Vietnam coffee beans suppliers: valuable through the time


Vietnam has a unique and old-aged coffee culture that has exported large quantities of Vietnam coffee beans to the world. Vietnam coffee beans suppliers also brought national export value for a long time.

Overview about Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

Vietnam coffee beans suppliers have a high reputation in the international coffee trade market.

Definition of Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

Vietnam coffee bean suppliers are known as businesses or individuals who provide retailers or wholesalers with coffee beans.

Distinguish between Vietnam coffee suppliers, producers, and exporters

  • Vietnam coffee bean suppliers are go-betweens for manufacturers and local or global purchasers.
  • Vietnam coffee bean producers are those who process coffee cherries into green beans.
  • Those who sell their products to other countries in the world are called Vietnam coffee beans exporters.

Coffee bean classification of Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

There are some main types of coffee that are popular such as:


The average annual output of Robusta reaches about 1 million tons, accounting for about 95% in total coffee quantities. Vietnam Robusta green coffee beans distribution has reached over 80 countries worldwide, which adds the flavor to the world’s Espresso. In 11 months of 2020, Robusta coffee exports reached 1.22 million VND tons, worth 1.82 billion USD, down 2.9% in terms of volume and decreased by 3.9% in value compared to the same period in 2019. In which, exports of Robusta coffee in many key markets fell, such as: Germany, USA, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Thailand. In contrast, Robusta coffee exports to other major markets such as the Philippines, Japan and Italy… increased. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam coffee beans suppliers have more difficulty in exporting to the European market because of the closure of the country and high shipping fees.


Robusta coffee beans


Vietnam coffee suppliers do not provide as much Arabica as Robusta. While Robusta coffee beans are exported about 95% in total quantities of Vietnam coffee suppliers, Arabica coffee green beans only account for about 5%. Arabica is the most well-known coffee from all over the world and Dien Bien and Son La are the two largest Vietnam coffee bean suppliers of Arabica. In the Vietnam specialty coffee contest, Arabica beans from Son La Province gained 80 marks, which qualified as specialty coffee. This type of product is often imported by the US and EU market, because these two main markets are the most high-end class.


Arabica coffee beans

Choose the best for decisions

Vietnam coffee bean suppliers mainly major in Robusta coffee, which accounts for up to 97% of total Vietnamese coffee export quantities. Robusta coffee of Vietnam has a unique flavor, which has earthy and smoky profiles – features of Asia coffee flavor, which is different from other Robusta areas. Because Robusta coffee is abundant, the price will be lower than Arabica coffee, buyers need to carefully choose what to buy for the most suitable demand.

Top areas of Vietnam coffee beans suppliers market

Vietnam is the second world’s largest coffee exporter, therefore there are many national coffee bean suppliers spread across all regions of Vietnam.

North West of Vietnam

In the mountainous North West of Vietnam, there are 2 main provinces as Vietnam coffee beans suppliers: Son La and Dien Bien. They have the largest Arabica cultivated in Vietnam and can be compared to the condition of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo of Brazil. Arabica coffee beans from Son La and Dien Bien are qualified as specialty coffee, so those areas are the primary Vietnam Arabica coffee beans suppliers.

Highlands: Dak Lak, Dak Nong

Robusta coffee beans are mainly grown in Dak Lak or Dak Nong of the Highlands of Vietnam. Daklak is considered as a major Vietnam coffee beans supplier of Robusta and the world’s robusta storage. Dak Lak has about 200.000 ha of coffee that produces approximately a half-million tons per year. Coffee in the Central Highlands, Dak Lak has brought Vietnamese coffee production to one of the leading positions in the international coffee market.

Highlands: Lam Dong

Because of the country’s unique geography and climate, coffee beans have grown rapidly in Vietnam. Arabica Dalat – Cau Dat, planted in one of Vietnam’s most fertile regions, has a fresh taste that distinguishes it from others, with an original fruity smell that carries significantly the traits of the climate, the environment of Vietnam’s mountainous region is also one of the reasons why Dalat grows a huge quantity of coffee that contributes to Vietnam coffee beans suppliers.


Regions of Vietnamese coffee beans

Quang Tri

Quang Tri is the region that has a tropical monsoon environment with high temperatures, sufficient light, rain, and moisture, and a high total temperature, making it ideal for cultivating varied species and providing clients with the highest quality Arabica coffee beans. One of the reasons our customers love Specialty Arabica Quang Tri is its distinct chocolate-like scent, which represents the environment and surroundings of the Vietnamese highlands.

Factors impact on the wholesale price of Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

When it comes to wholesale activity, supply and demand are the two main majors that affect Vietnam coffee beans suppliers.

Effect of supply

Generally, the supply of Vietnamese coffee beans depends on the products’ quantities. Taking the 2019-2020 season is an example. The quantities of the 2019-2020 coffee season will reach 1.8 million tons, which is lower than that of the 2018-2019 season by 5%. Floods and droughts also affect coffee quantities such as October 2020 and May 2020 that have a bad impact on the season 2020-2021. 2020 coffee crop in Vietnam was harvested later than in previous years so it did not put pressure on the market.

Therefore, the quantities decreased, so Vietnam coffee beans suppliers may find it difficult to have products to supply so that the coffee prices may increase due to lack of supply.

