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it experienced an increase in coffee consumption at home due to the lockdown in 2020. This is a good sign for both direct and indirect Arabica coffee suppliers to expand their market share.


Market year Arabica outputs (MT)
2020/21 5.76
2019/20 5.99
2018/19 6.01
2017/28 5.84
2016/17 5.61

Before the emergence of the Covid 19 epidemic, Arabica coffee suppliers provided a stable upward trend in production. According to the report from USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, Arabica coffee production in 2 recent years went down from 1.5 to 4 percent compared to the previous year due to the unfavorable weather conditions in the largest growing areas such as Brazil, Vietnam, Ethiopia, … and the disruptions in demand and logistics caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Logistics freight

After 2 years of being affected by the Covid epidemic, the economy is gradually recovering, but the cost of shipping and warehousing is still high. It will prevent buyers from regular purchases, reducing the coffee quantity export of Arabica coffee suppliers.


Logistics freight

Ways to find reliable Arabica coffee suppliers

Meeting face to face with international Arabica coffee suppliers is quite hard and complicated especially in the Covid 19 pandemic situation. Online search is another effective and matching way to find quality cooperators with some tips.

  • On the Internet: Google

Search the websites of Arabica coffee suppliers, analyze the ratings, reviews and traffic provided by Google searching tools.

  • E-commerce platforms

Platforms such as Alibaba, Tridge are trustworthy e-commerce platforms, buyers can search and connect to reputable Arabica coffee suppliers based on reviews and ratings of previous customers.


Ways to find reliable Arabica coffee suppliers

  • Agriculture fairs

Professional Arabica coffee suppliers will join in both domestic and foreign coffee trade fairs to demonstrate their products to customers. Each year, hundreds of agricultural trade fairs are held which creates an opportunity for Arabica coffee suppliers and buyers to meet and trade with each other.

  • Use broker services

Moreover, Arabica coffee suppliers can be found via trustworthy broker services since they have experience in connecting to reliable wholesale suppliers.

How to cooperate with quality Arabica coffee suppliers effectively

After finding out several suitable Arabica coffee suppliers, buyers should take note of the following 6 useful steps to better the purchasing process.

Send Letter of Intent (LOI)

Buyers will send to potential Arabica coffee suppliers a Letter of Intent containing basic information about their companies and demands for the goods.

Formalize the FCO

If the Arabica coffee suppliers can meet the buyer’s LOI, they will send the Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to the buyers.

Test sample

Buyers should require coffee samples to have a better picture of the product and more trust in the suppliers. If possible, buyers can directly visit the Arabica coffee supplier’s factory and manufacturing line.


How to cooperate with quality Arabica coffee suppliers effectively

Negotiate and sign contract

Signing a contract is a binding commitment under the law of both parties.

Prepare goods

Keeping track of preparing and shipping goods is the main task that both parties need to follow to ensure the order process happens smoothly.

Receive goods, complete payment and feedback

After receiving the arrival note, importers are preparing to receive goods, complete the rest of payment and then give feedback of the products to the suppliers. If the products meet the buyers’ demand, both parties can consider the next orders.

Top 3 Arabica coffee suppliers in the world

Here are the top 3 Arabica coffee suppliers around the world suggested by major global coffee importers. They are experts with many years of experience in the coffee industry, have their own growing areas, and have a system of modern and advanced factories across the country.

Golden Bean – a well-known Arabica coffee supplier in Brazil

Golden Bean Brazil is a famous coffee brand for coffee lovers sharing a passion for high-quality coffee. The company concentrates on the processing of high quality, selected coffee specialties.


Golden Bean – a well-known Arabica coffee supplier in Brazil

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

K- Agriculture Factory – leading Arabica coffee supplier in Vietnam

K-Agriculture Factory was established in 1996, as a part of the Trade Promotion Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. With 25 years of experience in exporting Vietnamese agricultural products, K-Agriculture is proud to be a pioneer company to apply scientific technology and digital platforms in the production and export of Vietnamese coffee.

K-Agriculture Arabica coffee supplier now has a system of coffee processing factories across Vietnam such as Da Lat, Lam Dong, Quang Tri, etc. with the warehouse capacity of up to 21,500 tons and the supply can reach 15,000 tons of coffee monthly.

Currently, K-Agriculture provides Arabica and Robusta coffee beans wholesale, high-class coffee and roasted coffee in large quantities to major coffee consuming countries such as the US, Germany, Italy, Russia, etc.


K- Agriculture Factory – leading Arabica coffee supplier in Vietnam

For further details and the best wholesale price, kindly contact as follow:



Whatsapp: +84855 555 837 (Ms. Sarah)

Trung Nguyen Legend – one of the most reputable Arabica coffee suppliers

Trung Nguyen is a famous Vietnamese coffee export company. With the ambition to become the most popular Vietnamese coffee brand, Trung Nguyen has built 5 coffee processing factories so far, including Asia’s largest instant coffee factory located in Bac Giang province.
Now, Trung Nguyen is promoting Vietnamese coffee export to international markets. It offers a wide selection of coffee from commercial to high-end products such as weasel coffee, green coffee beans, roasted beans, instant coffee, and filter coffee; in which Arabica coffee is the most outstanding.


Trung Nguyen Legend – one of the most reputable Arabica coffee suppliers

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

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