Increasing wholesale coffee bean prices become a concern for the whole world


Being a price-sensitive commodity, wholesale coffee bean prices are strongly influenced by many different factors. This article will update wholesale coffee bean prices and explain the factors that affect these prices.

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Wholesale coffee bean prices – The overview 

The wholesale coffee bean prices are always a concern for coffee traders in the world’s active and profitable coffee market.

Current wholesale coffee bean prices

The Colombian wholesale coffee bean price in MY 2020/21 is 4226.5USD/MT, the highest among green coffees. Colombian coffee production ranks third in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam, but the highest coffee prices show that Colombian coffee is a high-quality coffee.

Wholesale coffee bean prices in Brazil and other Arabica in MY 2020/21 are lower, at 2982.9 and 3973.1 USD/MT respectively. In particular, Brazilian wholesale coffee bean price is the lowest of all Arabicas because of the highest production in the world.

In MY 2020/21, the wholesale Robusta coffee beans price is half of the wholesale Arabica coffee beans price because it is easy to grow, easily adapts to the weather, and gives high yields. 


Wholesale coffee bean prices in MY 2020/21

According to price predictions on exchanges, Arabica coffee prices will continue to increase, peaking at 4331 USD/MT when shipping in July 2022 due to supply shortages from Brazil. On the other hand, Robusta coffee prices will decrease next market year to 2042 USD/MT in May 2022 because of the abundant supply from the first-ranked Robusta producing country, Vietnam.

Arabica price Robusta price
Term Price (US cents/lb) Price (USD/MT) Term Price (USD/MT)
12/21 190.6 4231 11/21 2146 
03/22 193.4 4293 01/22 2119 
05/22 194.5 4318 03/22 2066 
07/22 195.1 4331 05/22 2042 

Compare wholesale coffee bean prices in 3 last market years

Overall, the prices of Arabica and Robusta coffee in MY 2020/21 are higher than the price of the 2 previous MYs.


Wholesale coffee bean prices in 3 last market years, due to concerns about supply shortage,  recorded the 10th consecutive month of increase. Natural disasters in major coffee producing countries such as frost in Brazil increased transportation costs and temporary closures of Asian countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted trade flows in Asia.  This steep coffee price trend is predicted to continue to increase in MY 2021/22.

Wholesale coffee bean prices from the world’s largest coffee suppliers

Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia have been the world’s 3 largest wholesale coffee suppliers for decades because of their abundant supply and high-quality coffee beans. The wholesale coffee bean prices vary from country to country. Brazil and Colombia have the strength to export Arabica coffee while Vietnam is the main exporter of Robusta.

Brazilian wholesale coffee bean prices

Brazil is the world’s leading exporter of Arabica coffee, so the production of Arabica here has a strong influence on the price of Arabica coffee worldwide. In general, the exporting price of Brazilian Arabica coffee in MY 2020/21 increased continuously and rapidly compared to MY 2018/19 and 2019/20.


Brazilian exporting Arabica coffee prices

At the beginning of MY 2020/21 (October 2020), Arabica’s price was 2228 USD/MT, 15% lower than the same period of MY 2018/19 and 2% higher than the same period in MY 2019/20. But by the end of the market year, the price of coffees in August increased significantly, nearly 60% the price in the same period of MY 2019/20 and 80% of MY 2018/19.

Vietnamese wholesale coffee bean prices

As the largest Robusta exporter, Vietnam ranks 2nd in the total volume of coffee exported in 2020. 40% of the world’s Robusta supply is from Vietnam.


Vietnamese exporting Robusta coffee prices

The price of Vietnamese Robusta Coffee beans in the last 3 years has decreased compared to previous years, maintaining the fluctuation level is not too large and has shown no sign of increasing again. This is especially beneficial for those who are looking to buy Robusta coffee in bulk.

Colombian wholesale coffee bean prices

Colombia is the 3rd coffee exporter in the world but ranks 2nd in the world in Arabica coffee exports (after Brazil). Colombian coffee prices in the past 3 years increased steadily according to the general trend of the whole world.


