All Things To Know About Robusta Coffee Beans Wholesale Purchasing


Robusta coffee beans wholesale market, which is the aimed market for many coffee-producing countries, is always profitable. Finding good suppliers, on the other hand, is a challenge. Wholesale buyers may need to thoroughly research them before agreeing to work with them.

The settings of the Robusta coffee beans wholesale market

The coffee market in 2020 experienced double difficulties when the price of coffee had not yet escaped the 4-year crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, causing many economies to freeze, leading to low coffee demand. In addition, the shortage of empty containers also has a significant impact on the export activities of enterprises.


Robusta coffee beans wholesale market

World Robusta coffee beans wholesale production

World Robusta coffee beans wholesale production in MY 2019/20 reached 4.62 MT, 10.5% higher than the MY 2018/19. This index is mainly contributed by Robusta coffee growing countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Uganda.


World Robusta coffee production per year (In million MT)

In general, world Robusta coffee beans production in the past 3 MYs has increased, but it is uneven and concentrated in certain regions. The reason for this is that due to unfavorable weather conditions, farmers planted other crops as substitutes for coffee because of their higher profit, and coffee leaf rust disease outbreak. Besides, wholesale Arabica coffee beans production in the past 3 MY has also increased significantly. All in all, it has impacts on the world Robusta coffee supply.

Many large Robusta coffee-growing countries in recent years have promoted coffee replanting programs, helping to significantly improve coffee productivity in these countries, which greatly increases the quantity.

World Robusta coffee beans wholesale export

In the MY 2019/20, global coffee exports fell 4.9% to 7.61 million MT compared to the MY 2018/19. The total value of coffee exports in MY 2019/20 decreased by 3.6% to 17.87 billion USD compared to the MY year 2018/19.


World Robusta coffee beans wholesale export

Robusta coffee exports recorded the smallest decline in the past two decades, down 1.4% to 2.92 million MT. In MY 2019/20, exports of green Robusta fell 1.6% to 2.56 million MT, largely due to a drop in exports from Vietnam, which accounts for 56% of total green Robusta exports.

Robusta coffee beans wholesale price

In 2020/21, the world Robusta coffee beans wholesale price witnessed a significant rise of 33% after 3 consecutive MYs of decline from 1,874 USD/MT to 1,653.4 USD/MT.


Robusta coffee beans wholesale price

In Vietnam, there was still a lot of inventory when entering the new crop year, which has put a lot of pressure on the sale. Meanwhile, many large coffee-consuming countries already had a ready stock of coffee. Those are the reasons why the price of green coffee has decreased continuously from MY2017/18 to MY 2019/20.

However, the price of Robusta coffee beans wholesale in MY202/21 has surged considerably due to unfavorable weather conditions and high transportation costs. In addition, before the inadequacies of the Covid-19 pandemic, the prices of most commodities such as gasoline, oil, electricity, etc. have increased, in which, the price of coffee was no exception.

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World Robusta coffee beans wholesale export countries

Coffee is the world’s third most popular beverage. The top 5 Robusta coffee-producing countries are Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Uganda, and India.


Robusta coffee beans quantity exportation per region (in MT)

  • Vietnam Robusta green coffee beans wholesale exports fell 8.6% to 1.81 million MT.
  • However, exports of green Robusta from Brazil increased 21.2% to 1.16 million MT.
  • Uganda increased 25.9% to 243.7 thousand MT.
  • Indonesia increased 31% to 246.4 thousand MT.

Reasons for development in exporting Robusta coffee of these countries

  • Suitable natural conditions

The aforementioned countries have a hot and humid tropical climate that is very ideal for the growth of coffee trees. These places have an altitude of under 800 MASL which is excellent for Robusta coffee beans wholesale. These countries have high air humidity for coffee trees to grow. The high-temperature difference between day and night also helps coffee grown in these regions have a higher quantity.


Suitable natural conditions

  • Abundant human resources

The coffee industry in these countries not only attracts local workers but also additional workers from other regions of the country, forming an abundant labor force.


Abundant human resources

Factors affecting Robusta coffee beans wholesale price and supply

Businesses that can provide more value to consumers will be favored and get a competitive advantage in today’s competitive economy. Therefore, to achieve supply chain stability, all objective aspects must be under control.

