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Many coffee traders want to import coffee from Vietnam because of many advantages such as comparative price, high-quality products, and strong support from the government. But what is the process to import coffee from Vietnam? K-Agriculture will tell you in this article. Scroll down please!

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Understand the setting of the Vietnam coffee market to import coffee from Vietnam

The setting of the Vietnam coffee market has many advantages for importers to import coffee from Vietnam.

Import price of coffee from Vietnam

The import price of Vietnamese coffee excluding shipping cost has increased steadily in the past 3 market years due to the influence of domestic and international factors.


Import price of coffee from Vietnam

  • First, coffee is a price-sensitive commodity. Import coffee from Vietnam is heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, causing coffee prices to rise.
  • Second, the decrease in Brazilian output due to frost in July 2021 has caused a sharp decrease in world coffee output – one of the reasons for the increase in world coffee prices and Vietnam is no exception.
  • Third, the demand for coffee import from Vietnam of Europe, and the US increased again after the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, which is also one of the reasons for high coffee prices.
MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
Import price of coffee from Vietnam (excluding shipping cost) $1,724/ton $1,751.2/ton $1,971/ton

To have a general comparison among Vietnam and other coffee exporting countries, please check out this article: Increasing wholesale coffee bean prices become a concern for the whole world

Vietnam coffee outputĀ 

Vietnam’s coffee output has decreased slightly in the last 3 market years due to the bad influence of weather changes and diseases, causing farming to be greatly affected. However, Vietnam’s coffee export volume still maintains the 2nd position in the world. Therefore, it can be affirmed that this output completely meets the large demand of import coffee from Vietnam for importing countries.


Vietnam coffee output

MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
Vietnam coffee export volume 1.17 million tons 1.16 million tons 1.07 million tons

Top popular regions that importers can import coffee from Vietnam

Importers can import coffee from Vietnam in the four main growing regions: the North West, Dak Lak, Lam Dong, and Quang Tri.


Top popular regions that importers can import coffee from Vietnam

  • Northwest: Dien Bien and Son La are the two provinces that produce the most coffee in this region. Other countries can import Arabica coffee from Vietnam here because these two provinces have the largest Arabica coffee area in the country and the terrain is relatively similar to Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo of Brazil.
  • Daklak: Daklak is considered the world’s leading Robusta area. With fertile soil and an average altitude of 500-600m above sea level, Daklak’s more than 200,000 hectares of coffee produce half a million tons of Robusta per year. Currently, there are more than 80 countries importing Robusta Dak Lak coffee to enhance the taste of Espresso.
  • Lam Dong: As a province in the basalt red soil area of ā€‹ā€‹the Central Highlands, the coffee here is very different. With an altitude of over 1000m, the cool climate is suitable for Arabica production. With 13,000 hectares of cultivated land, Lam Dong produces about 40,000 tons of green Arabica beans each year.
  • Quang Tri: Quang Tri is a long-standing coffee-growing area but not yet famous worldwide. In recent years, Quang Tri has accelerated production growth and focused on the quality of specialty coffees such as Khe Sanh specialty coffee.

Types of coffee that importers usually import coffee from Vietnam

Most of the coffee that can be imported from Vietnam is green bean coffee, including Robusta and Arabica, of which Robusta accounts for 90% of output.

Robusta coffee

Vietnam is the world’s leading exporter of Robusta coffee. As an easy-to-grow coffee, combined with favorable climate and weather conditions, experienced farmers, Vietnamese Robusta coffee always has a large and stable output.


Robusta coffee

Arabica coffeeĀ 

Although Arabica coffee accounts for only 10% of export output, many countries still import Vietnamese Arabica coffee because the cultivation of Arabica coffee is especially favorable in some regions along with theĀ  5% lower price of Vietnamese coffee compared to trading market price. Besides, Vietnamese Arabica coffee also has its own characteristics that create a taste that is not found in any other coffee.


Arabica Coffee

Benefits of import coffee from Vietnam

Import coffee from Vietnam brings importers a lot of benefits because coffee is a key agricultural product of Vietnam.

