Top 4 Best Wholesale Japonica Rice Brands


Wholesale japonica rice is one of the prominent industries with economic potential. The article below will explain why japonica rice is popular in the wholesale rice business and the top 4 wholesale japonica rice brands in recent years. 


Japonica rice is popular in the rice business

Japonica Rice brands: All about Japonica Rice 

Japonica is an extremely popular rice in Asian countries. Currently, with outstanding properties, japonica has become one of the most popular rice varieties in daily life. Here’s what you need to know about japonica rice. 

Japonica Rice Brands Overview

Japonica rice is one of the main rice varieties in Asia, commonly cultivated in Japan and Vietnam. 

  • Japonica Farmed in Japan: 

The japonica rice grown in Japan is usually a high-grade rice variety with favorable conditions and a good climate to develop quality rice. With high-tech systems and strict and strict production processes, japonica rice grown in Japan is now very popular. Japanese japonica rice is often used for culinary purposes, especially sushi rice.


Japonica Farmed in Japan

  • Japonica Farmed in Vietnam: 

Vietnam Japonica rice is the number 2 most famous japonica rice in the world. Although the quality of rice is equivalent to Japanese rice, Vietnamese rice is famous for its huge production output. With large output, japonica rice grown in Vietnam is not only consumed domestically but also exported to countries around the world.


Japonica Farmed in Vietnam

Characteristics of Japonica Rice from The Best Wholesale Japonica Rice Brands

Japonica is one of the two main and most popular rice varieties in Asia. Japonica rice originated in China between 9,500 and 6,000 years ago with a market monopoly in common use.

Because it is a type of rice with many unique characteristics, the Japonica rice line when grown by the prestigious wholesale japonica rice brand will have the following features: 

  • Japonica is a type of rice with a short, round, small shape. Most Japonica rice grains have a fine grain and a beautiful, delicate white color which often contribute to the high revenue of wholesale japonica rice brands. 
  • One particular feature of Japonica is the fact that rice has a higher content of amylopectin than other rice types, so japonica rice usually retains its flexibility, sweetness, and aroma after cooking. 
  • Moreover, japonica rice is also favored by many people in daily life because of its health benefits: enhance the body’s immune system, reduce high blood pressure, clear body heat, prevent cancer risk. 

In addition to the economic value, there have been numerous studies showing the health benefits of eating japonica rice, read japonica rice health benefits.

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Characteristics of Japonica Rice from The Best Wholesale Japonica Rice Brands

Detailed Instruction To Find The Best Wholesale Japonica Rice Brand 

If you are a wholesaler looking for the best wholesale japonica rice brands then you should follow the following process:

Advantages of Japonica Rice Brands in Japan and Japonica Rice Brands in Vietnam

  • Japan japonica rice brands: 

With Japanese rice brands with beautiful, sharp packaging and high quality, the price of rice and shipping is quite high because of strict and cumbersome import and export procedures.

  • Vietnam japonica rice brands: 

Japonica rice manufacturers in Vietnam, although the packaging is not as beautiful as the Japanese, but with the same high quality as Japanese japonica rice with cheap labor costs, customs documents are quite easy to handle, the selling fee Buying japonica rice from Vietnamese japonica rice companies is more comfortable and reasonable than Japanese rice.


Advantages of Japonica Rice Brands in Japan and Japonica Rice Brands in Vietnam

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How To Find The Best Wholesale Japonica Rice Brand from The World Leading Agriculture Country 

Although cultivated in different countries around the world, Japonica rice is often imported from Vietnam wholesale japonica rice brands. 

There are many reasons when choosing to trust reputable wholesale japonica rice, but most wholesalers choose based on the following factors:

  • Quality: As one of the leading agriculturally developed countries in the world, there is no denying that the quality of the output products of wholesale japonica rice brands always ensures standards.
  • Price: When traders start the wholesale rice business, most people will choose the cheap wholesale japonica rice brands that come with premium quality. This is quite rare, but Vietnam wholesale japonica rice brands are still qualified.
  • Customer service: Because there have been decades of agricultural product development, the customer service at Vietnam wholesale japonica rice brands is extremely excellent. 

