Vietnamese Robusta Coffee And Information You Should Know


The demand for Vietnamese Robusta coffee in the world is increasing significantly. To connect supply with consumers effectively, let’s find out about Vietnamese Robusta coffee with K-Agriculture Factory.

The uniqueness about Vietnamese Robusta coffee

Vietnamese Robusta coffee is different from other types of coffee in various aspects. It is in the way we understand it, how we use it and how we enjoy it. 


Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

Things to know the Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

  • Farming requirements

In Vietnam, Robusta coffee beans must reach 95% ripeness to be handpicked and are taken care of with the natural fermentation process. The price isn’t only reasonable, less than twice as much as Arabica, but the experience also welcomes people from different backgrounds, whether the working class or the upper class.

  • Processing process

The processing process of Vietnamese Robusta coffee is divided into 2 main phases: Dry processing and Wet processing, also called the honey process so that the sweetness of the coffee cherry is absorbed back into the beans.

  • Vietnamese Robusta coffee roasting 

Vietnamese Robusta coffee can be lightly roasted, it will have a fruity taste or longer roasting time, the more caramel flavored it will depend on the consumers’ taste.

  • Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans standards

The moisture must be lower than <14%, it is usually about 12,5%. Sieve of the coffee beans varies from 15-18,5. However, the sieve of 16 and 18 is appreciated more.


Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans standards

  • Taste

What stands out about Vietnamese Robusta coffee is that it has a bitter taste. It is high in caffeine content, but it still has a sweet fragrance. The taste of Robusta coffee is strong, bitter, bold, and less sour. Another characteristic is that Vietnamese Robusta coffee revved up the metabolism, lowered the risk of Parkinson’s disease, and many more.

  • Aroma

Robusta coffee has a lighter aroma than Arabica. Robusta coffee has a slightly harsh aroma. Its aroma is described as very similar to oatmeal. With unroasted Robusta coffee, you will see a nutty aroma. Roasted Robusta coffee will have a faint aroma.

  • Economic potential

The Vietnamese Robusta coffee is a booming business, generating numerous job opportunities in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. From the macro perspective, this industry is a critical source of income, especially in developing countries like Vietnam. When a business decides to purchase our Vietnamese Robusta coffee, it will create substantial revenue for both local businesses and governments through taxation. From a personal perspective, the citizen living standards also increase thanks to the Vietnamese coffee wholesale business.


Vietnamese Robusta coffee Economic potential

How to use Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

To fully enjoy the taste of Vietnamese Robusta coffee, you need to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Use about two tablespoons of ground coffee

Step 2: Put the Phin Filter on top of the coffee cup

Step 3: Put the lid on top of the Phin Filter

Step 4: Pour in boil water that covers half of the Phin Filter

Step 5: Let bloom until it stops dripping

Step 6: Add sugar, milk, and there you have your perfect cup of coffee


How to use Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

There is no doubt that Vietnamese Robusta coffee has a unique taste and aroma. But to take it to the next level, mix Vietnamese Robusta coffee with Arabica beans in the ratio of 7:3, 3:7, or 2:8 to create an exquisite taste. It will have a bit of bitterness from Robusta and a bit of natural sourness from Arabica

See more:

Differences between Vietnamese Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee

It is not difficult to tell the difference between Vietnamese Robusta coffee and Vietnamese Arabica coffee.

Criteria Vietnamese Robusta Arabica
Caffeine content ~2-4% 0.8-1.4%
Optimum altitude 0-700m 1000-2000m
Shape Oval Flat
Time from flower to ripe cherries 10-11 months 9 months
Yield (kg beans/ha) 2300-4000 1500-2000
Immunity Strong Easily infected by fungus
Ripe cherries Fall Stay
Root system Shallow Deep
Typical brew characteristics Bitterness, full Acidity

Compared to other supply chains on Alibaba, you should find Vietnamese Robusta coffee to enjoy the benefit of a slight price advantage, and the quality remains the same.


Vietnamese Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee

Where can you find the Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

The Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans are grown mostly in the middle region, to be more specific, they are usually located in Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Lam Dong, and Dak Nong in an area of approximately 680.000 ha (about 90%) of the coffee land in the country.

Another smart choice is that you can get connected with the K-Agriculture supply chain to get your Vietnamese Robusta coffee with the most reasonable price and quality in today’s market.


Places that you can find the Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

Where is the Vietnamese Robusta Coffee favorite in the world?

We have America, Germany, Italy, and France as our top importers. Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans are highly appreciated for the flavor and the services that K-Agriculture provides.

FAQ about Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

Here are some famous questions about Vietnamese Robusta coffee and their answers.

Are there any insurance policies for Vietnamese Robusta coffee?

Yes, if your Vietnamese Robusta coffee has any errors or the beans are not the correct ones, you can return your coffee beans for a new package with the same type of Robusta for the length of 3 months.

What is the best option when it comes to buying Vietnamese Robusta Coffee?

You can always trust K-Agriculture in exporting Vietnamese Robusta coffee because we can offer you the best price and quality in the market. Our customer services are also top tier so you don’t have to worry about your package.

What do I have to do after I have successfully ordered from K-Agriculture’s Vietnamese Robusta Coffee?

After successful registration, an office member will call your registered phone number to guide you through the next steps to complete the profile.

How can I contact K-Agriculture to get my Vietnamese Robusta Coffee?


K-Agriculture CEO and staff with partners

Phone: +84855 555 837  (Whatsapp Available)



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