  • Stable output: Vietnam has particularly favorable natural conditions for growing coffee because the coffee growing areas are located at an altitude of 400-1500 masl, the temperature is 15-26 degrees Celsius, the rainfall and sunshine are suitable for coffee. The farming system is highly specialized because each region focuses on growing only one type of coffee. Therefore, Vietnam coffee output has always remained stable and is among the leading coffee producing countries in the world. Therefore, import coffee from Vietnam is also much more convenient.
  • Competitive price: The FOB price of Vietnamese coffee traded in the market is usually 5% lower than in the world. The market for import coffee from Vietnam is mainly Germany, USA, Italy, Russia, etc. With such a long distance, the price of imported coffee from Vietnam is greatly affected by the logistics cost.
  • Tariff incentives: Import coffee from Vietnam becomes especially favorable for EU countries when the EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is implemented, eliminating taxes for unroasted or roasted coffee from 7-11% to 0%, and processed coffee from 9-12% to 0%. At the same time, among the 39 geographical indications of Vietnam that are committed to protecting by the EU when the EVFTA comes into effect, there are geographical indications on coffee. This is not the only advantage of Vietnam when exporting coffee, but also the advantage when other countries import coffee from Vietnam.

Benefits of import coffee from Vietnam

How to import coffee from Vietnam

Importing coffee from Vietnam is not too difficult, but the importer has to go through the following stages.


How to import coffee from Vietnam

Looking for Vietnamese coffee exporters

In the digital age, there are many ways to import coffee from Vietnam. In particular, the Internet is the largest source of free search today. In addition, e-commerce sites such as YellowPages, Amazon, Alibaba are also popular search sources.

For new coffee importers from Vietnam, the intermediary import service is a perfect choice, because it will help the importer find a good source at a reasonable price.

The list in this arrticle shows you the leading Vietnamese coffee beans exxporters that you can believe to choose: TOP famous Vietnam coffee beans exporters

Price negotiation

Before negotiating the price, importers need to find out in advance about the price of Vietnamese coffee, in order to come up with an appropriate price. In addition, importers can offer 15-20% discounts when buying coffee in bulk.

Samples checkingĀ 

For first-time customers, it is critical to ask for samples in order to check whether or not the coffee of these suppliers really gets quality as required.Ā 


When negotiating with wholesale coffee bean suppliers, a contract is essential. The contract should guarantee that the agreement is in both parties’ best profits and regards common law, and it should be double-checked before signing.


Based on the number of products, wholesale coffee bean suppliers will provide the best payment method. To guarantee that the products match the arranged requirements, it is recommended to divide the order value into two installments: before and after receiving the product.

Receive and feedback goods

  • When the products have arrived at destination ports, double-check that they meet the agreed-upon specifications.
  • If not, call for wholesale coffee bean suppliers as soon as possible to discuss solutions.

Top companies that importers can import coffee from Vietnam

Below are the top 3 addresses that many importers believe to import coffee from Vietnam.

Trung Nguyen Legend

One of the most famous Vietnamese coffee exporting companies is Trung Nguyen Legend. Trung Nguyen Soluble Coffee, Trung Nguyen Blended Coffee, Trung Nguyen Roasted Coffee Beans, Legend coffee, Weasel coffee, and Trung Nguyen Coffee Shop are the company’s primary products.Ā This company’s Vietnamese coffee products have been shipped to over 60 nations throughout the world, including the United States, Canada, Russia, England, Germany, Japan, China, and ASEAN.


Trung Nguyen Legend


K – Agriculture is also an agricultural pioneer powered by Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade to offer Vietnamese agricultural products to the worldwide market. So here is a place that many countries in the world can import coffee from Vietnam.Ā 

K-Agriculture ensures a large and high-quality supply of coffee to the international market, including Robusta, Arabica green coffee beans, roasted coffee beans, and specialty coffee beans, and many other varieties of coffee.


K- Agriculture

Contact information:



Whatsapp: +84855 555 837 (Ms. Sarah – Sales Manager)

Son Duong Coffee Co., Ltd

Son Duong Coffee Co., Ltd is also a reliable Vietnamese coffee manufacturer. The company follows HACCP guidelines for packing coffee beans and instant coffee 3in1. The company sources high-quality raw materials from regions such as Buon Ho, Dak-Nia, Tram Hanh ā€“ Da Lat,Ā  Nam Ban, and the LangBiang plateau.


Son Duong Coffee Co., Ltd

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