Benefits of using white pepper ground


White pepper is considered as a spice to create deliciousness for most dishes. However, pepper is most commonly used in powder form. So, what is white pepper ground and its uses? Let’s find out the uses and benefits of using white pepper ground.

What is white pepper ground?

Before using white pepper ground, consumers need to know what white pepper ground and its characteristics are.

The definition of white pepper ground

White pepper ground is also known as white pepper powder or ground pepper powder. White pepper ground is pureed from white skullcap pepper. White pepper ground is convenient to use and preserve, which helps save cooking time, as well as make the flavor easier to absorb in the dish. However, to get delicious pepper and pepper powder that ensures quality and safety must require strict processing. White pepper must be produced from ripe peppercorns; the more ripe pepper for processing, the better the quality of white pepper ground.


The definition of white pepper ground

Characteristics of white pepper ground

White pepper ground has characteristics same as white pepper. It is identified by the following points:

  • Shape

White pepper has a spherical shape that will be crushed in half or finely ground depending on the different purposes of consumers.

  • Odor

White pepper ground, through the process of soaking, loses the essential oil shell, so the aroma will be reduced and there is a slightly strong smell of the fermentation process (soaked to remove the skull).


Characteristics of white pepper ground

  • Color

There are two types of white pepper: yellow-fleshed white pepper and gray-fleshed white pepper. However, after grinding, white pepper ground will have an ivory or gray color.

  • Hot spicy

With white pepper ground, people will feel the pungent taste immediately, partly because white pepper ground is made from more ripe pepper and is taken from the whole pepper skull.

  • Storage time

White pepper ground through more complex processing also affects the shortening of storage time. When stored for too long, white pepper ground will have a bitter taste and gradually lose the characteristic, inherent taste of pepper.


White pepper ground and storage time

Nutritional value of white pepper ground

Compared with other types of pepper, white pepper is a type of pepper with many nutritional values, so ground white pepper is used more and more.


Nutritional value of white pepper ground

  • White pepper ground has no sodium. This makes white pepper ground a safe food for hypertensive patients.
  • At the same time, white pepper ground is also free of saturated fat and this is good for those wishing to have a healthy diet.
  • White pepper ground provides 296 calories per 100 grams.
  • Moreover, the percentage of vitamin C in white pepper is 35% and calcium is 26%.
  • Besides, manganese is also abundant in white pepper ground and this helps the metabolism in the body to take place in a healthy way.
  • Selenium present in white pepper is known to improve male sex hormones and cure impotence, this effect is also enhanced with zinc, which improves motility and increases sperm count.
  • In addition, muscle density and hair growth are also facilitated with an adequate supply of zinc.

Nutritional value of white pepper ground

The economic value of white pepper ground

Ground white pepper has a great economic value and is one of the most important export commodities.

  • White pepper ground is utilized in medicine in many nations around the world. White pepper is crushed into a paste and used for healing in China. People in India utilize white pepper to treat ailments, strengthen the body after a fever, and prevent malaria recurrence.
  • White pepper ground is used as a spice in everyday food. It has the effect of warming the abdomen, relieving discomfort, anti-vomiting, stimulating digestion, activating the taste buds to make us feel good, stimulating the digestive system to work, and boosting the pancreas’ function.
  • Growing white pepper reduces unemployment and increases wages for workers. Because the pepper industry requires a large workforce, it produces jobs and helps to reduce unemployment. Furthermore, because the selling price of white pepper is so high, those who work in the industry earn a lot of money.

Ways of making white pepper ground

White pepper must be ground evenly, when grinding pepper, heat generation must be kept to a minimum.

  • Using a mortar and pestle: This is the simplest way you can make white pepper ground. You will put the white pepper in the mortar and then use the pestle to crush the pepper. You will have some difficulty at first because the pepper will be thrown out of the mill. But once you get used to it, things get a lot easier.
  • Using a hammer: You just need to put white pepper in a cloth bag and then use a hammer. You try to beat evenly so that the size of the white pepper ground is uniform. This way can bring you large white pepper powder and do not cause hot, uncomfortable sneezing.

Ways of making white pepper ground

  • Grind pepper with a roller: Put white pepper in a plastic bag. To crush the pepper, roll the roller over the bag and apply pressure.
  • Using a multi-function blender: you can completely use a blender to grind white pepper. You add a little roasted pepper and grind to get the desired grain size.