A reputable wholesale japonica rice

Step By Step Instruction To Work With The Best Wholesale Japonica Rice Brand

Step 1: Search information about the top 4 most prestigious wholesale japonica rice brand

Step 2: After choosing a suitable wholesale japonica rice brand, confirm the company information to avoid being scammed. 

Step 3: After confirming the company information, contact the company representative to place an order.

( Usually the people representing the company will have a deep knowledge of products and logistics. If you are considering the contract terms or the shipping documents, you can ask the representative for help)  

Step 4: After placing the order and fulfilling the payment, the order will be shipped in 12-14 days depending on the location.


Step By Step Instruction To Work With The Best Wholesale Japonica Rice Brand

Top 4 Best Wholesale Japonica Rice Brands

For wholesalers, there are the top 4 wholesale japonica rice brands in Vietnam that meet the need to select high-quality japonica rice distributors with affordable prices. The list below is voted on and confirmed by over a thousand japonica rice wholesalers in the world.

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K-Agriculture – The Biggest Wholesale Japonica Rice Brand In Vietnam

K-Agri- The Biggest Wholesale Japonica Rice Brand In Vietnam

With more than 25 years of development, as the only unit sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam to export agricultural products to the world, K-Agriculture is proud to be the leading prestigious wholesale japonica rice brand in Vietnam.

Reason to choose K-Agriculture: 

  • Quality: Through many years of production, K-Agriculture is now the best wholesale rice factory in Vietnam with quality strictly censored by leading organizations. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers for its premium quality, K-Agriculture is now a familiar as the best wholesale japonica rice brand. 
  • Price: With high quality rice and modern factory system, K-Agriculture’s wholesale japonica rice price is The Cheapest of all wholesale rice prices in the market. This is one of the decisive factors to make K-Agriculture the most favorite wholesale japonica rice brand.
  • Customer Service: Known as Vietnam’s best wholesale rice mill, having Excellent Customer Service is indisputable. With a system of nearly 1,000 employees and more than 300 agriculture experts who are always available to answer all questions of merchants, K-Agriculture has success building its reputation. 

Reason to choose K-Agriculture

Customers are guaranteed to be cared for from the beginning and always updated on the progress of their orders. Moreover, the K-Agriculture system also offers Free Wholesale Rice Business Plan to inexperienced traders by leading agricultural experts in Vietnam – the exclusive privilege of K-Agriculture customers.

⇨ If you have no experience in investing in the wholesale rice business, read How To Start A Wholesale Rice Business Plan.

  • Whatsapp: +84855555694 (Ms. Evelyn) 
  • Website: 

Greenseed – A Trustworthy Wholesale Japonica Rice Brand In Vietnam

As a distributor specializing in the wholesale production of rice with high-tech equipment, Greenseed has always been in the top of the most popular wholesale japonica rice brands in Vietnam in recent years.

With moderate prices and high quality products, Greenseed mainly focuses on wholesale white rice including: Jasmine rice, Japonica rice, ST rice,…

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Sunrise – The Most Prestigious Wholesale Japonica Rice Brand 

As a supplier of modern rice production lines, Sunrise is currently one of the most prestigious rice factories in Vietnam.

Sunrise is famous for its high output, short production time, which can meet urgent orders, so it is chosen by many customers as a favorite wholesale japonica rice brand.

Not only because of the fast service, Sunrise is also famous for its cheap wholesale price, suitable for many markets around the world. Many merchants have given very good feedback on Sunrise’s technology and wholesale prices. Currently, although it has only been trusted for a few years, Sunrise is one of the best rice factories in Vietnam.



Goldencrop – The Best Wholesale Japonica Rice Brand 

This amazing website was built by a team of experts in the Vietnamese agricultural industry. With the motto: Bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to international friends, now, although only in the 5th year of operation, Goldencrop has achieved a lot of success and was voted as one of the favorite wholesale japonica rice brands.

Because of being researched and developed by a team of experts, the product quality at Goldencrop is always among the top in Vietnam, especially rice products. In addition, Goldencrop also focuses on developing other agricultural products such as pepper, cinnamon, coffee, creating jobs and annual income for thousands of households in Vietnam.

We hope you found our article informative and helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly, and K-agriculture, one of the leading rice factories, will be happy to provide you with further explanations free of charge.

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