Calories in Vietnamese coffee and information about weight you need to know


Coffee is one of the indispensable drinks for many people.  This drink helps people wake up before starting a working day. In fact, the calories in Vietnamese coffee do not only help increase energy, increase physical activity, but also burn excess fat cells and reduce the risk of diabetes.

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“How do calories in Vietnamese coffee affect weight?”

Depending on the type of coffee, the brewer’s preparation, and the drinker’s wishes, the calories in each cup of Vietnamese coffee are formed differently because the calories will change according to the amount of coffee you brew, the amount of sugar or milk you add. Therefore, there is no specific number to talk about calories in Vietnamese coffee.
However, we can completely determine the calories in 1 cup of Vietnamese coffee through its specific ingredients to control calories, diet, and especially your weight.
This is one of the questions that many young people who follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle are extremely interested in. To clarify this question, let’s learn more in the topic “Calories in Vietnamese coffee and information about the weight you need to know” with K-Agriculture Factory, as follows:

An overview of calories in Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee can be considered as almost zero calories, and the caffeine in coffee also has the ability to stimulate the body to burn fat and produce energy. If using coffee with other additional ingredients, such as milk, sugar, and flavoring, the number of calories in it will increase significantly, because these added elements will provide different calories.

Definition of calories in Vietnamese coffee

Calories in Vietnamese coffee are units of measurement of energy produced from substances in coffee such as sugar, creamer powder, and caffeine. Calories are formed in the body after drinking coffee and are converted into energy for the body.


Calories in Vietnamese coffee

Calories in famous types of coffee

Each type of coffee will produce a different number of calories.

  • Calories in famous coffee in the world

On average, you only take in 2 calories when you drink a cup of black coffee, whether it’s flat whites in Australia or espresso in Italy, whether it’s Arabica beans, vanilla coffee in France, or hazelnut-flavored coffee. 

However, when adding other elements such as fresh milk, condensed milk, sugar, or cream, the calories in a cup of coffee will change significantly because these sweet ingredients contain very large calories. 


Calories in famous coffee in the world

Here are the calories in 1 cup of some of the world’s famous coffees:

Name of coffee Ingredients Amount of calories
Americano Espresso and water 15 calories
Latte  Espresso, steamed milk, milk foam 190 calories
Mocha Espresso, chocolate syrup, steamed milk, whipped cream  360 calories
Cappuccino Espresso, steamed milk, milk foam 130 calories
  • Calories in Vietnamese coffee

Calories in Vietnamese coffee are different with each type of coffee. 


Calories in Vietnamese coffee

For Vietnamese black coffee, on average, every 100g will provide the body with about 2.55 calories. 

For Vietnamese instant coffee, one sachet of “G7 instant milk coffee”,  has 71 calories, this of “VinaCafe” has 76 calories, this of “Nescafe Milk Coffee” has 78 calories, while the calories in one sachet of “Trung Nguyen Iced Milk Coffee” and “3 in 1 King Coffee instant milk coffee” is 100 and 84 calories respectively.

As can be seen, the calories in a sachet of coffee are not high if compared with the minimum energy an adult needs to load at least 2000 calories per day. 

Advantages and disadvantages of calories in Vietnamese coffee


Advantages and disadvantages of calories in Vietnamese coffee

  • Advantages of calories in Vietnamese coffee

Many studies show that caffeine in Vietnamese coffee increases metabolic rate by 3–11%, increases the fat burning rate by about 10% in obese people and up to 29% in thin people. Therefore, many people use coffee during weight loss periods to maintain alertness and satisfy coffee addiction.

  • Disadvantages of calories in Vietnamese coffee

If you drink too much coffee for weight loss, it can lead to some side effects such as restlessness, insomnia, risk of cardiovascular disease, and birth defects. Moreover, you will face many other consequences such as stomach problems. Because coffee contains a number of compounds that stimulate cells in the stomach to increase acid secretion. Or you may face insomnia because coffee can stay in your body for 14 hours, so if you drink it in the evening, it will make you reduce the time you sleep and wake up in the middle of the night more. Therefore, you should not overdo this drink.

Effect of calories in Vietnamese coffee on weight

Each type of Vietnamese coffee has a different amount of calories, so whether that drink affects your weight or not depends on the type of coffee you drink as well as how you prepare them.

Effect of calories in Vietnamese black coffee

For black coffee, on average, calories in Vietnamese coffee will be about 6.12 for a cup. Therefore, if you maintain the habit of drinking black coffee every day, it can help the body eliminate excess fat effectively.

