What is the best coffee in Vietnam – The 8 Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands


What is the best coffee in Vietnam? This question comes from the fact that Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee exporting country famous for its strong and creamy coffee flavors. Moreover, Vietnam has many delicious kinds of coffee all of which appeal to a lot of coffee drinkers around the world.

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What is the best coffee in Vietnam – Instant Coffee

Due to the convenience and flavorful taste, instant coffee is the most popular among Vietnamese people who are always in rush. The most high-quality instant coffees in Vietnam listed as follows are based on their tastes and aromas.

G7 3-in-1 Instant Premium Vietnamese Coffee – Trung Nguyen Group

The first answer to the question “What is the best coffee in Vietnam” is G7. This is an instant coffee product that adds tons of flavor for drinkers.

G7 Coffee is the key product line of Trung Nguyen Group, consisting of many different products such as G7 3in1, 2in1, G7 black instant coffee, etc., first launched in Vietnam at the end of 2003 with the strategy of focusing on the national spirit in every product, taking the cultural literacy as leverage to serve domestic consumers.


G7 3-in-1 Coffee

Yet, thanks to Trung Nguyen’s ingenuity in combining traditional flavors in modern packaging, Vietnamese coffee G7 products have dominated the domestic as well as international market.

Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix – Vinacafé Bien Hoa J.S.C.

The next answer to the question “What is the best coffee in Vietnam” is definitely the Vinacafe product line of Vinacafé Bien Hoa J.S.C.

Vinacafe, also known as Vinacafé, is a brand of instant coffee products and is also a popular name used to refer to Vinacafé Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company, one of the leading famous brands in Vietnam. Starting its production in 1979, Vinacafe’s products are mainly for export. Later, when Vietnam switched to a market mechanism, Vinacafe focused on developing instant coffee for the domestic market. Vinaccafe’s instant coffee has 4 main product lines with different flavors and characteristics for consumers to choose from. This instant coffee is fragrant, bold, and contains a lot of caffeine that is considered to be the most ideal way to start a new day. However, Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix is still not as full-bodied as a standard drip-brew. All in all, Vinacafe still deserves the Vietnamese coffee brand with quick brew and absolutely delicious tastes!


Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix

Vinacafé Gold Original

Maintaining its exclusively original flavor for 21 years, the famous Vinacafé Gold Original has taken millions of Vietnamese coffee lovers’ hearts with balance and harmony among 5 distinctive flavors: sour, bitter light, sweet, slightly acrid, and slightly fatty of milk.

Vinacafé Gold Strong Flavor

Vinacafé Gold Strong Flavor has the smoky aroma of roasted Robusta coffee beans. This type of coffee is said to be salty with the taste of the land, wind, mountains, and forests of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Enjoying a sip of Vinacafé Gold Strong Flavor takes drinkers on an adventure in the middle of the immense plateau.


Vinacafe Original and Gold Original

Vinacafé Gold Extra Strong Flavor

Thanks to the secret of scent retention technology, Vinacafé Gold Extra-strong Flavor preserves the strong smell of filter coffee, brings a strong milk coffee taste, spreads the aroma throughout the palate from the first sip. For those who like the quality of filter coffee, Vinacafé Gold Extra-strong Flavor will be the most optimal choice.

Vinacafé 3in1 Original Buon Ma Thuot

Vinacafé 3in1 Original Buon Ma Thuot is produced from 100% Robusta coffee beans of Buon Ma Thuot region, raised for nine months by fertile red soil, and dried for three weeks under the highland sunshine. This is one of the most consumed products among Vietnamese coffee lovers.

Nescafé Instant Coffee – Nestlé

To answer the question “What is the best coffee in Vietnam”, it is deficient not to mention the soluble coffee products of Nescafé.
Nestlé has been established in Vietnam for a long time since its first representative office in Saigon in 1912. Since then, Nestlé’s famous bird’s nest symbol has become familiar to many generations of Vietnamese families for more than 100 years. Nescafé was officially produced in Vietnam in 1998 and has always received the trust and love of many Vietnamese coffee drinkers. Nestlé shares a passion for coffee; brings Vietnamese people a delicious cup of coffee and moments of great enjoyment. NESCAFÉ’s are among the best-selling instant coffee products on the market today.


NESCAFÉ 3in1 is the new generation of coffee with a perfect combination of Roasted and Instant coffee. It is an instant coffee made from 100% quality Vietnamese coffee beans, harmoniously combined with sugar and milk, giving drinkers diverse flavors in every cup of coffee.


Nescafe Instant Coffee


NESCAFÉ Café Viet is made from 100% high-quality Vietnamese coffee beans that bring drinkers a cup of pure Vietnamese black coffee with a strong and appealing flavor.

What is the best coffee in Vietnam – Ground coffee

To answer the question “What is the best coffee in Vietnam?”, besides instant coffee, Ground coffee is an ideal option for a delicious coffee cup. During the process, butter and alcohol can be added and aged under certain temperature conditions.

Saigon Phin Daklak Pre-Ground Coffee – Lang Thang Group

Saigon Phin Daklak is the signature product of Lang Thang Group, which is a custom-roasted combination of Robusta, Arabica, peaberry, and high-quality soybean. This kind of coffee is mild and mellow. Coffee drinkers who prefer a low-key experience will definitely like what Lang Thang Group provides to customers. The company asserts that the combination is specifically suitable for making Vietnamese-style iced coffee but coffee lovers can enjoy this kind of coffee any way they want. More so, it is a good coffee that is available at a fairly affordable price.


