Jasmine rice calories: How many calories does Jasmine rice contain?


Nowadays, Jasmine rice is regarded as the most common type of rice in the world and is eaten by many people. However, many people, especially health-conscious ones, are confused by Jasmine rice calories so here is the must-know information about it.

 Jasmine rice calories: Calories of each type

Jasmine rice is a type of aromatic rice, cultivated widely in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The fragrance of cooked Jasmine rice is like pandan leaves. Cooked jasmine rice is sticky and soft, providing niacin, calcium, and potassium for eaters. Nowadays, it is consumed mostly in South Asia countries. However, some health-conscious people are worried about taking in too many Jasmine rice calories from this type of rice.


Jasmine rice calories: Calories of each type

There are two common types of Jasmine rice, they are white and brown jasmine rice. The Jasmine rice calories and nutrition differ between each type.


The Jasmine rice calories and nutrition differ between each type.

The Brown Jasmine rice calories per cup are higher than the white ones, it contains more protein, fiber, and also more nutrients to nourish our bodies. So if you are looking for a healthy diet with Jasmine rice, do not just consider Jasmine rice calories but also its nutrients as well. Brown jasmine rice is a good source of carbs to keep fit.

Jasmine rice calories: Health benefits

The health benefits and Jasmine rice calories depend on whether it is white or brown jasmine rice.

White jasmine rice is polished and has fewer jasmine rice calories. Because manufacturers remove the husk and bran from the grains, it is a refined grain. In contrast, brown jasmine rice has more Jasmine rice calories and contains these valuable parts of the grain, which provide fiber to people’s diets and can reduce the release of blood sugar.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) advises that white Jasmine rice, though having a lower level of Jasmine rice calories, has a high glycemic index and glycemic load, which can cause spikes in blood glucose. In addition, the ADA states that those who had more refined grains in their meals, such as white Jasmine rice, have a higher threat of diabetes.

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The health benefits and Jasmine rice calories

On the other hand, brown jasmine rice with higher Jasmine rice calories contains more fiber that helps slow down the absorption of carbs in the human bodies.

In addition, according to USDA Food Data Central Trusted Source, although brown jasmine rice has more protein and fiber compared to the white one, it does not contain the calcium that white Jasmine rice does. Moreover, antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, which can protect the body from free radicals, are also higher in whole grain rice.


brown jasmine rice has not contain the calcium that white Jasmine rice does

Health experts advise that people include brown Jasmine rice in their daily meals. This is because with the same amount of Jasmine rice calories, in comparison with white Jasmine rice, brown Jasmine rice can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, and other chronic diseases.

Jasmine rice calories: Healthy recipes with Jasmine rice

Below are some low calories and healthy recipes that you should try making at home with Jasmine rice.

Jasmine rice with chicken

When eating jasmine rice, you can make your dishes more healthy by adding chicken. Make sure that you use the chicken breast or other parts without the skin of the chicken. Boiled, steamed, or grilled chicken can be served with Jasmine rice so you can still enjoy the meals without worrying about Jasmine rice calories.


Jasmine rice with chicken

Fried Jasmine rice with vegetables

Some people may be wary about the Jasmine rice calories in fried Jasmine rice but if you use just a little vegetable oil or olive oil, it is never a problem. You can also add in your fried Jasmine rice vegetables like carrot, beans, corn, etc to increase the flavor of the dish.


Fried Jasmine rice with vegetables

Brown Jasmine rice salad

If you are on a diet and want to shred a few kilograms, consider a meal with lower Jasmine rice calories like the Brown Jasmine rice salad. You can simply fry the Brown Jasmine rice, then mix them with your favorite salad and you have a healthy meal to enjoy.


Brown Jasmine rice salad

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