Export green bean coffee to Lybia – January 2023

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At the beginning of the year 2023, K-Agriculture is happy to meet a new customer from Lybia! He wants to import one container of Robusta green bean coffee for the first time in cooperation. The coffee beans are processed with Dry clean method and are carefully inspected before being loaded into the container. We pack the coffee into 60kg jute bag. The container of coffee beans is shipped from Ho Chi Minh port to Al Khums port.

Here are the photos and videos of the coffee order:

Wholesale coffee from K-Agriculture!
We are providing Robusta and Arabica coffee (both green beans/roasted beans; Dry cleaned/Wet polished; Screen size 16-18)
Whatsapp available: +84 84 4444 867 or Fill the below form for the quotation:

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