Effect of demand

Type  November  2020 Compared to Nov 2019 (%) 11 months of 2020 The same period in 2019 (%)
Quantity (ton) Value (thousands of USD) Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value 
Robusta 70.784 111.011 -25.1 -22.1 1.216.101 1.822.472 -2.9 -3.9
Arabica 1.708 3.835 -53 -49.1 58.673 135.261 13.2 30.0

Type of coffee exported Nov 2020 and 11 months of 2020
(Vietnamese export coffee report)

Spain decreased import coffee from Vietnam coffee beans suppliers despite the fact that this country increased import from other main suppliers in 10 months of 2020.

North-European countries primarily import Arabica coffee beans while Vietnam coffee suppliers mainly export Robusta, which leads to Vietnam coffee beans exporters not having much market share. Besides, recently many countries have been fully vaccinated and are gradually reopening the country. Therefore, the coffee demand may increase, along with the transfer of tea culture to coffee culture that may cause coffee prices to increase, which may help Vietnam coffee beans suppliers to export coffee with higher prices.

Shipping situation of Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

The FOB price of Vietnam coffee suppliers is usually below the market price at about 5%. However, the selling price of Vietnam coffee beans suppliers is not cheaper than its main competitor, Brazil because the shipping price to some dominant markets such as the USA is still higher than Brazil. Recently, the value of the Brazilian currency has fallen, making the country’s exports cheaper. This can lead to coffee beans in Brazil being much cheaper than before, this is a big challenge for Vietnam coffee beans suppliers to capture the market share.

Government’s policies for Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

Government always promotes Vietnam coffee bean suppliers to export coffee and gives opportunities for suppliers to access information about importers’ demand. Europe and Vietnam Free Trade Agreement have been signed that brings Vietnam coffee beans suppliers advantages due to its tax rate of 0% when importing to Europe. Vietnam coffee beans suppliers can easily export to the European market, besides this can help make Vietnamese coffee beans cheaper and more competitive.

Methods to find reliable Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

When it comes to finding trustworthy Vietnam coffee beans suppliers, there are some easy ways:

  • Focus on the company’s essential certifications

If a company works in the wholesale field, it must have qualified certifications for goods or for the company’s supply activity like 4C, UTZ certifications

  • Clarify the company’s address

Each reputable company must have a specific office or location so that buyers can come to exchange information or cooperate. If not, it could be a scam company.

  • Good feedback from customers

A company is considered prestigious in which there are many good reviews from old customers because they have experienced products and services from the company, so they are very reliable.

Places to find Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

There are many Vietnam coffee bean suppliers, you can find them via some platforms below:

Alibaba and Amazon

Alibaba and Amazon are undoubtedly the most popular global platform for finding Vietnam coffee bean suppliers.

There are thousands of coffee producers on these marketplaces selling coffee products from raw beans to instant coffee powder.

Yellow Pages VN

This platform serves the needs of searching and connecting Vietnam coffee beans suppliers and foreign beans suppliers. Purchasers can find top Vietnam coffee bean manufacturers and exporters here and reach out to them directly.


Google is a leading search engine that people may think about first when they want to find something. If buyers want to find out information about Vietnam coffee bean suppliers, they can search by keywords “Vietnam coffee bean suppliers”, “Vietnam coffee suppliers” or “Vietnam coffee beans wholesale”.

Guideline when working with Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

When foreign buyers want to purchase from Vietnam coffee beans suppliers, they can follow these steps:

Step 1: Buyers have to send the Letter of intents

Step 2: Sellers have to reply with official FCO

Step 3: Both buyers and sellers have to discuss the terms in FCO

Step 4: Both buyers and sellers agree with the final FCO

Step 5: Sellers have to send a draft contract

Step 6: Both buyers and sellers have to discuss and finish the contract

Step 7: Sellers have to send a sample for testing

Step 8: Buyers will visit the factory

Step 9: Buyers confirm payment instrument

Step 10: Sellers have to load goods and send the documents

Step 11: Both buyers and sellers track the vessel

Step 12: Both buyers and sellers finish the remaining payment

Step 13: Sellers provide after-sales services

Step 14: Buyers can repeat orders.

Those fourteen steps help customers and sellers work more effectively, avoid misunderstandings because all things are clarified through those steps.

Top 3 prestigious Vietnam coffee beans suppliers

Buyers can visit the companies below to find out more information about Vietnam coffee beans suppliers.

Son Duong coffee

This company is specialized in doing business on wholesale of coffee. Son Duong Coffee Co., Ltd is a producer and supplier of coffee materials. Besides, the company also processes the finished packaging of coffee beans.
Contact information:

WhatsApp: +84 855555837


Founded in 1996, K-Agriculture has gone through 25-year development until now in the wholesale market, especially This company is one of the leading Vietnamese agricultural product suppliers. With an aim to bring Vietnamese agriculture to the world, K-Agriculture has reached over 80 countries globally in some fields such as coffee, rice, and spices.

Contact information:



WhatsApp: +84855 555 837


K-Agriculture Company

Trung Nguyen Legend

Trung Nguyen Legend is working in producing, processing and exporting coffee, and is also one of the largest Vietnam coffee beans suppliers. Trung Nguyen Group is an enterprise operating in the fields of coffee production, processing and trading; franchise; distribution services, modern retail and tourism. Trung Nguyen Coffee is one of the leading famous brands in Vietnam and is present in more than 60 countries around the world.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

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