So why does black coffee help obese people lose weight? Simply because, the caffeine in coffee will make the number of fatty acids in the blood quickly convert into energy and accelerate metabolism, helping the body lose weight safely.


Effect of calories in Vietnamese black coffee

Effect of calories in Vietnamese milk coffee

Drinking milk coffee is fat or not depending on what type of coffee it is and the number of cups of coffee you drink per day. If you drink 2 or 3 cups of milk coffee every day, the Vietnamese coffee calories content of your body are about 300 to 350 calories. So you can drink milk coffee every day but need to limit the number of times.

Especially, if drinking continuously and for a long time, the body will accumulate a certain amount of excess fat. Therefore, enjoy 1 cup of coffee every day early in the morning to be more alert and excited. Do not abuse coffee because it will cause insomnia, not good for health.


Effect of calories in Vietnamese milk coffee

Effect of calories in Vietnamese instant coffee

Nutritionists have proven that drinking instant coffee does not actually cause fat if you know how to drink coffee scientifically and reasonably because the calories in a sachet of instant coffee are relatively low. A 20g sachet of coffee only contains about 70-100 calories.

In addition, Vietnamese coffee instant products contain quite a lot of caffeine – a familiar substance in today’s weight loss foods because caffeine helps the body stimulate metabolism and accelerates fat burning in both fat people and thin people. However, this effect is often more pronounced in people who have a habit of drinking coffee for a long time.


Effect of calories in Vietnamese instant coffee

How to control calories in Vietnamese coffee

In fact, controlling calories in Vietnamese coffee will make a great contribution to adjusting the diet, especially for those who want to lose weight or are on a diet. To control calories in Vietnamese coffee, we need to know the product information, especially the ingredients in coffee.


How to control calories in Vietnamese coffee

The right time to drink coffee

“Golden” time you should drink Vietnamese coffee after waking up for about 3-4 hours and after having breakfast for 30-60 minutes. This will help you stay awake and support fat burning quite effectively.

However, you should minimize drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Special notes that people with indigestion and insomnia should not drink coffee in the evening.

Ways to drink coffee properly

To control health and weight, drinking coffee properly is extremely important.

Amount of coffee in a day

You should only drink 1 sachet or 1 cup of coffee per day. If you use too much coffee, your body can fall into a state of fatigue. Specially, you should also drink one glass of water before drinking coffee. This is a pretty good tip because your body will be limited in dehydration after drinking coffee.

Whether iced coffee or hot coffee is better

When drinking coffee, you should drink hot coffee. Because this will help the process of burning energy and metabolism take place faster. In hot coffee, there are often antioxidants, which help prevent cancer and slow down the aging process.

Losing weight with coffee is not difficult

As mentioned above, calories in 1 cup of Vietnamese coffee are very few, but some additional elements can increase the calorie level of a cup of coffee significantly. For example, a fully brewed cup of coffee will have at least 250 to 300 calories. If you add a piece of chocolate, the calories will increase to nearly 400. So, when drinking coffee for the purpose of losing weight and keeping fit, you should pay attention to the following things:


Losing weight with coffee is not difficult

  • Choose low-fat milk: Start your morning with a cup of black coffee without sugar, and if you like to drink milk coffee, remember to choose low-fat milk. Just change the type of milk mixed with coffee, that is, you have cut almost 50 to 60 calories in your cup of coffee already. You can use almond milk instead of whole milk.
  • Choose the right type of sugar: One teaspoon of sugar will provide about 16 calories. Mostly, when Vietnamese people drink coffee, they always add a little sugar to make it easier to drink. The best way is to choose a sugar with a natural sweetness to help lose weight more effectively. In addition, you should also practice the habit of drinking coffee in moderation, and should not use too much sugar because the coffee already contains milk.
  • Do not use the cream: Cafe today is selling a lot of fresh cream coffee that looks very eye-catching. If you are in the process of dieting, it is best not to drink this. The calories from a cup of full cream coffee are so large, they will disrupt all your weight loss efforts in the past.
  • Drink coffee in moderation: Drinking coffee can bring many benefits for health, but we should not get into the habit of drinking coffee continuously every day. Especially for those of you who often drink coffee in the morning, limit drinking continuously every day, it is best to drink one day away. You also should drink a small cup of coffee instead of drinking a big cup of coffee, this will help limit the intake of extra calories into the body. In particular, you should not keep the habit of drinking coffee like drinking water. Instead, drink a lot of filtered water during the day, and load at least 2-3 liters of water per day.

