The Robusta Coffee Company And Its Fascinating Facts


Every Robusta coffee company on the market sells a large quantity of Robusta coffee goods for a variety of reasons. For individuals seeking a reliable source, this is both a benefit and a drawback.

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Basic knowledge of Robusta coffee company

Any buyer should have basic information and expertise about the Robusta coffee company before entering the Robusta coffee input and output chain.

Definition of Robusta coffee company

A Robusta coffee company is an individual or business that creates and sells bulk items to various stores or merchants for direct sale, either directly or through intermediaries. Because they sell in volume, the Robusta coffee company may sell their product at a lesser price. This decreases processing time and associated expenses.


A brief description of the Robusta coffee company

The Robusta coffee company has a broad client base and access to a wide range of retailers. Offering coffee goods in wholesale form offers a wider audience to access the firm’s products, allowing the Robusta coffee company to develop fast. This might increase interest in the Robusta coffee product and make the Robusta coffee company more appealing to merchants, who may discover that the firm’s item has a strong customer base and are more inclined to purchase the Robusta coffee company’s product. Some ways that boost Robusta coffee companies in terms of development include:

Brand recognition

Operating as a Robusta coffee company is an excellent approach to raising awareness of the Robusta coffee product. Instead of having to buy just from one store, whether it is an e-commerce store or a physical store, consumers or corporate customers can see items in a variety of retailers. It can enable various purchasers who are unfamiliar with the firm’s goods to develop a relationship with it.


Customer psychology will give preference to brand names that are familiar to them


Expansion into the worldwide market is significantly more rapid and simple. The link between the Robusta coffee companies and its purchasing consumers drives all development and expansion. If the other coffee business sells internationally, the Robusta coffee firm does as well since it simply needs to transport the goods to where the consumers need them to sell them.


Globalization helps export of Robusta coffee increase stronger than ever.

Configure your company’s accounting system to handle multi-currency transactions so that consumers can place purchase orders in multiple currencies. Another aspect of this is transporting items overseas as a single huge container rather than hundreds of individual shipments. This might be a less expensive approach to sell abroad for a small Robusta coffee company wishing to expand.

Types of Robusta coffee company

The Robusta coffee company is a channel member that purchases completed goods from producers and sells them to retailers.

  • Robusta coffee company also sells items to organizations, such as manufacturers or producers, for use in carrying out their tasks.
  • The Robusta coffee company will occasionally sell coffee beans to the producer for use in the manufacturing process. Some Robusta coffee companies also sell to other coffee companies, resulting in an additional step in the distribution chain.

Robusta coffee businesses range from distributors to producers.

Some Robusta coffee company types

Traders and agents or brokers are the two basic types. Robusta coffee company traders own the product; agents and brokers just enable the sale of items from the manufacturer to the end-user.

  • Trader of Robusta coffee company

Robusta coffee company merchants account for 80% of all establishments but generate less than 60% of total revenues. A trader is a corporation that purchases products from producers and resells them to enterprises, government agencies, other wholesalers, or retailers. Dealers in Robusta coffee companies only offer their lawfully held goods.


Factory that produces and sells bulk coffee beans.

  • Brokers and agents

Dealers, as previously said, represent manufacturers and wholesalers. Non-competitive producers are represented by representatives of the Robusta coffee company (sometimes known as the manufacturer’s agent). Instead of being salaried employees of the Robusta coffee company, these salesmen work as independent agents. They do not own or control the product, and they receive a commission if they make a sale – but nothing if they do not.


Wholesalers of Robusta coffee beans collect the beans, process them, and then resell them to retailers.

Main products of Robusta coffee company

In the Robusta coffee company’s manufacturing chain, there are three sorts of coffee goods that are crucial.

Green Robusta coffee beans

Green Robusta coffee beans are unroasted and unprocessed, so they keep their original green color, grassy aroma, and moist stretchy texture. Growers will collect fresh coffee berries and prepare them using one of three methods. One of three processes is used to dry them to a moisture level of around 11%. Wet-polishing beans is another option for removing any leftover silver skin. Finally, the green coffee beans are packaged, stored, and delivered to the importing nations, where the Robusta coffee company will roast and ground them.


Green Robusta coffee has many uses, especially weight loss.

Caffeine and chlorogenic acid are two active antioxidants found in green Robusta coffee. The caffeine content of most green coffee products ranges from 2 to 4%. Most of the chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that aids weight loss, is removed during the roasting process. Green coffee beans range in price from $2,500 to $4,000 per kilogram, depending on the Robusta coffee company’s variety.

Be proud of a country supplying most Robusta coffee in world, you should not skip more this article to know more the way to import Vietnamese Robusta coffee:  Vietnamese Robusta Coffee purchasing with K-Agriculture

Roasted Robusta coffee beans

Coffee beans are red or purple fruits with seeds within. The Robusta coffee firm picks and shells the beans before drying and roasting them; the taste of coffee varies depending on the chemicals used in the roasting process. In bulk coffee, Robusta roasted and ground coffee beans must be clean and free of contaminants. Coffee roasting is a method of bringing out the fragrance and flavor of green coffee beans by heating them. There are four major varieties of coffee roasting: light roast, medium roast, medium-dark roast, and dark roast. While the processes range from easy to expensive, there are four primary types of coffee roasting: light roast, medium roast, medium dark roast, and dark roast.


