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Thanks to the stable development of the wholesale Vietnamese rice trade, the higher consumer demand, the more Vietnamese rice suppliers have been found with good services. Vietnamese rice suppliers are ensuring their positions in the international market.

An overview of Vietnamese rice suppliers

To cooperate well with Vietnamese rice suppliers, there are many aspects for buyers to know.

Typical products of Vietnamese rice suppliers and wholesale prices

Vietnamese rice suppliers provide a diversity of products, which is subject to customers’ needs. Popular lines of rice include:

  • High-value specialty rice: This type of rice is characterized by its fragrance and nutrients, ST kinds are currently the most popular in the market, forming a separate rice line. The biggest market is China.
  • Popular long-grain fragrant rice includes Jasmine, DT8, OM18, OM 4900, OM5451. Main markets are distributed in China, Africa, Philippines.
  • Non-sticky short-grain rice comprises OM2517, OM6976, OM504 (usually used as rice starch)
  • Japonica rice is a large group of rice, originating from Japan. This line of rice was introduced in Vietnam in the late 2000s.
  • Sticky rice: The source of high-quality glutinous rice is usually in the North. It is mainly consumed in China.

Typical products of Vietnamese rice suppliers

In the period of 5 years starting 2016-2020, the price of Vietnamese rice went up significantly from 347.3 USD/MT to 411.8 USD/MT from 2016 to 2018. In 2019, Vietnamese rice suppliers offered the lowest price in 5 years (340.2 USD/MT) because the large markets of Vietnam, especially China, Indonesia, and Bangladesh all reduced the volume of imports, of which China dropped sharply in both volume and value. In 2020, the price of Vietnamese rice hit a record at 439.6 USD/MT. The reason for this was low supply while the Philippines continued to import in bulk.

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In 2020, the price of Vietnamese rice hit a record at 439.6 USD/MT

Main locations of Vietnamese rice suppliers

The Mekong Delta and Red River Delta are two main areas having many Vietnamese rice suppliers.

The Red River delta is the oldest rice production area, there are many delicious and high-quality rice varieties. Most of the rice from the Red River delta is consumed domestically and only a small part is exported to China. Vietnamese rice suppliers mainly locate there to cultivate rice conveniently. Leading products of this area are sticky rice and DT52 rice.


The Mekong Delta and Red River Delta

Mekong Delta is the production area focusing on agricultural goods, accounting for about 90% of Vietnam’s rice exports. Vietnamese rice suppliers distribute popular types of rice in the Mekong Delta such as jasmine rice, Japonica rice, and long-grained rice.

Vietnamese rice suppliers are also in the North Midlands and mountains and the Central Coast. These areas are not large but are important areas in the export of rice through quotas to China. Therefore, Vietnamese rice suppliers focus on sticky rice production to export in bulk.

Typical features of trustworthy Vietnamese rice suppliers

The process of rice for export at K-Agriculture company

To rate a Vietnamese rice supplier, importers can depend on the following standards.

  • Identified address: Reliable Vietnamese rice suppliers should verify their office’s location and factories with many images to boost the trust of customers. Besides, a well-designed website raises the belief of customers and shows the profession of a company.
  • Legal business license: One of the most important factors to run a business is possessing permission issued by authority. Buyers could trust Vietnamese rice suppliers if they have it.
  • Specialized Certifications: Vietnamese rice suppliers need to have some qualifications to show the product quality such as CFS, ISO 22000/HACCP, or Health Certificate. To approach foreign importers, the Vietnamese rice suppliers must follow the criteria of the market like Global GAP of EU, etc.
  • Past achievements in the market: The accomplishments of Vietnamese rice suppliers could reflect its reputation. Regarding good products, services and care about cargo, customers will be satisfied and give positive feedback and continue working with an enormous volume with the Vietnamese rice suppliers.

Typical features of trustworthy Vietnamese rice suppliers

Reasons for choosing Vietnamese rice suppliers

Rice market is highly competitive and constantly changes, it is not easy to gain traction in the market. The growth of Vietnamese rice suppliers is subject to several elements below.

Stable rice production

The increasing volume of rice production is proved by figures in 2020. In terms of southern areas’ productivity, the winter-spring crop rose by 0,16 tons/ha compared to last year’s volume. The summer crop decreased slightly, 96,8% of the same crop in 2019. In general, production remains stable and accounts for a big amount in the field. That supports Vietnamese rice suppliers to guarantee supply and reserve enough to export in bulk. Vietnam rice exports reached a high peak in 2020, the volume of rice reached 6.15 million tons with a value of 3.07 billion USD, rose by 9.3% in value compared to 2019.


Stable rice production

Diverse products

In the category of Vietnamese rice for export, white rice was exported 707,300 tons, accounting for 34%; fragrant rice: 716,000 tons, accounting for 34%; sticky rice: 489,700 tons, accounting for 24%; specialty rice such as ST25, ST24 KDM, etc. were exported at 110,240 tons, making up 5% and the rest is Japanese rice 64,400 tons. These products are distributed to enormous markets like China (482848 tons), Europe (10645 tons), etc.

Logistic charges

Sea freight and logistics charges fluctuate according to unpredictable changes of pandemic leading to delayed clearance, port congestion, etc. In June, the price offered by Vietnamese rice suppliers reached 493 USD/ton at the beginning of the month and remained at this level. Therefore, Vietnamese rice suppliers make an effort to provide a balance of price and products.