In general, a cup of unsweetened, medium-roasted coffee will be the best cup of coffee when drinking in the morning. 

Nutritious breakfast with coffee

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because it provides energy for a long day. Obviously, you can’t focus on work with an empty stomach. Therefore, a nutritious breakfast will help you stimulate brain activity, improve concentration, and put you in a good mood to work productively and efficiently.

However, many people have the habit of drinking coffee in the morning. So you can combine breakfasts with Vietnamese coffees as follows:

As we mentioned above, the number of calories in each cup of coffee is different depending on the barista while an adult breakfast needs 300-500 calories depending on the gender and eating capacity of each person.


Nutritious breakfast with coffee

  • For a cup of black coffee with only 2 calories, you should supplement nutritional foods in a complete way, for example, eating a meat dumpling with 325 calories, or an omelet sandwich with about 386 calories, or a bowl of minced meat porridge with 380 calories.
  • For a cup of instant coffee with calories from 70 to 100, you can reduce the amount of other food by using low-calorie products such as eggs, oats, and whole wheat bread, or 100g of chicken breast along with 1 serving of mixed spinach and an apple.

Places to find out the calories in Vietnamese coffee

There are many places to help you find the calories in Vietnamese coffee no matter where you are in the world.


Places to find out the calories in Vietnamese coffee

  • On product packaging

We can find the calories in Vietnamese coffee on the product itself. On the packaging of coffee products, there are nutritional indicators for a certain amount of coffee.

  • On beauty blogs

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in health and beauty, so beauty blogs have been opened in series to share useful information related to weight loss products. And you can absolutely find the calories in Vietnamese coffee there.

  • On the health monitoring applications

Another source of information to find the calories in Vietnamese coffee is on health monitoring applications such as MyFitnessPal on the AppStore or CH Play on smartphones. You can self-monitor and control as well as update the calorie count of the foods you eat.

  • Health expert

However, for the most accurate and quality information about calories in Vietnamese coffee, please contact nutritionists, bodybuilders, or doctors to listen and share as well as receive recommendations and advice from them.

Finally, coffee is inherently good, but people should not overdo this drink to avoid unwanted harm. Besides coffee, you can supplement or replace it with fruit juices for healthy use.

The top Vietnamese coffee with the least calories

List of Vietnamese coffee with low calories that dieters can use during the breakfast menu.


The top Vietnamese coffee with the least calories

G7 Black Instant Coffee

Each sachet of G7 Black Instant Coffee is a combination of many coffee beans from around the world, including Vietnamese coffee beans. This is a perfect choice because coffee does not contain sugar. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the calories in Vietnamese coffee when using it.

Trung Nguyen Creative 4 Premium Culi Coffee 

This coffee is a combination of the best coffee beans: Arabica, Robusta, Chari, and Catimor in different proportions creating a special flavor not found in any other coffee. A cup of this coffee has only 15 calories so you can add a chocolate bar or almonds to enhance the taste.

VN Roaster Butter Roasted Coffee 

VN Roaster has selected coffee beans from Dak Lak, a famous coffee-growing region in Vietnam. The calories in Vietnamese coffee are 29.3 for a cup, which is quite a small amount. However, the difference in this coffee is the roasting stage with butter to create a special unforgettable taste for the drinkers. 

Famous Vietnamese coffee suppliers

The recommendation of the Top 3 Vietnamese coffee suppliers can be useful for customers when choosing a reliable buying source. 

 K-Agriculture Factory


K-Agriculture Factory

With a 25-year history of delivering Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, K-Agriculture Factory is one of the leading companies distributing coffee to the international market. 

The products are carefully selected and handcrafted to ensure the quality of each coffee bean before being preliminarily processed and released to domestic and international markets.

With a special roasting method to keep the integrity of the taste and a strict preservation process, K-Agriculture always ensures to provide customers with high-quality products in large quantities.

Contact information:



Whatsapp: +84855 555 837 (Ms.Sarah)

Trung Nguyen Legend 

Trung Nguyen Legend is another well-known supplier in terms of coffee. After 25 years of development, the company won a noticeable place among people who love coffee when its goods have an exceptional taste. 

Vinacafé Bien Hoa

Vinacafe’s first factory was established in the 20th century, but so far Vinacafe has always stood firm in the Vietnamese market and reached the international level. This company is also a source of quality coffee with people who love coffee.  

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