Roasting coffee helps to release the full flavor of the coffee beans.

The roasting procedure of Robusta coffee company helps the green coffee beans reveal their fragrances and tastes. Green coffee beans have a milder, bitterer, and sourer flavor than roasted coffee beans. Robusta coffee beans have a caffeine content of 2-4%. Roasted coffee beans have a wholesale price range of $3,800 to $7,800.

Ground Robusta coffee

Ground Robusta coffee is manufactured from whole coffee beans that have been ground into powder which is available in a range of sizes, including very fine, fine, medium, and coarse. The brewing technique for ground coffee differs from that of instant coffee. Manufacturers make ground coffee in a variety of ways, including pour-over, French press, percolated, or using an espresso machine. People frequently consume coffee through the use of a filter coffee filter with ground coffee. Filter bag or whole bean ground are two more items made from ground Robusta coffee that the Robusta coffee company sells on the market. Wholesale ground coffee costs between $3,500 and $6,800 at wholesale.


Roasted coffee beans are ground into coffee powder, which can be filtered and enjoyed right away.

How to discover a Robusta coffee company

Identifying a suitable supplier whether you are seeking for raw materials or finished items to mediate. They are your primary source of information, assisting you in product evaluation, tracking rival activity, and alerting you to intriguing prospects.

Trade fairs

Meetings at trade fairs may be quite beneficial in locating a possibly acceptable Robusta coffee company to deal with. Every year, there are numerous trade events across the world for local and international enterprises to engage with the global coffee enterprises, through which the two sides may build a strong and mutually beneficial commercial connection.


Attending the trade fair is the traditional way for importers to find their suppliers.

Utilize Directories

A directory that can assist you in locating the best Robusta coffee company for your needs. You should subscribe to well-known and experienced directories because they frequently provide a large selection. When dealing with the directory, you should carefully explain your requirements so that you may select the best suppliers for you.

Here are several well-known Robusta coffee directories with many years of expertise that can assist you in locating the Robusta coffee manufacturer you want.

  • Volza
  • Infodriveindia
  • Exportgenius
  • Importer.tradeford
  • Voleba

Sources from the internet

The business resources on the internet appear to be unlimited, and there isn’t a single company that doesn’t find a method to establish a presence online. This allows a Robusta coffee company to reach a wider range of clients and grow its reach.


The Internet opens up many economic opportunities for Robusta coffee exporters globally.

  • Search engines such as Google may be an excellent resource for locating a Robusta coffee company. However, most Robusta coffee businesses’ websites do not include up-to-date information on their operations, factory images, or partners. Thus, if you are seeking information about manufacturers in this manner, please be patient in your search for the top exporters.
  • Online Groups: Forums or groups on social networks are also excellent places to seek assistance from firms that have a desire to collaborate with the operations. These companies will not only provide more information on the coffee bean manufacturers with whom they have worked, but they will also go through the ordering procedure, product quality, and provide you with contact information for these Robusta coffee companies.

The “Find a Supplier” service


Broker helps coffee buyers save time and effort in finding suppliers.

Customers may now use a service to help them identify a trustworthy Robusta coffee company both locally and internationally. Those in need can locate an intermediate broker who will seek for a suitable supply based on the relevant parameters. Using this service is convenient because the service provider will perform all of the work, but there is also the possibility of fraud.

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Avoid risk by looking for signs of a scam from a Robusta coffee company

Scam is an increasing issue with significant financial repercussions, and it can no longer be dismissed as a “poor experience” in our digitally equipped society. They are a recurrent danger that may result in financial loss, thus it is critical to understand if you can trust a firm or should avoid it at all costs.

It is no longer a bother for businesses to exercise responsibility and implement compliance procedures; it is now a key business problem that businesses are emphasizing, and rightly so.


Although the benefits brought by the internet are outstanding, there are many undeniable risks.

Poor company profile or no website

When new internet scams first started, fraudsters sometimes did not have a website for their scam firm. To facilitate functioning without disclosing information or location. Nowadays, fraud operations are becoming increasingly complex which has a polished website to fool clients. So, while looking for a Robusta coffee company to work with, it is critical to be on the lookout for any symptoms of a scam.

A Robusta coffee company’s website with indicators of fraud sometimes lacks clear business information, location, and contact information. The information provided regarding the product seems dubious.

The supplier’s lack of product expertise


Buyers need to be alert when making purchasing decisions, by analyzing seller behavior.

Asking detailed product questions to suppliers is critical because it not only allows buyers to gather as much product information as possible when compared to other potential Robusta coffee companies, but it also allows buyers to determine if the seller is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their work.

Unusual dealer behaviors

The seller’s attitude is critical since they are the spokesperson and face of the Robusta coffee company, demonstrating the working standards and training of the system’s personnel. They are also a component that aids purchasers in making quicker purchasing decisions.

