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White pepper is a flavor enhancer that can be used in a variety of cuisines. For a variety of reasons, white pepper powder is now most typically used.

The general information about white pepper powder

Buyers should understand about white pepper powder and its qualities before utilizing it.

Definition of white pepper powder

White pepper powder is made from white skullcap pepper that has been pureed. White pepper powder is easy to use and store, which saves time in the kitchen and makes the taste more easily absorbed in the food. However, to obtain excellent pepper and pepper powder while ensuring quality and safety, stringent processing is required. White skull pepper must be made from mature peppercorns; the more ripe pepper used in the processing, the better the white pepper powder quality.


Definition of white pepper powder

Characteristics of white pepper powder

The qualities of white pepper powder are the same as those of whole white pepper. The following characteristics help you identify it:

  • Shape

White pepper comes in a spherical shape that can be crushed in half or finely powdered based on the consumer’s needs.

  • Odor

Because white pepper powder loses its essential oil shell during the soaking process, the aroma is decreased, and there is a small odor of the fermentation process (soaked to remove the skull).


Characteristics of white pepper powder

  • Color

Yellow-fleshed white pepper and gray-fleshed white pepper are the two varieties of white pepper. After grinding, white pepper powder has an ivory or gray tint.

  • Spicy and hot

People will notice the intense taste of white pepper powder right away because white pepper powder is formed from more ripe pepper and is obtained from the entire pepper skull.

  • Storage time

The storage duration of white pepper powder through more elaborate processing is also affected. When white pepper powder is stored for an extended period of time, it develops a bitter flavor and loses its unique pepper flavor.

White pepper powder wholesale price

White pepper powder prices in Indonesia fell 0.4% in the first half of February, to $7,019/ton, and are now 3.4% lower than they were at the end of 2020. Meanwhile, the price of white pepper powder in Vietnam jumped by 1.7% to $6,150 per ton in the first half of February. However, this price is still 0.8% cheaper than it was at the conclusion of the previous year.

Since the end of last year, the price of white pepper in Malaysia has remained constant at $7,600 per ton.


Global white pepper price from the first months of 2021 to 15/2/2022

In the following years, changes in the yield of the pepper harvest in Vietnam, which will take place in 2022, will be the primary driver of worldwide pepper prices.

Countries which supply white pepper powder

In the past year, the pepper export of major suppliers in the world has been opposite to that of the last year decrease in Vietnam (-8.5%), Indonesia (-35.4%) and Malaysia (-13%), while increase in Brazil (+2.6%) and India (+25.7%).

According to updated data until January 2022, Vietnam’s pepper exports continued to decrease by 6.1% compared with the same period last year and Brazil also decreased by 4.1%.


Pepper export countries from 2021 to 2022


According to preliminary data from the General Department of Customs, our country’s pepper exports (including white pepper powder) in January totaled 15,784 tons, up 4.9% (735 tons) from December but down 6.1% (1,018 tons) from the same period the previous year. The month’s total export turnover was 74.2 million USD, up 4.7% from the previous month and 53% more than the same period last year.


Vietnam’s white pepper powder

Pepper exports as well as white pepper powder exports to major countries remained relatively strong in the opening months of the year, although exports to China have been declining since the fourth quarter of last year. In January, the average export price of Vietnamese pepper was $4,700/ton, down 0.2% from the previous month but still up 62.9% over the same period.


According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Affairs Trade and Services Brazil, Brazil’s pepper exports in the first month of 2022 were 7,946 tons, down 29.3% from December 2021 and 4.2% from January last year (MDIC).


Brazil’s white pepper powder

  • Brazil’s pepper exports including white pepper powder to some key consuming nations fell in January compared to the same month the previous year, with Egypt down 56.7% and Pakistan down 73.8%…
  • Furthermore, the amount of pepper exported to EU countries such as Germany has declined by 9%, the Netherlands has decreased by 89.1%, and Spain has decreased by 65.7%.
  • Meanwhile, exports to Vietnam climbed dramatically in January, reaching 1,940 tons, a 66.1% increase over the previous month and an 80.4% increase over the same period. Brazil’s white pepper powder exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, and the United States also climbed over the same period last year.


According to, Indonesian pepper production fell to 52,000 tons in 2021 from 58,000 tons in 2020, the lowest level since 2014. Due to low pepper prices, Indonesian pepper production has dropped in recent years, prompting many farmers to migrate to other crops with more economic value.


