India Gate rice – The best Indian rice brand

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 India Gate rice is the perfect choice for every consumer who wants to find a type of rice with a high-quality and reasonable price. India Gate rice is also a pride of India when it popularizes Indian rice to foreign people.

An overview of India Gate rice

India Gate is KRBL’s flagship brand preferred in the domestic market and importing countries. India Gate rice is famous for its remarkable features and unique flavors.

Origin of India Gate rice

India Gate rice is a brand of one of the world’s largest basmati rice exporters – Krblrice. With over a century of industry experience, KRBL Limited has established itself as the leading player in the Indian rice market as well as India’s first integrated rice company. KRBL has grown and expanded its products throughout time, delighting customers all around the world. Its presence in a highly consumer-driven industry creates a need for nutritious, well-balanced food. With a strong presence in India, it wants to increase its market share while also expanding its reach to new foreign countries.


KRBL Limited is the world’s largest basmati rice exporter

Strengths of India Gate rice brand

India Gate rice brand possesses many strengths and advantages that can take advantage of its big company – KRBL.

  • Procurement equals quality

The correct procurement procedure is the first step in assuring a product’s quality. India Gate rice has developed well-defined methods to assure the quality of its products by building a procurement system at each level of the value chain to ensure it obtains the highest-quality paddy.

R&D is one of India Gate rice‘s key priority areas, as it has pioneered various farming approaches and harvesting procedures that have helped farmers boost their production. They get their raw materials from dependable and sustainable sources, ensuring a consistent supply of raw materials for India Gate rice. They created a large procurement network with strict quality control. India Gate rice has continuously verified that its goods fulfill these safety criteria across its value chain.


India Gate rice builds a procurement system at each level of the value chain to ensure the highest-quality paddy

  • Largest milling facility

India Gate rice’s numerous mills in the basmati production zone have the ability to grind 195 MT of paddy per hour. Their large-scale operations not only ensure continuous delivery but also exclude the possibility of external rice trade, ensuring that KRBL rice is free of aflatoxin and other microbiological agents.

Their paddy milling mills are located in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh which strategically cover the northernmost and southernmost tip of Basmati land. Small grading and polishing stations allow them to handle massive amounts of paddy during the short basmati harvesting season. All of our factories mill both raw and parboiled basmati and are outfitted with cutting-edge gear to maintain grain uniformity.


KRBL’s 100% integrated milling plants

  • Research and development

The Rice Research and Development cell brings together a group of experienced rice specialists, including farmers, who are working to combine traditional wisdom with current know-how and technology to enhance pre- and post-harvesting practices. Their research activities have a direct impact on our capacity to produce new seed types and source and adapt the world’s most advanced rice-making technology to Indian circumstances. KRBL was the pioneer among big rice factories to forge a partnership with the Pusa Institute in order to produce stronger Basmati varieties of India Gate rice. In 2006, they were able to debut the newly created Basmati variety Pusa 1121 solely under their brand thanks to their tight collaboration with research organizations. This selection was a tremendous hit.


KRBL has the most advanced research and development laboratory in India

Leading products of India Gate rice

India Gate rice brand specializes in producing basmati rice because KRBL LTD. has the capacity to handle 35% of the total Basmati production of India for the following reasons:

  • They can process 1.4 MMT of paddy equaling to 900,000 MT of Rice, equivalent to 43,000 containers a year.
  • They can process 1 container in 6.46 minutes.
  • They currently operate on investment of over US$ 130 million.

The largest basmati rice miller in the world

All India Gate products are manufactured to international quality standards, cleaned, sorted, and packed in superior, sanitary, and cutting-edge facilities, with no human intervention.

  • Rice that has been matured for two years to perfection.
  • The rice never lets you down.
  • Handpicked pearl-white grains that are very smooth and exceptionally lengthy.
  • When compared to non-aged rice, it has a deep Basmati Rice scent and flavor and provides 30% more servings.
  • For exceptional events, this is the ideal option.