Scammers frequently engage in dubious activities while attracting consumers, such as:

  • Sellers usually dislike disclosing information, especially their faces, therefore fraudsters frequently avoid face contact with buyers. On the contrary, trustworthy businesses are constantly proactive in this area in order to acquire the trust of their clients.

Signs that the supplier is trying to defraud the buyer.

  • The Robusta coffee company consistently encourages customers to do fee-based transactions. Receiving money is the seller’s first objective while scamming, hence the seller’s habit of swapping clients while working is most certainly a signal of a scam.
  • Scammers sometimes ignore important phases in collaboration, such as sending samples.

The product’s pricing is too low in comparison to the common ground

Scammers frequently advertise exceptionally low costs for their products, which are lower than the normal market for the same sort of coffee product. Because the attitude of businesses generally seeks to increase the value of inputs for their production chain, this aids in attracting prey quicker.


The product’s pricing is too low in comparison to the common ground

The low price of coffee products offered by scam suppliers will attract many importers into the trap

Steps to work effectively with a Robusta coffee company

After learning the fundamentals of Robusta coffee, you must comprehend the operating procedures of that particular Robusta coffee company.

Step 1: Test the knowledge of Robusta coffee company and its profile

Are Robusta coffee wholesalers well-versed in their products? When sellers are clear and can answer consumers’ inquiries about Robusta coffee items, it demonstrates that they perform an excellent job and are passionate about their products.

Step 2: Bargaining

Before negotiating, you should check and compare the selected Robusta coffee firm to other companies in the market via the internet and commercial sites. On the other hand, if you want to acquire the greatest pricing, you should offer discounts ranging from 15% to 20% to consumers who buy in volume. When purchasing Robusta coffee in quantity, the price may be cheaper than expected with extra incentives.

Step 3: Check the sample from Robusta coffee company

Obtain samples to evaluate before placing a full purchase with the Robusta coffee company. When the sample is finished, date and sign it, and set away one or two. These are the control samples, and they may be any type of forensic sample used to assure uniformity and quality.


Most Robusta coffee companies work with these basic steps.

Step 4: Contract

This is a crucial step in the negotiation process with the Robusta coffee company. To be sold commercially, Robusta coffee must meet specific criteria. Therefore, the legal criteria for a company license and product safety certification must be met.

Furthermore, the two parties must agree on the delivery date, weight, kind of Robusta coffee, and any further requirements (should have a sub-contract in the process of arising problems).

Step 5: Payment

Payment Methods Payment methods of the Robusta coffee company can be exchanged directly with  sellers via the website. A portion of the purchase price can be paid in advance to suppliers, with the two parties agreeing to guarantee the next delivery.

Step 6: Receive items, test them, and feedbacks

In order to provide quick feedback to the Robusta coffee company, check the quantity of rice flour provided and the quality of rice flour products. Both parties will have the option to become long-term partners as a result of the feedback.

Top 5 Robusta coffee company around the world

Customers should contact the top 5 dependable Robusta coffee company mentioned below.

K-Agriculture (Vietnam)

K-Agriculture factory ability to provide the best Vietnam Robusta green coffee beans at reasonable pricing has built is reputation. It is a good Robusta coffee company, will please its customers with the agricultural goods as well as the professional working style. Furthermore, having done worldwide business with Robusta coffee brands since 1996, the firm assures that all overseas shipments go properly.


K-Agriculture Factory

Contact us:


WhatsApp: +84855 555 837


Death Wish Coffee Company (USA)

The Death Wish Coffee Company is in Round Lake, New York as a Robusta coffee company. They make coffee with high caffeine content. Their roasting processes are used to produce high-caffeine, low-acidity coffee. The Robusta coffee is made with USDA-approved organic, fair-trade coffee beans. They have sold ground coffee, coffee beans, and single-serve plastic coffee pods since 2012.


Death Wish Coffee Company

WSCAFE (Vietnam)

Vaima Company Limited operates and manages Wscafe as a business division. Its primary mission is to provide high-quality Vietnamese coffee at wholesale prices to prospective purchasers all around the world. Wscafe is an abbreviation for wholesale + café.  As one of Robusta coffee beans wholesale suppliers, Wscafe seeks to link worldwide customers with high-quality Vietnamese coffee goods in order to raise Vietnamese coffee values in global coffee value chains.



The SLN Group (India)

Over 50 years ago, the SLN Group is with purchased 1000 acres of Late Shri SLN Sathappa Chettiar’s coffee plantation from the Rajah of Chettinad. SLN excelled in the coffee-producing sector, adding 100 acres of plantation in 1973 and another 200 acres in 2003 to expand its capacity. In 1997, we began a small-scale green coffee company, and the following year, we created an export facility under the name SLN Exports.


SLN Group

Origin (South Africa)

From day one, Origin has focused on developing a hub of coffee excellence serving the whole of Africa – the continent where coffee is first grown and roasted. The founders decided that it was time for South Africans to drink high quality coffee, using quality beans that the skilled artisan roasters proudly roasted.



Its owner Joel Singer dedicated himself to making this dream a reality. Origin opened in a brick warehouse in De Waterkant in May 2006.

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