Logistic charges

Supporting policies

Government policies and local strategies support Vietnamese rice suppliers. Markets reaching the agreements with Vietnam like England, the EU, or recently signed FTAs like CPTPP, EVFTA, RCEP are helping make our rice well-known. Growth in the rice trade of Vietnamese rice suppliers is predicted to rise by 2,6% per year in the next decade, or 16 million tons, and reach 62 million tons in 2030.

Vietnamese rice suppliers: approaches to them

The following ways would help buyers to find reliable Vietnamese rice suppliers.

  • Meet face to face

After learning thoroughly about Vietnamese rice suppliers, one of the most effective ways to gain success is meeting directly. It is the opportunity to discuss, verify misleading information, or negotiate to reach an agreement. However, this method takes two parties an amount of time but it is hard to finish quickly.


Meet face to face

  • Join in trade fairs

Partaking in trade fairs brings many chances for buyers to connect with Vietnamese rice suppliers and suppliers to promote their rice products. Yet, the Covid-19 is preventing this activity and virtual trade fairs are an alternative choice.


Join in trade fairs

  • E-commerce platforms

Online stores are more prevalent such as Alibaba, Tradewheel, and so on. This is a fast and convenient way for buyers to pick out good Vietnamese rice suppliers and make comparisons among them. However, finding suppliers through the Internet takes many risks like scamming or shoddy products.


E-commerce platforms

A guideline to cooperate with Vietnamese rice suppliers well

Some useful steps are elicited below for buyers to follow.

  • Find the best Vietnamese rice suppliers matching your types of demand

First, know about Vietnamese rice suppliers you would work with. For example, buyers would like to import Jasmine rice from Vietnam, they should find the supplier whose strength is this kind and related references. It will help to save time and easily meet your needs.

  • Check the rice’s quality and learn policies in exporting and importing

Buyers could import the sample from Vietnamese rice suppliers to test the quality in order to confirm the quality before importing a big quantity. Moreover, understanding the policies of the Vietnamese rice suppliers’ nation helps buyers prepare full procedures and reduce risks in the process of shipment.


A guideline to cooperate with Vietnamese rice suppliers well

  • Negotiate the price, term and sign the contract

To optimize the cost of both, Vietnamese rice suppliers and the buyer have to negotiate the conditions in the contract. Different payment terms affect the price, so does the payment method. The ultimate purpose is to guarantee the equal roles of the two parties.

  • Receive cargo and rate the service to suppliers

As soon as receiving the cargo, the buyer should give feedback to reflect the quality of service and products, and contact Vietnamese rice suppliers if buyers have any problems to solve. This step helps suppliers enhance and make changes for better offerings.

Top 5 best Vietnamese rice suppliers

Here is Vietnamese rice suppliers have the largest production and distribution in the market that you should know

VinaFood 1 – One of the best Vietnamese rice suppliers

Vinafood 1 supplies the biggest amount of rice, reaching 659 thousand tons. With the seasoned experience in the rice field, Vinafood 1 constantly affirms its position in the list of the best Vietnamese rice suppliers. There are 28 subsidiaries and 3 joint venture companies with foreign countries. Vinafood 1 always improves the quality of products and enlarges the market to bring the best Vietnamese rice throughout the world.


VinaFood 1

K-Agriculture Factory – One of the leading Vietnamese rice suppliers

Among many Vietnamese rice suppliers, K-Agriculture Factory is a pioneer and assessed as having the potential for rapid growth. K-Agriculture Factory is providing Vietnamese rice, coffee, spices, and so on to about 80 countries in the world. This supplier wins the trust of customers at a reasonable price, well-designed packaging, and good cargo handling. Its factory has 2500 MT/day of milling capacity and 400000 MT of storage capacity. Besides, K-Agriculture Factory possessed HACCP and ISO certificates.

For special discounts and free consultation, contact us now.

WhatsApp: +84855555694



K-Agriculture Factory

Quoc Te Gia – One of the leading Vietnamese rice suppliers

Quoc Te Gia International Joint Stock Company is one of the largest rice processors and Vietnamese rice suppliers. Established in 2008, over 10 years of development, Quoc Te Gia has now become one of the leading Vietnamese rice suppliers in the field of rice production and export. The total annual export output is estimated at 300,000 tons. The company’s products are being exported and consumed in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. The rice processing factory is now certified with ISO 22000 – 2005 and HACCP on food safety and hygiene management.

Thanh Tin – One of the leading Vietnamese rice suppliers

Currently, the company has been producing rice lines with the characteristics: flexible, soft, and fragrant, which is well received by domestic and foreign markets, September 9, 2010, the company was one of the Vietnamese rice suppliers approved by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Soc Trang province, winning the right to use the certification mark “Soc Trang Aromatic Rice”. Its milling capacity is 500 MT/day and 60000 MT of storage capacity. Thanh Tin is confirmed to be the enterprise eligible for direct export by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and at the top of Vietnamese rice suppliers.


Thanh Tin

Tan Dong Tien – One of the leading Vietnamese rice suppliers

This supplier has been granted a certificate of qualification of rice exporting business by the Ministry of Industry and Trade since 2011. In recent years, the Vietnamese rice supplier has constantly developed, researched, and promoted to increase export output. In 2018, this supplier produced 150000 MT and had a profit of 75,000,000 USD. The total area of factories and warehouses of Tan Dong Tien is about 30,000m2, total capacity is more than 60,000 tons. Its main products are fragrant rice, white rice, and sticky rice.


Tan Dong Tien

Vietnamese rice suppliers are a good choice for importers who want to buy Vietnamese rice in bulk. They are stable rice supply chains, competitive prices, and diverse products. Besides, the working behavior and process of Vietnamese rice suppliers are professional.

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