Top 5 Best Star Anise Brands That All Traders Can’t Ignore


The top star anise brands, according to the OEC, are from China and Vietnam. These two countries account for over 90% of the global supply of star anise. This article lists the best star anise brands throughout the world.

Star anise brands: Overview of star anise

Star anise is a valuable product that origins in China because of star anise health benefits. Nowadays, Vietnam and China are the places to have top star anise brands in the world.

Star anise vs Anise seed

If you are not a professional expert from star anise brands, it could be confusing when discussing the various varieties of star anise. On the Internet, you could come across some names that seem very similar to star anise and aniseed. The difference between star anise and aniseed is a common misunderstanding. Their names are remarkably similar. These 2 are, nevertheless, unrelated in reality. Aniseed is a blooming plant native to Southwest Asia and the eastern Mediterranean, it has a flavor that is comparable to a blend of licorice, tarragon, and fennel.


Star anise at K-Agriculture factory

There are three types of star anise that are supplied by star anise brands: autumn whole star anise, spring whole star anise and broken star anise.

Types of star anise

The most popular types of star anise are autumn whole star anise, spring whole star anise and broken star anise.

Autumn whole star anise

Every year, from June until September, at the start of the rainy season, star anise brands collect autumn star anise for whole star anise export. Its 2.5 cm-diameter pods blossom attractively and uniformly.


Autumn whole star anise

Autumn star anise is more expensive and of higher quality than Spring star anise due to its increased essential oil content.

Spring whole star anise

From January to the end of March, star anise brands collect spring anise. Spring anise is of poorer quality and is more affordable because it is 2 cm in diameter, smaller, and has less oil than autumn anise.

Broken star anise

This particular variety of star anise has what might be referred to as a “defective product” made from whole star anise. Star anise brands produce broken star anise that breaks during production or those that don’t fulfill standards for high-quality star anise. As a result, it would cost significantly less than the whole star anise. To be more precise, the cost of broken star anise offered by star anise brands varies greatly depending on the rate at which it is broken, with the lowest cost per ton being only about $6000.

Moisture Admixture Broken Color Size
Whole star anise 13,5 % 1% max 5% Natural color Flower size 2.5 cm up
Broken star anise 13,5 % max 1% max Natural color

Top 5 best star anise brands in the world you may not know

Here are the top 5 star anise brands that all traders can’t ignore.

K-Agriculture – one of the best star anise brands in Vietnam

K-Agriculture, which was founded in 1996, is currently among Vietnam’s top producers and exporters of star anise brands. Our products have been exported to a variety of markets including the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Singapore, and other nations in Asia…
When it comes to farming, processing, and being in charge of consumption, we collaborate with farmer households. We can export up to 280 tons of star anise each month from our 600 acres of total star anise-growing land.
Our production and processing are meticulously monitored and fulfil ISO 22000: 2005 and HACCP standards, assuring the best star anise is offered on the market.
In accordance with the demands of the customer, we will package the star anise with the star anise brand name in a woven bag, carton (10kg/unit), or OEM packaging. Being a giant in trading star anise products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest Vietnamese star anise exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.
The price list of star anise by K-Agriculture Factory:

Specification FOB Price (USD/MT)
Spring whole star anise Length: 2cm

Moisture: 13,5% max

Autumn whole star anise Length: 2.5 cm

Moisture: 13,5% max

Broken star anise Moisture: 13,5% max 7313

Contact Ms. Mia at +84 855555094 (Available on Whatsapp) to get an updated price list from K-Agriculture Factory.


K-Agriculture – one of the best star anise brands in Vietnam

Have you ever known about fake star anise? With our experience, K-Agriculture have summarized the information about fake star anise and we would like to share with you:

Contact information:
Whatsapp: +84855555837


Hagimex was founded in 2008 as an agricultural trade firm with a strong focus on quality assurance. Since then, Hagimex has grown to become one of Vietnam’s top producers of canned vegetables and spices. Over 40 countries have received their exports. They are among the first enterprises in Vietnam to process cinnamon and among star anise brands using the BRC and IFS systems, two of the most recognized global food safety programs.

Royal Spices

ROYAL SPICES is well-known for processing and exporting spices of Chinese origin. They are one of the most famous Chinese star anise brands. The provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan are home to their processing facilities and warehouses. The star anise brands in these provinces directly purchase star anise from local farmers at a very competitive price. China’s native and primary production region for star anise is Guangxi. More than 85% of the world’s star anise crop was produced in Guangxi. The largest star anise-producing region in China is a mountainous region in the province of Guangxi.