The effects of white pepper ground

White pepper ground has long been considered a folk medicine. Here are the surprising health benefits of white pepper ground.

  • For cancer patients

White pepper ground prevents the occurrence of cancer. This mechanism is through its ability to prevent the formation of free radicals inside the body. The capsaicin component present in white pepper ground helps prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer affects many men globally and is considered a dangerous disease. Accordingly, eating white pepper regularly is very good for men’s prostate health.


The effect of white pepper ground for cancer patients

  • Improve appetite

White pepper ground is very helpful in curing appetite. Taking white pepper on a daily basis can help avoid stomach problems like diarrhea, colon cancer, and constipation. The enzymes in the stomach are regulated and the toxic elements inside the body are eliminated by white pepper, helping to regulate the temperature of the stomach.


The effect of white pepper ground in improving appetite

  • Preventing respiratory disorders

With the help of white pepper ground, a respiratory condition that causes phlegm in the body can be healed. White pepper is used extensively in cold and winter conditions to prevent weather-induced choking. In addition, the use of white pepper also improves nasal congestion.


The effect of white pepper ground in preventing respiratory disorders

  • Anti-inflammatory properties of white pepper ground

White pepper ground helps prevent arthritis and muscle swelling. Accordingly, white pepper has anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in treating muscle cramps that can occur when a person experiences muscle tension from walking or strenuous exercise.


Anti-inflammatory properties of white pepper ground

  • Lowers blood pressure

White pepper ground is rich in flavonoids, vitamin A and vitamin C. These substances help reduce high blood pressure, maintaining the cardiovascular health that many hypertensive patients face. White pepper ensures regulated blood flow and prevents heart attacks. Keeping blood pressure under control ensures a reduced risk of stroke. Seniors benefit greatly if they get into the habit of adding white pepper to their daily diet.


The effect of white pepper ground in lowering blood pressure

Notes when using white pepper ground

Besides the extremely useful uses of white pepper ground above, people when using this ingredient should note:


Notes when using white pepper ground

  • White pepper when taken directly can cause irritation, easily penetrate into the lungs and cause death if not careful.
  • Sometimes white pepper can also cause a burning sensation inside the mouth or can cause itching, rashes on the skin when applied directly.
  • In addition, white pepper can also cause discomfort for some people when used in hot summer.

Where to buy white pepper ground

Buyers can see white pepper ground sold in many places, however to be able to choose high quality white pepper ground, buyers need to find reliable pepper suppliers. This is a list of 3 white pepper ground suppliers in the world.


McCormick & Company is a food company based in the United States that produces, markets, and distributes spices (black pepper, white pepper, black and white pepper ground), seasoning mixes, condiments, and other flavored items to retailers, food producers, and foodservice establishments. Their products are sold in a variety of nations, and they are the world’s largest manufacturer of spices and allied food products in terms of sales.


McCormick’s white pepper ground

K- Agriculture

K-Agriculture, located in Hanoi-Vietnam, is one of the reputable suppliers with 25-year experience in exporting agricultural goods including rice, coffee…,especially many types of pepper (white pepper ground…) to many fastidious markets. Its main pepper export markets are Africa, the USA, and Japan.. Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, K-Agriculture has brought the best Vietnamese agricultural products to the international market. Working with the slogan “Quality is King”, K-Agriculture always guarantees the best quality products at the most competitive price. The company has already got many certificates such as HACCP, ISO 9000, or FSSC 22000.


K-Agriculture’s white pepper ground

For more information, please contact us:
Phone/Whatsapp: +84855 555 837

Conamo Vietnam Co., Ltd.

As a producer and distributor of condiments, we offer roasted sesame sauce, roasted sesame sauce, chili lime salt, tamarind juice, barbecue sauce, apricot salt, Tay Ninh shrimp salt, coconut oil color juice, ground pepper, and other traditional spice items. Conamo Vietnam Co., Ltd. focuses on product quality, best price, and timely delivery to satisfy the exacting expectations of consumers. Our goal is to protect customers’ interests in the most effective way possible. CONAMO builds distributor trust with a clear business plan and a renowned distributor.


Conamo’s white pepper ground

White pepper ground ‘s numerous applications have made it increasingly popular among customers, resulting in a price that is consistently greater than that of other peppers on the market.

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