4 types of pepper: Do you know them all?

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The pepper plant produces many kinds of pepper such as black and white pepper. Do you know the other types of pepper? The fundamental distinction between them will be discussed in the article below!

4 types of pepper – What are they?

Pepper is a common spice in daily cooking. But do you know how many types of pepper are there in our life? Today, K-Agriculture will show you 4 common types of pepper you may know the most!

White pepper

White pepper – one of four types of pepper – are white in colour and has a milder flavour than black pepper. To produce the white pepper, farmers pick up the green pepper, then ferment them and remove their outer peel to reveal the white seed inside. After processing, the removal of this outer covering leaves only the white inner seed, resulting in entire white pepper. Among four types of pepper, white pepper is commonly used by chefs in Swedish and French cuisine, as well as Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisine.


White pepper

  • Taste: Because the peel has been removed in pepper production, white pepper is less fragrant, but it tastes spicier because it is overripe.
  • Aromatherapy oil: 2%-2,3%
  • Percentage of peperine: 7%-7,4%
  • Uses: Compared to other types of pepper, white pepper is frequently used to generate a scent for opulent menus without detracting from the aesthetics and color of the dish due to the black shell. In European meals that employ milk or cream as a base, the chef will prefer to use white pepper to match the color of the cream.

Black pepper

Black pepper – one of four types of pepper – is made from unripe pepper berries that are dried with the outer skin on, giving these pepper a wrinkled, blackened appearance following fermentation and processing. Many recipes allow you to switch black pepper for other types of pepper, like white pepper. But before you do, consider the overall flavor and amount of pepper you’re using, as well as the flavor profile of the meal.


Black pepper

  • Flavor: spicey, moderately aromatic flavor
  • Aromatherapy oil: 2%-2,2%
  • 6,6%-7,3% peperine content

Black pepper is used to season a variety of meals. Furthermore, the finest black pepper is used as medicine, as a cure for health issues such as cough, sore throat, and colds.

Green pepper

Green pepper – one of four types of pepper – is immature and unripe pepper that is plucked from the same vine as other types of pepper (white and black pepper) and then dehydrated or preserved, resulting in a mild flavor. They have a fresher, fruitier flavor than white or black pepper and are generally pickled to keep them fresher for longer. Try this recipe for green pepper stuffed tomatoes or strawberry jelly with green pepper.


Green pepper

  • The flavor is fresh and tangy.
  • 1,53%-1,76% essential oil
  • 5,9%-6,5% peperine concentration
  • Green pepper is one of four types of pepper that is used to flavor vegetables, cattle, fish, etc. Furthermore, green pepper has the impact of healing colds, warming the body, raising digestive system immunity, and strengthening antioxidants in the body.

Red Pepper

Red pepper – one of four types of pepper – is delicate pepper, however, is not a pepper at all, but rather berries from a South American bush. Because of their fragility and softness, they are finest dispersed into salads or onto finished dishes, where their sweet-sharp and delicate flavor complements seafood and lighter sauces.


Red Pepper

  • Sweet, somewhat peppery, and more fragrant than other types of pepper.
  • 3.4% peperine content
  • Red pepper has numerous medicinal use. It stimulates diuretics and laxatives, treats flu, cold, and cough symptoms, and so on.
  • Red pepper is also commonly used with seafood, salads, and curries.

Different types of pepper in different countries

The table below provides an overview of pepper in Vietnam as well as numerous pepper types across the world. You may select the sorts of pepper that are most suited to your market based on their fragrance, flavor, piperine content, essential oil, and price.


Types of pepper in different countries

How to Select High-Quality Peppers

In Vietnam, the grade of pepper is defined by its density, which is influenced by how mature the pepper was when it was picked. The heavier the pepper, the riper it is. In Vietnam, pepper density is measured in grams per liter (gram per litre). For instance , 500 G/L indicates that one litre of pepper equals 500 grams. Heavier peppercorns are denser and contain more piperine than lighter ones.

The grade of pepper in Vietnam is also determined by the amount of piperine and essential oil present. Piperine is the active ingredient that gives pepper its strong scent and fiery taste. Peppercorns with a greater concentration of piperine and volatile oil will be more pricy.


How to Select High-Quality Peppers

Since black pepper is the most popular types of pepper, we would like to show you some signs to recognize good-quality pepper if you have an intention to buy it. To detect good black peppercorns, you should pay attention to some features such as:

  • Colour: Darker black means better taste. The colour of black peppers must be uniform.
  • Freshness: Higher-quality types of pepper are often fresher than poorer-quality types of pepper.
  • Taste: Does it has hot, spicy or mild taste?
  • Texture: Is it solid or easily crumble?