Indonesia’s white pepper powder

  • In 2021, according to data from the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Indonesian pepper exports, especially white pepper powder volume fell to their lowest level in seven years, reaching 37,738 tons with a turnover of 166.8 million USD, compared to the same period the previous year with a 35.4 percent drop in volume in 2020, but a 4% rise in export turnover attributable to high prices.
  • The largest white pepper powder export markets of Indonesia were Vietnam (8,285 tons), the US (5,294 tons) and China (4,908 tons). However, compared with 2020, the amount of pepper exported from Indonesia to the above markets has decreased by 60.7%, 20.3% and 56.8%, respectively.

Elements affecting to white pepper powder wholesale price

There are numerous elements that influence the wholesale price of white pepper powder, but the following ones are the most important.

Supply affects white pepper powder wholesale price

According to information from the International Pepper Association (IPC), in 2021, the total global pepper production is estimated at 514,950 tons, down 61,050 tons, or 11% lower than in 2020 (576,000 tons).

  • In which, output decreased in Vietnam, Brazil and Malaysia but increased slightly in Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka.
  • Global pepper exports in 2021 are estimated at 435,182 tons, down 9% compared to 2020 with 479,145 tons.
  • In general, low prices in recent years are no longer attractive, so pepper farmers have reduced their investment costs, leading to a decrease in global pepper production in 2021.

Supply affects white pepper powder price

In 2021, global pepper including white pepper powder enters an increasing cycle price. The shortage of goods in many major pepper producing countries in the world along with the increase in freight rates have pushed pepper prices to increase sharply by 45-55% compared to the beginning of the year.

Demand affects white pepper powder wholesale price

Regarding consumption demand in 2022, according to information from the International Pepper Association (IPC), the US has orders for 2022, while the Chinese market’s purchasing power slows down and Europe is relatively hesitant to import goods. It is forecasted that the purchasing power from the Middle East market may not increase again anytime soon.


Demand affects white pepper powder price

The world pepper market is forecasted to continue to be active in the near future because exporters and speculators are actively buying. In general, the prospect of pepper and white pepper powder demand in 2022 is assessed to be relatively positive when countries around the world have partially responded to the COVID-19 epidemic, reopening restaurants and bars, etc…for pepper spice consumption to increase again. This has led to an increase in the price of white pepper powder in recent times

Logistics affects white pepper powder wholesale price

The Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in transportation issues such as a lack of available containers and expensive shipping charges. As a result, the price of white pepper powder has increased, and consumers will have to pay more to get it.


Logistics affects white pepper powder price

Covid epidemic affects white pepper powder wholesale price

According to reports, the market will confront numerous difficulties and hurdles as a result of the global pandemic, which is expected to begin in 2020. Most recently, the appearance of the Omicron variety has shown no indications of abating, continuing to damage the market’s global economic activities.


Covid epidemic affects white pepper powder price

Furthermore, in 2022, participation in international fairs and exhibitions is anticipated to be challenging, reducing the enterprise’s promotion, product introduction, and search for new markets and customers.

The covid epidemic has greatly affected the output as well as the price of white pepper powder in the world over the past 2 years.

Top 3 good white pepper powder suppliers in the world

This is a list of top 3 good white pepper powder suppliers in the world you can refer to:

Arco Associados- one of the reliable exporters in Brazil

Arco Associado is a Brazilian firm created in 2008. It is situated in Vitória. Arco Associados is an exporter with over ten years of experience supplying and exporting agricultural goods including rice and black pepper, white pepper powder and so on. Arco Associados’ main pepper export customers are the European Union, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.


Arco Associados

PT Agri Spice- a well-known Indonesian supplier

Pt. Agri spice (Indonesia) has been one of Indonesia’s leading spice processors and exporters for the past 25 years. It specializes in providing high-quality agricultural commodities such as vanilla, nutmeg, black pepper, white pepper powder, and cinnamon to North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


PT. Agri Spice

K- Agriculture – the best supplier in Vietnam

K-Agriculture, located in Hanoi-Vietnam, is one of the reputable suppliers with 25-year experience in exporting agricultural goods including rice, coffee…,especially many types of pepper: black pepper, white pepper, white pepper powder to many fastidious markets. Its main pepper export markets are Africa, the USA, and Japan.. Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, K-Agriculture has brought the best Vietnamese agricultural products to the international market. Working with the slogan “Quality is King”, K-Agriculture always guarantees the best quality products at the most competitive price. The company has already got many certificates such as HACCP, ISO 9000, or FSSC 22000.



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