Rice from Vietnam suppliers is appreciated by foreign traders

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In a flourishing industry like rice for wholesale, rice from Vietnam suppliers is well-known for its high quality and reasonable prices. Therefore, many foreign traders choose rice from Vietnam suppliers for their businesses.

Advantages of rice from Vietnam suppliers

Vietnam suppliers are always trustworthy partners of many international wholesalers because rice from Vietnam suppliers has competitive prices but its quality is the same as that of rice from other countries.

  • Affordable price: In the price comparison, Vietnamese rice is much reasonable than Thai rice. In particular, in 2019, 5% broken rice from Vietnam suppliers cost 353 – 357 USD/MT, while Thai 5% broken rice cost 415 – 419 USD/MT. In addition, the price of jasmine rice for wholesale from Vietnam was 528 – 532 USD/MT, whereas that of Thai jasmine rice was 1148 – 1152 USD/MT. With competitive prices, rice from Vietnam suppliers is preferred by price-sensitive markets such as China and the Philippines.
  • Standardized quality: Even though possessing reasonable prices, the quality of rice from Vietnam suppliers is able to meet global criteria such as Global GAP, FDA, etc. For example, Europe – a strict market is a major importer of jasmine rice from Vietnam suppliers since its quality is recognized by many European standards including HACCP, MRL, contamination control, etc.

Affordable price and standardized quality are the two main advantages of Vietnamese rice

Types of rice from Vietnam suppliers and wholesale prices

Rice from Vietnam suppliers impresses wholesalers with its diverse types. In particular, suppliers in Vietnam focus on 4 main types including high-quality delicacy rice, normal aromatic rice, normal long-grain rice, and glutinous rice.

  • The high-quality delicacy rice: The high-quality delicacy rice group contains ST rice (ST05, ST20, ST21, ST24, ST25) known as the world’s tastiest rice and Japonica. The chewiness and pandan-leaves fragrance when cooked make up the prominent features of this group. The main import markets of this rice from Vietnam suppliers are China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, and the Middle East. The FOB price of this group is from 470 to 670 (USD/MT).

ST rice is one of the outstanding Vietnamese specialty rice

  • Normal aromatic rice: Normal aromatic rice includes some popular kinds like Nang Hoa, DT8-Dai Thomasmine, OM18. The chewiness, tender, and long-lasting fragrance are what make normal aromatic rice from Vietnam suppliers special. Same as the high-quality delicacy group, the main import markets of this group are China, Africa, the Middle East, the Philippines. The FOB price of this group varies from 480 to 680 (USD/MT).

Normal aromatic rice from Vietnam suppliers

  • Normal long-grain rice: Normal long-grain rice from Vietnam suppliers includes 2 famous types: OM5451, IR 504. Normal long-grain rice has a signature milky white color. The Philippines, Africa, and China are the prominent markets importing and consuming normal long-grain rice. The average FOB price of this group is from 480 to 540 (USD/MT).

Vietnamese normal long-grain rice

  • Glutinous rice: The most famous type of this group is glutinous rice. This rice from Vietnam suppliers has the same milky white color as normal long grain rice, but its shape is rounder. China is the top country in the import volume of Vietnamese glutinous rice. Its FOB price is 470-530 (USD/MT).

Vietnamese glutinous rice

Major growing areas of rice from Vietnam suppliers

Vietnam is one of the largest rice-producing countries, therefore, there are many rice-growing areas across the country. However, the Mekong Delta and the Red River Delta are responsible for rice from Vietnam suppliers for export. In particular, 90% of the Vietnam rice export is from the Mekong Delta, and Vietnam rice export to China is from the Red River Delta.


The Mekong Delta and the Red River Delta are the main rice-growing areas in Vietnam

These are the main supply sources of rice from Vietnam suppliers since they have large arable land, and huge production volume.

  • Large arable land: The Mekong Delta is the largest rice-growing area in Vietnam when its arable land in 2020 was 3.967 thousand ha, accounting for 54.5% of the total national arable land. The arable land of the Red River Delta reached 484 thousand ha.
  • Huge rice production volume: The majority of rice from Vietnam suppliers is from the Mekong Delta and the Red River Delta since they have sufficient rice production. In 2020, 23.8 million tons of rice were grown in the Mekong Delta, equivalent to 55.7% of the total rice production in Vietnam. Meanwhile, provinces in the Red River Delta produced 2.74 million tons.

Components influencing the prices of rice from Vietnam suppliers

There are many factors affecting Vietnam suppliers such as rice production, transportation, agricultural policies, and others.

The supply chain of rice from Vietnam suppliers

The supply chain is a primary element affecting export prices of rice from Vietnam suppliers. Particularly, at the end of 2019, as traders cleared their warehouses to wait for the upcoming winter-spring crop, making the supply capacity extend, the price of Vietnamese rice for export dropped suddenly from 498 USD/MT to 480 USD/MT.


