Vietnam Rice Export To Singapore: A Significant Growth


Vietnam rice export to Singapore is predicted to develop well. Moreover, Singapore is also an International Service Center – the door to help Vietnamese products reach the buyers of retail groups, hotel chains, multinational restaurants, etc.

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Vietnam rice export to Singapore: Overview

The volume of Singapore rice imports is steadily growing year by year and Vietnam is one of the largest suppliers in the Singapore rice market.

Statistics of Vietnam rice export to Singapore in recent years

Singapore is a market in a group of 10 countries with the largest turnover in total rice exports of Vietnam.

In 2020, the top three rice exporting countries to the Singapore market did not change much. Three countries such as Thailand, India, and Vietnam, shared the top three positions with a total of 81.39% of Singapore’s rice market share.

2020 witnessed strong growth in the number of imports, while in previous years, the Singapore market showed signs of reducing rice imports. Especially in the fourth quarter of 2019, Singapore’s rice imports grew strongly from a negative growth rate after the first 9 months of 2019 (decreased by 4.1%) to a positive growth rate of 2019 (rose by 11.98%) and increased strongly in 2020 with a very high rate (30.6%).


Statistics of Vietnam rice export to Singapore in recent years

Vietnam rice export to Singapore market also achieved good growth with a turnover of 67.557 million USD (rose by 7.12% compared to 2019) and the volume reached over 86.679 tons (rose by 15.8% over the same period in 2019).

Main products of Vietnam rice export to Singapore

Jasmine rice is one of the popular types of rice that Vietnam rice export to Singapore. Typical rice varieties such as wholesale Jasmine rice from Vietnam are being sold in the FairPrice supermarket system for 5.75 USD/5kg, beating premium rice called Royal Umbrella (20.80 USD/10kg) and Golden Phoenix (20.30 USD/10kg) of Thailand in terms of aroma and shape. Moreover, experts also discovered some premium rice such as Double FP, which is sold at 17.90 USD/10kg. To sum up, Vietnamese rice products are chosen by the Singapore market thanks to a reasonable price and uniform quality.


Vietnamese jasmine rice

Based on the test results, Singapore experts said: “Consumers are paying more for premium rice, but the quality of the rice they enjoy is not matched.”. A representative of FairPrice said that this system of Jasmine rice that Vietnam rice export to Singapore since October last year has doubled in sales in recent times because the price of rice is up to 20% cheaper than similar rice imported from Thailand.

According to TST, Vietnam rice export to Singapore can both be cooked into rice and used to process noodles and vermicelli; while Myanmar rice, although it is nearly 200 USD/ton cheaper than Thai rice, can only be used to process noodles and vermicelli.

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Uses of Vietnames rice

Specialized locations of Vietnam rice export to Singapore

Due to characteristics of soil, seasoned experience of peasants and high level of intensive farming. Vietnam has two big rice cultivation areas.

The Mekong Delta is one of the largest and most fertile deltas in Southeast Asia, the largest food production and export area, and the largest tropical fruit tree area in Vietnam with a natural area of 4,092.2 hectares, of which 2,575.2 hectares used for agricultural production, accounting for 62.9% of the total natural land area of the whole region. The Mekong Delta focuses on rice production and becomes the number one rice production area to serve Vietnam rice export to Singapore.


The Mekong Delta

The Red River Delta is known as the second-largest rice production area of Vietnam, after the Mekong Delta. In the past, rice production in the Red River Delta focused on developing to meet the demand for quantity, but now, along with the quality requirements of domestic consumers, many localities invest in intensive farming, forming concentrated production areas with high quality, creating great changes in this delta. Productivity and output are continuously increasing. As of 2009, the entire Red River Delta region has 607,900 hectares of rice land, with about 70% of the population engaged in agriculture.


The Red River Delta

Main elements boost Vietnam rice export to Singapore

The quantity of Vietnam rice export to Singapore is affected by many factors resulting from Vietnam and Singapore’s needs.

Vietnam’s rice production

By September, thanks to favorable weather and crop structure shifting in a positive direction, planting new rice varieties with high economic value gradually replace traditional rice varieties. Therefore, this year’s winter-spring rice yield of the whole country reached 68.6 quintals/ha, increasing by 2.2 quintals/ha compared to the winter-spring crop in 2020. The output reached 20.63 million tons, increasing by 755.1 thousand tons. These figures guarantee the volume of Vietnam rice export to Singapore if Singapore’s demand continues to go up.

Singapore’s rice demand

Singapore is a country whose food source is completely dependent on imports. At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Singapore increased rice imports for storage, making the volume of 2020 also increase compared to the same period in previous years. In 2020, the total rice import value of the Singapore market is estimated at 384.481 million USD, up 30.6% over the same period in 2019. Vietnam rice export to Singapore gains many attractive opportunities besides the competitiveness of Thailand and China.