Top countries exporting types of pepper and price

According to IPC in 2020, top three pepper exporting countries are named Vietnam, Brazil, and Indonesia. They are the three big suppliers with premium pepper quality.


Vietnam’s pepper production and exports account for more than half of all trade and one-third of global production. Vietnam exported 231,676 tons of many types of pepper in 2021. Most of types of pepper in Vietnam meet standards required to enter the global market.


K-Agriculture Factory – one of the best pepper exporters in Vietnam

Vietnamese types of pepper are mostly exported to the United States, where imports were nearly 60 thousand tons in 2021. Other pepper wholesale market in the same year are Chinese market with 38 thousand tons, UAE with 15 thousand tons, India with 12 thousand tons and Germany with 11 thousand tons. Price of types of pepper in Vietnam is around $3000-$3300 per ton (price updated in October 2022).


For many years, Brazil has spiced up the world with its many types of pepper. In 2021, the export volume reached 92 thousand tons, with constant growth in value. The Brazilian state of Para, located in the North region of the country, produces and grows many types of pepper that meet the stringent specifications of Brazil Asta standards.

The aroma of the Brazilian types of pepper is highly appreciated in several Italian regions, particularly when preparing fresh sausage. After being crushed, the pulp turns yellow to greenish, and the types of pepper flavour are not very spicy.


With an export volume of 36.05 MTs, Indonesia accounted for 11.31% of the global types of pepper export market in 2021. Lampung pepper, one of Indonesia’s most distinctive types of pepper, is well-known for its burning pungency, flavour, and aroma. It has microscopic types of pepper characteristics that create a delicious, stinging flavour on the tongue.

Price of types of pepper in different countries

The following are the black pepper price and white pepper price from the top five pepper export countries. Price is updated in October 2022:


Range of FOB price (USD/MT)

Black pepper

Range of FOB price (USD/MT)

White pepper

Vietnam 3100 – 3500 4900-5200
Brazil 2800 – 4400  4700-5000
Indonesia 3000 – 4540 4600-5100
India 4200 – 5600 3500-5400
Malaysia 2210 – 4100 4500-5000

Top 5 best suppliers of types of pepper

Here are the top five well-known Vietnam black pepper suppliers that provide many types of pepper.

K-Agriculture Factory – one of the best suppliers of types of pepper

If you want to buy many types of pepper, K-Agriculture Factory is the best option. K-Agriculture has about 25 years of experience manufacturing and exporting many types of pepper from Vietnam to other nations. K-Agriculture is proud to be one of the top producers of peppers in Vietnam, having pioneered the use of modern technologies in conjunction with standardized production techniques. K-Agriculture is one of the leading wholesale companies in exporting rice, coffee, cashews, and spices.

Here are some pictures of our pepper farm.


K-Agriculture Factory – one of the best suppliers of types of pepper

Contact information:
Whatsapp: +84855555837

Let’s visit our pepper farm!

Hanfimex – one of the best suppliers of types of pepper

Hanfimex is one of Vietnam’s leading pepper export enterprises. Hanfimex Vietnam has been in business for about 30 years, exporting many types of pepper to markets throughout Asia, the Middle East, the European Union, and the United States. Hanfimex has collected a network of possible partners in the agricultural export industry over a long period of time as a consequence of its knowledge of Vietnam pepper cultivation and experience, resulting in a long-term cooperation relationship.

Visimex- one of the best suppliers of types of pepper

Visimex was founded in 2002 and became a member of the NIC GROUP. The company intends to build a sustainable pepper business in Vietnam pepper farming with ecologically friendly products to offer both domestic and international markets. Visimex has supplied many types of pepper to approximately 70 countries and promises to exclusively supply high-quality products that meet international food safety standards.

Everest Spice – one of the best suppliers of types of pepper

Everest, India’s most well-known pepper brand, offers many types of pepper, including black pepper. Everest, with over 50 years of company expertise, maintains the highest quality standards in black pepper features in every container.

Agrospice Brasil – one of the best suppliers of types of pepper

Agrospice Brasil, one of the most successful pepper firms in Brazil, has cooperated with many other countries, including the United States, India, and… Agrospice Brasil specializes in the sale of many types of pepper. They have achieved some headway in exporting many types of pepper to the international market and are thus one of the top pepper enterprises with outstanding types of pepper characteristics.

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