Innov Spice – one of the best star anise brands in China

Innov Spice is a family company that employs both Swedish and Chinese people. For more than 20 years, they have been one of the most well-known Chinese star anise brands on every continent. They supply star anise to the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Japan.
Their business has both an ISO 9001:2015 and a HACCP certificate. Additionally, they are able to supply organic Star Anise, Ginger, and Cinnamon. To ensure that their star anise is of the highest quality, they have strict supervision. Every one of their products will consistently satisfy domestic and global markets.

Pisum Food Services

One of India’s top star anise brands is Pisum Foods. When you export goods, you are responsible for a number of things, such as ensuring that the product complies with quality and safety standards and other requirements. And Pisum Foods, will help you at every stage of the journey. Pisum will make sure that your star anises arrive in every country and region of the world in perfect condition!
They have become one of the top businesses for star anise brands exported from India thanks to a number of collaborations with buyers from other nations.

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Extra information about star anise

Some interesting facts about star anise you must know.

Top countries owning the best star anise brands

With a total trade value of $337 million in 2020, star anise ranked as the 3086th most traded product globally. The exports by star anise brands increased by 12.1% between 2019 and 2020, from $301 million to $337 million. (OEC World)
According to the data from OEC, in 2020, China ($60.1M), Vietnam ($44.8M), Egypt ($41.8M), India ($38.7M), and Afghanistan ($20.8M) were the top exporters of star anise brands.
The two countries that now produce and export the most star anise are Vietnam and China. Vietnamese star anise, on the other hand, is considerably superior quality to Chinese star anise, with a sweet taste and natural perfume.


Star anise is widely grown in southern China, particularly in the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan. Guangxi is the original and has the most famous star anise brands in China. Guangxi produced more than 85% of China’s star anise crop.
According to Tridge’s forecast, China star anise export would account for $60.1M. The top markets for Chinese star anise are Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


Chinese star anise

However, China has seen a sharp decline in star anise output. After output was curtailed in previous years, historical stockpiles are almost exhausted. Autumn and Spring cropwere both worse in 2020. That is the reason why the production of Chinese star anise brands has declined massively. According to historical evidence, the production of star anise is influenced by the weather and a year’s large or small production. A significant output year would occur every three to four years, according to the growth of the star anise tree, eventually affecting the production of star anise brands. The year 2012 saw a significant increase in production, reaching nearly 90 000 tons. It was a low-production year from 2013 to 2016 with only 40–50 thousand tons produced. With 80,000 tons produced, 2017 was a very productive year. With only roughly 30 thousand tons produced in 2018, it was once again a low production year. In general, China has a consumption of 60,000 tons per year.
Trees can produce fruit in 7 to 10 years, with a high output in 15 years and a low yield in 20 years. The production is declining year over year from the large growth area in 1993 to the old age of the trees in 2018. The yield would decrease after 2026 in the second major growth region in 2001.


Vietnam is the second country in the world for exporting star anise brands, according to World Spice Organization figures. Vietnam is a prospective supplier of star anise to the global market for spices and flavors, which was estimated to be worth 44.8M dollars in 2020 (according to In addition, research from Tridge indicates that China, Vietnam, and India are currently the world’s three main suppliers of star anise brands. Due to excellent conditions, only Vietnam and China are able to produce star anise in significant amounts among them. With an export value of $44.8 million and a marketing share of 18.79% in the overall volume of exports, Vietnam is currently the second-largest exporter of star anise brands in the world (2020 statistics). The average annual production of star anise in Vietnam is between 5,500 and 6,500 tons.


Vietnamese star anise brand

China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Japan, and Germany are the major international markets for Vietnam star anise brands. China and India in particular are Vietnam’s two biggest markets for star anise. Because of its outstanding high quality, Vietnam star anise price market is usually higher than China and India.


Arunachal Pradesh is the only Indian state where the soil and climate are perfect for the cultivation of star anise. In 2020, India exported $38.7 million worth of star anise, accounting for more than 11% of the market. This number has changed significantly throughout the years, but generally speaking, this sector of the Indian economy has grown well after a 5-year cycle. The main countries importing Indian star anise are Bangladesh, Malaysia, and the United States.

Benefits of star anise

Star anise uses in food: The flavor of star anise is exceptionally sweet and licorice-like. Therefore, we can use star anise from high-quality star anise brands in cooking to create a fragrant smell and taste. In China, star anise is the main spicy in five-spice powder (with cloves, cinnamon, fennel, and Sichuan peppercorns).


Benefits of star anise

Medicinal benefits: Not only can we use star anise in cooking but we can also utilize it in traditional Chinese pharmaceuticals and Western medications. However, please be careful to buy star anise from reliable star anise brands to ensure the quality of star anise. In traditional Chinese folk medicine practices, star anise is soaked in water to make tea utilized to treat respiratory diseases, nausea, constipation, and other digestive issues. A study published in Phytotherapy Research revealed that star anise may have microbial properties and may well be successful against microbes and yeast.

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