Singapore’s rice demand


Vietnam rice export to Singapore depends on the situation of the port. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, port congestion and late delivery are inevitable. This situation pushes the logistics charge up, the logistics charge of Vietnamese agriculture currently makes up 30% of product price. Moreover, transportation fee is increasing by over 1500 USD/1 40-feet container, which leads to a negative effect on the CIF price of Vietnam rice export to Singapore.

Governmental policies

In terms of Singapore’s proposal to sign a MOU on rice cooperation and the proposal that Vietnam commits to exporting at least 70,000 tons annually to Singapore, until now, the draft MOU has been developed for 8 months and sent back to Singapore for comments. The delay of the Singapore side in the appraisal process of this draft MOU shows that Singapore is not interested in signing. This is a disadvantage of Vietnam rice export to Singapore.

Ways to find reliable suppliers of Vietnam rice export to Singapore

With the big demand of the Singapore rice market, many suppliers are invading this lucrative market. However, importers should be aware of trustworthy suppliers to work with them.

Signs to identify reliable Vietnamese rice suppliers

Nowadays, there are unprofessional suppliers that try to persuade customers to buy their shoddy products, so customers should know some signs to find trustworthy Vietnamese rice exporters.

  • Clear address

Vietnam rice export to Singapore is run by businesses, they must have a clear address to trade and work. This is an important thing to verify the existence of a reliable firm.

  • Professional website

Because customers are everywhere in the world, a professional website could boost customers’ trust. Here is the place where they could find information about suppliers, products and order processes, etc.

  • Specialized certificates

Some vital certificates that a supplier should possess to export rice to Singapore are HACCP, Sanitary, and Phytosanitary of plant industry, component analysis (especially moisture), quality certification, Fumigation, and certificate of origin.


Signs of reliable suppliers

Typical methods to find suppliers of Vietnam rice export to Singapore

Customers can follow some channels below to connect with reputable distributors of Vietnam rice export to Singapore.

  • Through the Internet

Vietnamese rice suppliers are available on many trade sites to approach more and more global customers. Buyers could find us on Amazon, Alibaba,… to order the sample to test the quality or import in bulk following the above order process.

  • Meet face to face

This is one of the best ways to get to know partners of Vietnam rice export to Singapore. Besides, this method verifies the supplier’s identity. Buyers could negotiate with Vietnamese rice suppliers about price, payment policies to meet their demand.

  • Through trade fairs

Vietnamese rice suppliers take part in trade fairs annually to introduce the best products with customers. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the company in person.


Typical methods to find suppliers of Vietnam rice export to Singapore

Top suppliers of Vietnam rice export to Singapore

Here is a list of best suppliers of Vietnam rice export to Singapore that customers could trust in and purchase their agricultural products.

Hung Cuc Limited Corporation – a supplier of Vietnam rice export to Singapore

Hung Cuc owns a system of large-scale and very modern rice milling and processing factories for export along with a system of very professional distribution warehouses to be able to meet a variety of customer needs about different types and production of rice from many big markets such as China, Russia, Africa, Taiwan. The company’s rice production capacity is 85,000 tons/year. Besides popular rice varieties, the company also focuses on specialty rice such as BC rice, DT 68 rice with large output.


Hung Cuc Limited Corporation

Van Loi food processing corporation – a supplier of Vietnam rice export to Singapore

Van Loi Food Processing One Member Co., Ltd specializes in supplying rice for export, especially Vietnam rice export to Singapore, the product is voted as high quality Vietnamese export rice, trusted by many agents. The company’s total warehouse area is over 25,000 m2, including a milling plant with a capacity of 500 tons of rice/day, 10 systems of rice drying ovens with a capacity of 500 tons of rice/day, with 13 rice polishing lines. capacity of 1,700 tons of finished products of 5%, 10%, 15%, 25%, broken rice, etc. 03 color sorter systems with capacity of 300 tons/day, in addition, the company also invested in 4 more bran drying lines, revenue of dried bran accounted for about one third of total revenue.


Van Loi food processing corporation

K-Agriculture Factory – a supplier of Vietnam rice export to Singapore

Among many Vietnamese rice suppliers, K-Agriculture Factory is a well-developed company producing agricultural products. K-Agriculture Factory is providing rice, coffee, spices, and so on to about 100 countries in the world. This supplier of Vietnam rice export to Singapore has the trust of customers in a reasonable price, high-quality products, and good cargo handling. Its factory has 2500 MT/day of milling capacity and 400000 MT of storage capacity. Besides, K-Agriculture Factory possessed HACCP and ISO certificates.


K-Agriculture – The best rice supplier in Vietnam

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Vietnam rice export to Singapore is positively developing due to reasonable prices and high quality. Vietnam will ensure to maintain one of the best rice exporting markets to Singapore.

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