Grain or Gain: Is Brown Rice Good For Diabetics?


Millions of individuals around the world suffer from chronic medical illness known as diabetes. Blood sugar control is the main objective of managing diabetes, which calls for a careful balancing of diet and activity. A common ingredient in many cultures, brown rice has been promoted as a healthier substitute for white rice. 

Is brown rice good for diabetics, though? In this article, we’ll look at brown rice’s possible health benefits for people with diabetes and consider if they should incorporate it into their diet. The endosperm and bran that are left include useful vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Definition of brown rice

The hull, the bran, and the endosperm are the three layers that make up a single grain of rice. Rice is divided into various varieties based on the degree of milling. The hull of the grains is all that is removed with the smallest amount of milling to produce brown rice. Hence, brown rice is referred to be wholegrain since it keeps the bran and the inner kernel.


Brown rice

Some characteristics that set brown rice apart from other types of rice are:

  • a flavor of nuts
  • a chewy consistency after cooking
  • a significant amount of fiber, endosperm, and bran, as well as a wealth of several essential vitamins and minerals.

Definition of diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition caused by either insufficient pancreatic insulin production or ineffective body insulin utilisation. The insulin hormone regulates blood sugar levels. Hyperglycemia, commonly referred to as high blood glucose or elevated blood sugar, is a common side effect of uncontrolled diabetes that over time can gravely affect a variety of internal systems, including the neurons and blood vessels.

Diabetes symptoms may appear suddenly. Type 2 diabetes symptoms can be subtle and may not become apparent for many years. Diabetes symptoms include having a lot of thirsts, wanting to urinate more frequently than normal, having blurry vision and being worn out and accidentally losing weight. Diabetes over time can harm the blood vessels in the kidneys, eyes, heart, and nerves.


Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes increases the risk of various illnesses, such as heart attack, stroke, and renal failure. Diabetes affects the blood vessels in the eyes, which can result in permanent vision loss. Due to nerve damage and insufficient blood flow, diabetes affects the foot in many people. This may result in foot sores and perhaps necessitate amputation.

Nutrition value of brown rice

According to experts from K-agriculture, the leading agricultural factory, whole-grain brown rice is rich in vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It is a terrific supplement to any balanced diet and is a healthier choice than its refined equivalent, white rice. The following are some of brown rice’s main nutritional benefits.


Nutrition value of brown rice

Brown rice is a good source of carbs, which give the body energy. Brown rice that has been cooked contains about 45 grams of carbs per cup. Moreover, nutrition facts of brown rice are abundant:

  • Dietary fiber: Brown rice is a superior source of this substance. Around 3.5 grams of fiber can be found in one cup of cooked brown rice. Fiber is crucial for keeping the digestive system in good shape, avoiding constipation, and lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  • Plant-based protein: Brown rice is a rich source of this nutrient. 5 grams of protein are included in one cup of cooked brown rice. Building and repairing tissues depend on protein, which also keeps you feeling full and pleased.
  • Minerals and vitamins: Brown rice is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, manganese, and B vitamins, as well as other important vitamins and minerals. Magnesium aids in controlling blood pressure and is crucial for maintaining strong bones and muscles. For strong bones and teeth, phosphorus is necessary, while selenium, an antioxidant, helps shield the body from free radical damage


    Brown rice’s nutritional content

Overall, brown rice is a food that is very nutrient-dense and has a number of health advantages. It is a fantastic choice for anyone trying to enhance their general health and well-being because it is a terrific source of energy, fiber, protein, and important vitamins and minerals.

Is brown rice good for diabetics?

The hull, the bran, and the endosperm are the three layers that make up a single grain of rice. Rice is divided into various varieties based on the degree of milling. When only the outer layer of the grain, or the hull, is milled, brown rice is produced. Is brown rice good for diabetics? Brown rice’s high fiber content has been found to considerably lower post-meal blood sugar levels in overweight and type 2 diabetic individuals. 


Is brown rice good for diabetics ?

It’s crucial to maintain overall blood sugar management to stop or delay the progression of diabetes and brown rice may help prevent type 2 diabetes. Brown rice may not only help those who already have diabetes, but it may also lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes in the first place. A 16% decreased incidence of this condition was seen when brown rice was substituted for just 1/4 cup (50 grams) of white rice. Although the exact mechanism is unknown, it is believed that the increased fiber content of brown rice is at least partly to blame for this preventive impact.

According to experts, brown rice works hard to normalize blood glucose levels, making it great for people who are determined to have diabetes. White rice consumption, according to the US National Library of Medicine, may result in Type 2 Diabetes. The investigation also came to the conclusion that including brown rice in the diet regularly may lower the risk. Health professionals also concur that brown rice is superior to processed rice in every way (white rice). The researchers assumed that both those with diabetes and those with high blood sugar would see the same results.

K-Agriculture – leading Vietnamese brown rice supplier

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K-Agriculture – The best brown rice supplier in Vietnam

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