Colombian exporting Arabica coffee prices

Since the beginning of MY 2020/21, Colombia’s Arabica coffee prices have been higher than in the same period MY 2019/20 and MY 2018/19. The peak was in August 2021, when Colombia’s Arabica coffee price peaked at 5004 USD/MT, 30% higher than the same period MY 2019/20 and 70% higher than the same period MY 2018-19.

The average coffee price in the last 3 market years has always been in the range of 2700-5000 USD/MT, the highest in the world.

The price of Colombia’s Arabica coffee increased so much because it was also affected by world coffee prices, especially increasing rapidly in the last 4 months and will continue to increase in the future.

Factors affecting the wholesale coffee bean prices

Environmental, economic, or political impacts can dramatically change the output and wholesale coffee bean prices.

Effects of supply on the wholesale coffee bean prices

Coffee supply has been significantly reduced due to the impact of climate change in the world’s first coffee exporting country, Brazil. In addition, the restriction in transportation during the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed coffee from the sources to consumers, making wholesale coffee bean prices consecutively rise in many months.

Effects of demand on the wholesale coffee bean prices

Although the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated, the demand for coffee in many countries has not decreased much because of home consumption. In addition, the Christmas and New Year holidays along with the reopening of the European economy after the Covid-19 vaccination campaign marked the growth in coffee demand in these countries. The supply is decreasing while the demand is increasing, resulting in a significant rise in wholesale coffee bean prices.


Wholesale coffee bean

Effects of logistics transportation on the wholesale coffee bean prices

The Covid-19 epidemic has delayed the customs clearance and export process in every country. Some major seaports in the world had to reduce the number of workers or close when Covid-19 cases were recorded, leading to the delay in the export of goods. In addition, the price of ships has also increased 3-7 times compared to normal, resulting in sharp wholesale coffee bean prices rising. Many wholesale coffee suppliers have to cancel orders or bear a loss to keep their customers.

Effects of weather on the wholesale coffee bean prices

To mature and provide well-qualified fruits, coffee trees need to have suitable climate and weather conditions for each coffee variety. Only a few weather fluctuations such as natural disasters can affect the supply of coffee in the several coffee years, especially for large and influential markets such as Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. 

Last July, the frost in Brazil destroyed a large number of coffee trees here and will increase the world price of coffee in the next 2-3 crop years.


Effects of weather on the wholesale coffee bean prices

Top suppliers with reasonable wholesale coffee bean prices 

Around the world, there are thousands of wholesale coffee bean suppliers, here are the top 3 suppliers with reasonable wholesale coffee bean prices.

Ga Food – Leading wholesale coffee supplier in Brazil

The Brazilian coffee provider is well-known for its plentiful supply of high-quality Arabica coffee with a medium roast, which is a popular choice among consumers.

Despite the fact that this company has only been in business since 2016, it has gotten numerous orders and has a reputation for supplying wholesale coffee all over the world.

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +84 855555837


Ga Food – Leading wholesale coffee supplier in Brazil

K-Agricultural Factory – Leading wholesale coffee supplier in Vietnam

K-Agriculture is one of the best agricultural factories in Vietnam supplying wholesale coffee beans to the international market. With a 25-year history of delivering Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, K-Agriculture supplies a big amount of high-quality coffee beans with high value to many coffee importing countries such as Germany or South Africa. 

Before being released to domestic and international markets, the products are carefully picked by hand and processed by special methods to ensure the quality of each coffee bean.

Wholesale-coffee-bean-prices-9Contact information:



Whatsapp: +84 855555837

Hacienda Flandes – Leading wholesale coffee supplier in Colombia

In the Ande Mountains of Colombia, Hacienda Flandes is a large and ancient coffee farm.

Hacienda Flandes has a long history and extensive experience in coffee production through three generations and more than a century of development and has recently opened to the international roasted arabica coffee trade.


Hacienda Flandes – Leading wholesale coffee supplier in Colombia

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

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