India Gate products are manufactured with cutting-edge facilities and no human intervention

India Gate rice has a variety of products focusing on basmati rice such as:

  • INDIA GATE Regular Choice Basmati Rice
  • INDIA GATE Feast Rozzana Basmati Rice
  • INDIA GATE Super Basmati Rice (Long Grain)
  • INDIA GATE Active Health Brown Brown Basmati Rice
  • INDIA GATE Mogra Basmati Rice

India Gate rice brand’s products

India Gate rice is the most famous for a product called India Gate Classic Basmati Rice. India Gate Classic Basmati Rice is a unique new type of Basmati rice with a wonderful flavour that allows consumers to savor important moments in life. With this gourmet rice, all of your festivities will be great. This excellent rice will wow your guests. It is the ideal way to commemorate any important occasion. It is distinguished by its delicate scent and silky pearl white grains that are unusually fine and lengthy, all of which are characteristics of a real Basmati. The grains of India Gate Classic Basmati Rice are matured for two years, giving them 20% greater length and 30% more servings than unaged rice. The grains lengthen up to three times their original length when cooked.


India Gate Classic Basmati Rice helps elevate meals from ordinary to extraordinary

Even though India Gate Classic Basmati Rice is more expensive than other brands’ products, for example, the price of India Gate Classic Basmati Rice is 198₹/kg while Daawat Pulav Basmati Rice costs 121₹/kg or Kohinoor Royale Biryani Basmati Rice cost 175₹/kg but products from India Gate rice are very fragrant, not sticky at all and expands very nicely.

Reasons for choosing India Gate rice

In the market, there are many brands of long grain rice supplying basmati rice but India Gate rice has affirmed its position and gained the trust of thousands of consumers.

  • Specialized certificates and awards

KRBL or India Gate rice brand was conferred the prestigious APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Foods Exports Development Authority) Award, instituted by the Ministry of Commerce for 13 consecutive years in a row. Dun & Bradstreet was honored to certify that KRBL Limited has been ranked 7th as per Total Income in the Food and Agro-Processing sector. Moreover, ISO 9001: 2000 certified this company. In 1996, KRBL was named a “Super Star Trading House” for its growing export success. In 1997, APEDA honored KRBL as the largest exporter of Basmati rice.


Specialized certificates and awards

  • High-quality products with many health benefits

India Gate Basmati Rice, India’s first integrated rice brand with a comprehensive product chain, as well as the world’s largest rice miller and basmati rice exporter, has launched two new healthy foods in the domestic market: “Wholesome Health Special Chia Seeds” and “Active Heart Special Roasted Flax Seeds.” India Gate responded to this need by entering the ‘Health Food’ market. By developing “Chia Seeds” and “Roasted Flax Seeds” to supplement the branded portfolio of goods, the company not only addressed a rising lifestyle revolution but also provided the best to customers. “Roasted Flax Seeds” is a nutrient-dense super-seed that has a nutty taste and a satisfying texture. It offers a powerful blend of wholesomeness and flavor that can be included in any meal. It’s also high in omega 3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help keep cholesterol levels in balance.


“Wholesome Health Special Chia Seeds” (left) and “Active Heart Special Roasted Flax Seeds” (right)

  • Making diverse delicious dishes

Basmati rice is a type of long-grained rice with a distinct flavor. These long, thin grains are native to the Indian subcontinent and are recognized for their particular scent. This type of rice is centered around to produce by India Gate so consumers can buy their products to cook many yummy meals including some dishes namely Payesh (a luscious, tasty Indian dessert), Kale Channe Ki Biryani (a great twist to the regular fare), coconut rice – one of the most favorite South Indian food.


Payesh – Kale Channe Ki Biryani – coconut rice

The brand India Gate rice is appreciated worldwide for premium quality. India Gate Basmati rice will be an intrinsic element of every great rice recipe and on your tray to enjoy wherever you dine in the world.

Besides the Indian proud brand – India Gate rice, K-Agriculture is also a reputable rice brand if you want to find a rice distributor in Vietnam, K-Agriculture is supplying many rice products like jasmine rice, ST rice, or glutinous rice.
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