Supply chain plays an important role in the prices of rice from Vietnam suppliers

The demand for rice from Vietnam suppliers

The Philippines is the largest importer of Vietnamese rice, accounting for 35.6%. However, the export volume of rice from Vietnam suppliers to this market decreased by 20.7% in the first nine months of 2021. Therefore, the price of Vietnam rice export to the Philippines dropped sharply, leading to a decrease of 4.9% in value compared to the same period in 2020.
Rice from Vietnam suppliers to China – the second-largest rice-consuming market witnessed significant growth of 36.9% in volume, an increase of 18.7% in turnover but the export price decreased by 13.3% over the same period in 2020; reached 733.862 UDS/MT, equivalent to 376.14 million USD.


Changes in demand for Vietnamese rice will affect the prices

Logistics charge from Vietnam to rice exporting markets

Typically, rice from Vietnam suppliers is transported by sea freight; thus logistic costs will directly affect the rice price. The reason for the increase in transportation costs is the container shortage in Vietnam.
In particular, the CIF price of rice from Vietnam to the Philippines has increased from 498 USD/MT to 510 USD/MT. The same as 5% broken rice from Vietnam suppliers to African countries, the CIF price has risen from 378 USD/MT to 415 USD/MT, much higher than Thai rice (403 USD/MT) and Indian rice (372 USD/MT).


High logistic charges influence the prices of rice from Vietnam suppliers

How to import rice from Vietnam suppliers

To have a successful order of rice from Vietnam suppliers, you need to follow 6 main steps below:

  • Step 1: Importer sends Letter Of Intent (LOI) to suppliers to describe requirements for rice from Vietnam suppliers.
  • Step 2: If the Vietnam rice suppliers can meet the LOI of the importer, it will send them the Final Corporate Offer (FCO).
  • Step 3: Vietnam rice suppliers will send samples so that importers can have a better experience of rice from Vietnam suppliers and have more faith in the supplier.
  • Step 4: Signing a contract is a binding commitment under the law of both parties. This is the most important step in the 6 steps because it is the basis for the two sides to complete the cooperation.
  • Step 5: Tracking to prepare and shipping goods are the main tasks that two parties need to follow together to make sure the order process goes without errors.
  • Step 6: Receive goods and give feedback.

Steps to import rice from Vietnam suppliers

Rice from Vietnam suppliers: Top companies

These are some of the best rice supply companies in Vietnam for you to consult.

Gatrenco Joint Stock Company

Gatrenco Joint Stock Company has more than 35 years of experience in which more than 20 years have been operating in the rice processing industry for export. Gentraco focuses on the export rice processing industry.

With a warehouse system, modern equipment with a capacity of 2,500 tons/day, and a stable raw material area in the rice fields of the Mekong Delta, Gentraco can meet large orders as well as high-quality rice from Vietnam suppliers. supplies are packed in 1kg-10kg bags according to the standards of supermarkets in Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, etc. With the quality policy “Prestige – Efficiency”, orders are controlled at each company stage, ensuring stable quality and timely delivery.


Gentraco – one of the best Vietnamese rice suppliers

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is supported by the Trade Promotion Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade – the highest national agency in charge of import, export, and industrial and commercial affairs of the country. Therefore, this business commits to bringing the best rice from Vietnam suppliers verified by the government for global buyers.

K-Agriculture Factory provides effective solutions for Vietnamese agricultural products to reach global potential markets and millions of customers, providing the best purchases for them at the most affordable price.

Contact for more information:


Whatsapp: +84855555694 (Ms. Evelyn – Sales Manager of K-Agriculture Factory)


K-Agriculture Factory is a leading Vietnamese rice supplier


Tigifood is a large rice import and export company in our country with more than 80% of rice production to serve foreign markets such as Singapore, the Philippines, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong.

Tigifood produces, trades, and processes rice to supply domestic and export markets; constantly growing added value, contributing to the sustainable development of rice from Vietnam suppliers. Its motto is Food safety – High quality – Competitive price – Exceeding expectations.


Tigifood provides the high-quality Vietnamses rice


Vilaconic is a pioneer in exporting rice from Vietnam suppliers to the USA and the Middle East. Foreign traders are always satisfied with the high quality of rice from Vilaconic, which is recognized by many certificates such as HALAL, HACCP, etc.


Vilaconic is a trustworthy partner in supplying Vietnamse rice

Khanh Tam Company

The last one in the list of the top 5 reputable Vietnamese rice suppliers is Khanh Tam Company. The main customers of this company are the United States and European countries, proving that Khanh Tam’s product can meet strict standards. Now, Khanh Tam’s rice is recognized as one of the best rice from Vietnam suppliers, receiving many certificates such as HACCP, Global GAP, etc.


Khanh Tam ensure the best Vietnamese rice

Rice from Vietnam suppliers is gradually asserting its position in the global wholesale rice trade because of reasonable prices and stable quality. Besides major exporting markets such as the Philippines and China, rice from Vietnam suppliers aims to reach the USD and the EU, which have many high requirements in rice quality.

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