New opportunities for trading wholesale rice paper


Besides rice grains, rice flour, or rice oil, one widely used product made from this staple food is rice paper. Recently, traders have boosted the popularity of rice paper in Eastern and Western countries. 

Wholesale rice paper’s interesting facts

Rice paper is one of the distinctive products made from rice, which is popular in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. 

General information on rice paper

Rice paper is a dry extra thin wrapper made from a mixture of rice flour, tapioca flour, water, and some seasonings such as salt, sugar, and pepper. Then the mixture will be formed into thin layers in a round shape and steamed in a steaming pot. In the next steps, cooked round pieces will be sun-dried on bamboo frames to have a translucent white color.


General information on rice paper

Rice paper is edible and originated from Vietnam; therefore, people can easily see rice paper widely used in the country’s cuisine. The most famous dish is Vietnamese spring rolls, in which rice paper is used to wrap the fillings (herbs, meat, and rice vermicelli). 

Wholesale rice paper’s distribution

Wholesale rice paper is a business of rice paper in bulk. Customers can buy rice paper for wholesale from retailers or companies. Recently, the distribution of wholesale rice paper has expanded beyond Vietnam, reaching other countries around the world. Nowadays, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Germany, and Italy have an increasing demand for wholesale rice paper. This fact proves that there are numerous commercial potentials behind trading rice paper in bulk.


Wholesale rice paper is a business of rice paper in bulk

Reasons for choosing wholesale rice paper

Recently, many companies around the globe pay much attention to wholesale rice paper trading since this product carries numerous beneficial characteristics in terms of economy. 

  • Easy to store

Normally, the expiry date of rice paper is within 12 months after production due to its dry texture. Therefore, it is easy for buyers to store a vast quantity of rice paper for a long time without any damage in quality. 

  • Sufficient production capacity

Since the demand for wholesale rice paper is increasing, many manufacturers and factories are founded to ensure enough quantity of production output. On average, more than 24,000 sheets of rice paper are made by a Vietnamese factory. 

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Reasons for choosing wholesale rice paper

In addition, with the help of modern machines, the production capacity of rice paper producers keeps rising impressively. With sufficient production volume, bulk orders of rice paper from many retailers and wholesalers will be guaranteed. 

  • Widespread distribution

The trading of wholesale rice paper is expanding to international markets. Now, there are over 40 countries consuming rice paper, namely Japan, South Korea, the U.S, Germany, Italia, etc. As a result, the development of whole rice paper is becoming sustainable. 

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Signs of authentic wholesale  rice paper suppliers

If buyers can connect with authentic wholesale rice paper suppliers, they can save time, receive high-quality products, and experience professional services. The reputation of a wholesale rice paper supplier can be evaluated by information transparency, outstanding certificate profiles, and impressive past performances

  • A trustworthy wholesale rice paper supplier can provide legal business licenses and basic information.

To run its business, a supplier of rice paper has to be permitted by government agencies. As a result, business licenses and permits are important documents to prove the legality of the rice paper supplier.


Signs of authentic wholesale  rice paper suppliers

Besides, buyers should have basic knowledge of the wholesale rice paper supplier that they intend to cooperate with. Buyers should know specific information such as the office address, factories, and key people, which is available on the supplier’s website or profile.

  • A trustworthy wholesale rice paper supplier can show the necessary qualifications to prove product quality

The quality of rice paper offered by a supplier can be shown through the certificate profile. Basically, the necessary certificates are ISO 22000 and HACCP. In addition, if the supplier wants to distribute rice paper to the American market, for example, the product has to satisfy specific requirements issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 


A trustworthy wholesale rice paper supplier can show the necessary qualifications to prove product quality

  • A trustworthy wholesale rice paper supplier can receive positive feedback from previous customers

Buyers can depend on the feedback from previous customers to evaluate the quality of products and services provided by wholesale rice paper suppliers. If the supplier receives good responses from the partners, it is shown that its rice paper possesses a premium quality, meeting the customer’s requirements. 


A trustworthy wholesale rice paper supplier can receive positive feedback from previous customers

Moreover, long-term cooperation with previous buyers can prove that the supplier has a long history of providing rice paper to other companies and distributors. Therefore, working with experienced rice paper suppliers can make buyers satisfied with not only products but also services from packaging to delivery. 

List of reputable wholesale rice paper companies

Here is a recommendation of trustworthy wholesale rice paper companies to make buyers easier to choose from.

K-Agriculture wholesale rice paper company

Working with an ambition that is to introduce the best Vietnamese agricultural products to international markets, K-Agriculture has been developing as a leading factory and distributor of rice products including rice paper.

K-Agriculture has broad collaboration with many companies and importers from 80 different countries. The partners are always satisfied by the high quality of rice paper, the professionality in services, and the convenience in payment and delivery. 


K-Agriculture with partners

Contact information:


Head office: K Building, 171 Nguyen Ngoc Vu Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Whatsapp: +84855555694 (Ms. Evelyn)


K-Agriculture wholesale rice paper company

TANISA wholesale rice paper company

In 2015, TANISA CO., LTD was established. This wholesale rice paper company presently exports to countries such as France, Thailand, Russia, the United States, France, South Korea, and Brunei. Its products have been mainly distributed through well-known supermarkets, e-commerce, and online channels.


TANISA wholesale rice paper company

The product range of rice paper provided by TANISA is huge from traditional white rice paper to chili or vegetable rice paper. Hence, customers have an extensive selection of wholesale rice paper.

Duy Anh Foods wholesale rice paper company

Duy Anh Foods Import-Export Co. is a leading company in wholesale rice paper exports. The company is focusing on supplying premium-quality rice paper varieties to more than 40 global destinations from Japan to the U.S. Besides rice paper, different products made from rice are distributed by Duy Anh Foods such as rice vermicelli, noodle, or rice sticks, etc.


Duy Anh Foods wholesale rice paper company

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