Weather conditions

Vietnam is the world’s top provider in terms of Robusta coffee beans wholesale, accounting for more than half of the global supply. Because of the high concentration of production, weather-related supply interruptions such as drought, pests, or coffee leaf rust disease can have a substantial influence on the global coffee supply chain and pricing.

Furthermore, bad weather conditions may cause a logistical standstill. If coffee is stored in the proper conditions, it will last a long time Therefore, coffee is frequently shipped by water rather than air to save money on transportation costs. However, extreme weather events may occur during maritime shipping, causing delays, loss, or damage to commodities, all of which have a direct impact on the supply chain.


Weather conditions

Socio-economy situations

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a substantial influence on global trade flows during the last two years. Closures in several countries to battle the pandemic have made transporting Robusta coffee beans wholesale to import countries and regions including the EU, the United States, and Japan extremely difficult and expensive.

In addition, farmers in exporting countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Colombia are tending to replace Robusta coffee plants with other more profitable crops due to successive devaluations over the years. This also greatly affects the supply of coffee to the world market.


Socio-economy situations

Coffee hoarding and speculation

Low Robusta coffee beans wholesale stockpiles, like all commodities, reflect neither high market demand nor insufficient supply. Furthermore, when the future supply of coffee is disturbed, low supplies pose a risk to the market.

Because coffee is such a heavily traded commodity, the activities of international traders have a substantial impact on wholesale roasted coffee bean supply and pricing. Higher pricing is frequently associated with the increased coffee trade. Furthermore, the availability and price of roasted coffee can be influenced by the trade of other related commodities such as crude oil.


Coffee hoarding and speculation

Tips to find reliable Robusta coffee beans wholesale suppliers

Finding a dependable Robusta coffee beans wholesale supplier is critical since it determines the survival of the company.

Searching on Google and E-commerce platforms

When it comes to finding a reputable Robusta coffee beans wholesale supplier, an Internet search is a great way to start. However, the search should not be broad, and terms specific to the product or the niche should emerge in the results. In addition, if the possible distributors do not include an address or phone number, a WHOIS check should be taken to locate the website owners’ contact information.

If it is uncomfortable with international dealings, buyers can try looking for “coffee suppliers near me” in search engines to discover a local provider.

Locate a trustworthy supplier

There are several methods for identifying a trustworthy Robusta coffee beans wholesale supplier. First, ask for certifications of quality; moreover, request genuine and detailed pictures of the commodity. Furthermore, before importing, buyers should ask suppliers to see a sample of the products.

To perceive whether a supplier is reliable, buyers also can check the feedback of other consumers. A broker service is usually a good idea for a new company. It may provide investors with market knowledge, analysis, and investing methods.

Attending international trade shows

Trade shows, also known as trade exhibitions or trade fairs, are the successful methods for investors to connect with a large number of distributors and manufacturers in the same sector, making them one of the most effective ways to create and manage enterprises.
More importantly, trade exhibitions allow Robusta coffee beans wholesale investors, distributors, and manufacturers to meet face to face, avoiding misunderstandings and communication problems that might occur when meeting online.


Tips to find reliable Robusta coffee beans wholesale suppliers

Prestigious Robusta coffee beans wholesale suppliers

Coffee is one of the world’s most desirable export commodities. In terms of delivering top-grade Robusta coffee beans wholesalers, some prestigious names are listed as follows:

99 Gold Data Processing Trading, LLC.

99 Gold Data Processing Trading, LLC. is always adding value to its Robusta coffee while also expanding into new, high-demand areas. As a result, it aids in the development of the company into an ever-growing factory and a prominent destination for worldwide buyers.


99 Gold Data Processing Trading, LLC.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is one of the Vietnamese Government Units which is in charge of supplying Robusta coffee beans wholesale to the worldwide market. K-Agriculture is steadily establishing itself in the global market by offering high-quality roasted coffee products with distinct flavors from each coffee bean.


K-Agriculture Company, LLC.

Contact information



WhatsApp: +84855 555 837

Spinel, LLC.

Spinel, LLC is a trading corporation established in Thailand that is registered under the Civil and Commercial Code. Its major trade commodities are agricultural products such as sugar, rice, betel nuts, and so on, in which Robusta coffee is the most prominent.


Spinel, LLC.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

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