Saigon Phin Daklak Coffee

Weasel Coffee – Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve

Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve Weasel Coffee comprises Arabica, Robusta beans, and a small amount of weasel coffee that are hand-selected and processed particularly. In order to bring a rich, earthy, and aromatic coffee cup, the beans are processed and roasted carefully and slowly over an open flame.


Weasel Coffee by Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve

Len’s Coffee Vietnamese Coffee Kit – Len’s Coffee

The top best ground coffee products end up with a complete kit that helps readers acquainted with the world of coffee in Vietnam. Len’s Coffee is a Vietnamese family-run coffee importing company that sets itself apart by providing customers with a full package for Vietnam’s traditional taste. The kit even includes a phin and a small tin of sweetened condensed milk to make special Vietnamese coffee drinks.


Len’s Coffee Kit

What is the best coffee in Vietnam – Whole Bean Coffee

To answer the question “What is the best coffee in Vietnam?”, it is deficient not to mention whole bean coffee.

Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee – Chestbrew Coffee Company

Chestbrew Coffee Company’s quality coffee beans are sole-sourced from the highest-quality and most progressive coffee farmers in Vietnam. Furthermore, Chestbrew Company affirms that it never adds anything to the roasting process, which makes its coffee beans 100% premium Arabica. Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee is a bold strong coffee that serves a lot of flavors and caffeine into every single cup. The beans are always prioritized in freshness. They are picked, processed, and sealed within a very short duration for the most pleasant drinking experience. This kind of coffee is also advanced to be served well with both cold and hot brewing methods. However, this is one of the most costly coffees in Vietnam, which means that coffee lovers might want to carefully consider it before purchasing.


Chest Brew Whole Bean Coffee

Bach Robusta Whole Bean – Bach Coffee Company

The last Vietnamese coffee brand on this top list is Bach Robusta Whole Bean. A pack consists of decent quality Robusta beans with a bold chocolate flavor and high caffeine content, which are dry air-roasted to medium-dark levels. This process brings out a naturally tasteful coffee cup, which is ideal for a Vietnamese homemade drip coffee. More so, the beans characteristic is also heavy-bodied which enables coffee lovers to make a flavorful crema in espresso.


Bach Robusta Whole Bean Coffee

Reasons for the strong taste of Vietnamese coffee

Besides the question “What is the best coffee in Vietnam”, it is essential to understand the reasons that make Vietnamese coffee taste so strong.

Vietnamese coffee is always said to be strong in taste as well as high in caffeine content. The most comprehensible explanation for this is the use of Robusta beans and the dark roasting method.

In addition, Vietnamese coffee drinkers have a traditional brewing method that uses a phin and coffee grounds with a fixed amount of water to make the coffee stronger.


Vietnamese coffee is always said to be strong in taste as well as high in caffeine content

Coffee beans

Robusta beans not only have a different flavor profile but also have a much higher caffeine content rather than Arabica beans. On average, Robusta beans have about 2.2-2.7% caffeine content, while that in Arabica beans are around 1.2-1.5%. It means the caffeine content in Robusta beans is almost double than that in Arabica.

Brewing method

In fact, the longer the brewing duration, the more compounds (including caffeine) are extracted out of the coffee.

In Vietnam, phin filter is one of the simplest and most popular methods to brew a strong coffee cup. The flavors and compounds in the beans are extracted considerably owing to steady infusion in hot water. Moreover, drinkers would get a higher concentration of caffeine when it is brewed for a long time.

Tips for choosing the best Vietnamese coffee

The question “What is the best coffee in Vietnam” was solved above, and now let’s check out some coffee choosing tips for a Vietnamese-style perfect coffee cup.


Tips for choosing the best Vietnamese coffee

Enjoy demand

Instant coffee is the most suitable option when drinkers are in a rush. It just takes drinkers about two minutes and a little hot water to have a decent coffee cup. More so, instant coffee is very accessible and affordable in Vietnam, so it is easy to get a Vietnamese authentic coffee cup.

However, in exchange, instant coffee is usually not so savory or aromatic as drip-brew coffee. Whole bean coffee is more full-bodied and flavorful than its counterpart. Drinkers can still have a Vietnamese-style coffee cup but it is not quite the same experience.


In general, coffee can be costly but it is a bang for your buck when purchasing premium ones. In pricier blends, there are more flavor, freshness, and aroma for every single cup. However, in Vietnam, it is still possible to buy a good quality coffee pack at very affordable prices.

Famous coffee suppliers in Vietnam

Besides the question “what is the best coffee in Vietnam”, 7 units are listed as the most reputable coffee suppliers in Vietnam.


Supplier Contact Main market Main products
K-Agriculture +84855 555 837 (WhatsApp available) Japan, China, USA, EU, Africa, etc. Specialty Arabica, Commercial
Arabica, Robusta Honey
Son Duong Coffee Co., Ltd +84 855555837 USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea Green Coffee Beans, Instant Coffee, Roasted Coffee, Weasel Coffee, etc.
AVC HEMERA Co., Ltd +84 855555837 Germany, Japan, Russia, etc Hemera coffee, Hemera espresso coffee, Robusta coffee, Cherry coffee, Culi coffee, Arabica coffee, Moka coffee, etc.
Vina Cafe – Vietnam Coffee Corporation – One Member Co., Ltd +84 855555837 Vietnam, Asia, America, and EU Blue Lake Coffee, Dak Ha Coffee, 2in1 Soluble Coffee, etc.
Trung Nguyen Legend – Trung Nguyen Coffee JSC +84 855555837 Asian, America, and Europe Coffee green beans, Ground coffee, and Roasted coffee


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