6 facts about Vietnam star anise that you cannot miss


Vietnam star anise is the best type of star anise in the world. It has amazing flavor as well as a reasonable price. Together, we would discover 6 crucial facts about Vietnam star anise, that will help you become a successful businessman in this article.

An overview of Vietnam star anise

Vietnam is the top exporting country of star anise in bulk. This is due to various factors, but the most important thing is still that Vietnam star anise always have the highest quality at the most reasonable prices. 

What is star anise?

Star anise is a non-timber forest spice that was initially produced in China’s south and Vietnam’s north.


Definition of star anise

This Vietnamese spice is recognized as the greatest grade star anise in the world due to optimal natural conditions and decades of growing experience.

Different types of Vietnam star anise

Many varieties of Vietnam star anise are available from Vietnamese exporters, which satisfy the demands of consumers’ preferences in terms of price and quality.

  • Whole star anise: This is the best and also most expensive type of Vietnam star anise. They are carefully processed after harvesting so that the final product only remains beautiful star anise with no stems or leaves. Usually there are 2 kinds of whole Vietnam star anise based on the seasons: Spring and autumn. They have some differences in size and the oil content, but both are top quality and have fairly same price ranges.

Whole star anise

  • Broken star anise: This is a type of Vietnam star anise that contains what can be called “defective product” of whole Vietnam star anise. They are the stars that are broken during the manufacturing process, or those that do not meet the requirements of quality Vietnam star anise. Hence, the price would be much cheaper than whole star anise.

Broken star anise

  • Mixed (blended) star anise: Lowest quality and price, this type of Vietnam star anise just contains the most broken stars, even crumbs and stems of the star anise. The processing procedures are also much more simple than the other 2 types.

Blended star anise

That is the 3 most popular types of Vietnam star anise.

Benefits of using Vietnam star anise

Not only is Vietnam star anise a fantastic spice for enhancing food flavor, but it’s also employed in various Western health practices owing to its antibacterial characteristics and high nutritional value.

  • Vietnam star anise, according to experts, is high in iron, which is necessary for the formation of haemoglobin, which allows red blood cells to transport oxygen and eliminate CO2 from the body. Furthermore, manganese, which is present in modest amounts in Vietnam star anise, is recognized as an essential antioxidant that protects skin from UV damage and a mineral that supports bone health when paired with other nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D.

Health benefits

  • Vietnam star anise is also known as a warrior, since it inhibits the growth of fungus, viruses, and bacteria that cause a variety of ailments, including flu, infection, and…. Only a modest bit of Vietnam star anise each day will strengthen your immune system and protect you from common infections.

It can be seen that Vietnam star anise is very beneficial both in cooking and medications. You can find even more star anise uses and benefits in our blog site. 

Vietnam star anise versus the world

Vietnam star anise is recognized as the best in the world in terms of flavor and quality, and is second only to China in terms of output.


Vietnam star anise

  • Vietnam’s yearly output has been around 10,000 tons in recent years, accounting for around 10% of global production.
  • In Vietnam, the price of Vietnam star anise varies from 6,000 USD to 10,000 USD per MT, depending on the seasons and variety of spices. Although it is significantly more than that of China, this Vietnamese spice is an excellent choice for any importer due to its flavour, nutrition, and economic worth.
  • Vietnam star anise is exported to the world’s most populous countries, such as India and China, as well as to high-demand markets like Singapore, Germany, Thailand, and Malaysia. South Korea and Japan are potentially viable markets for Vietnam star anise exporters if they maintain stringent quality control.

Why should you buy Vietnam star anise?

There are 3 main reasons that make Vietnam star anise a worthy purchase:

Top quality and flavor

Compared to China, Vietnam star anise usually has a higher price. However in return you can get world class quality. Vietnam anise, especially the autumn flower, has a much more distinctive flavor and aroma than other types of anise in the world. It also has a higher essential oil content, so the high price tag is understandable.


Why should you buy Vietnam star anise

Furthermore, as a country with long experience in growing and harvesting Vietnam star anise, Vietnam also has an advantage over other countries in the processing stages, leading to a higher overall ground quality of Vietnam star anise.

Large and stable output

According to the data of the World Spice Association, Lang Son, Quang Ninh, and Cao Bang are the three primary provinces in Vietnam that cultivate Vietnam star anise, with a total surface area of more than 50,000 hectares and a production rating second only to China.

  • Vietnam star anise output has fluctuated between 10,000 and 15,000 tons per year in recent years, representing around 10% of world production.
  • The optimal natural circumstances of hilly terrain with an average temperature of around 20°C and high-aged farming grounds are responsible for the high and steady production of this Vietnamese spice.
  • Typically Vietnam star anise plants are between 40 and 50 years old, and they provide a significant output. The forest in Van Quan, Lang Son, may produce up to 300 kg of fresh fruits per crop at this age.

Take a look at K-Agriculture’s growing and harvesting area of star anise, located in Vietnam:

The growing region for K-Agriculture is situated in the northern Vietnamese provinces of Yen Phuc, Van Quan, and Lang Son. In this location, K-Agriculture has been growing star anise for more than 100 years, with several of the eldest trees being 60–70 years old. Through proper selection, the star anise has earned several food safety certifications, including FDA, ISO… Please contact us via our website if you are interested in visiting our growing area or purchasing star anise in large quantities.

Governmental support

As one of the two star anise homelands, Vietnam officials are concerned about the spice, holding planting skill workshops for local small producers and giving low-interest loans to indigenous farmers and businesses…. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam also encourages firms to participate in agricultural fairs in order to promote the export of Vietnam star anise.

How much does Vietnam star anise cost?

As mentioned above, Vietnam star anise has 2 main crops every year, the Spring crop and the Autumn crop. Since there are differences in quality between the 2 crops, the price of Vietnam star anise also varies. To be more specific, autumn star anise tends to have a higher price due to its rich flavour and fragrance. For example, you can look at this chart which shows the price ranges for different types of Vietnam star anise from K-Agriculture, the best star anise supplier in Vietnam:

Product Quality FOB Price (USD/MT)
Whole star anise 10% broken, >2,5cm 84xx
Whole star anise 10% broken, 2-2,5 cm 73xx
Broken star anise Based on broken rates

Vietnam star anise: The way to find reliable suppliers

Everyone have their own ways to find suppliers. Here are our way, which have been summed up over the years of our experiences.

Steps to find your supplier of Vietnam star anise

First are the steps to go through.

Step 1: Mass searching on search tools

The first thing you want to do when looking for a reliable supplier of Vietnam star anise is to do a mass search on searching tools like Google. This is the fastest and easiest way for you to find as many suppliers as you want. Some keywords that you can try are “Star anise suppliers in Vietnam”, or “Vietnam star anise export”…

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Step 2: Price survey using E-Commerce platforms

Next, to get an overview of the market, the most important thing that you need to know is the market price. Platforms like Alibaba are very suitable for doing Vietnam star anise price research. Just find the product you want to buy and there would be numerous suppliers with different price ranges there. 

Small advice: Remember to always have critical thinking while surveying the market price of Vietnam star anise. You need to know if the supplier is underpricing or overpricing their products. If they are, you also need to know why so that you can truly understand the market.

Step 3: Make a list of potential suppliers

After you have had the grasp of the Vietnam star anise market, it is time to list out some of the most potential suppliers to your liking. Some of the qualifications might be their price, quality, duration of operation…


Steps to find star anise suppliers

We suggest that your list should contain about 10 suppliers. You should not choose too many vendors to work with because it might be overloaded, and you should also not choose too few to prevent missing a quality Vietnam star anise producer.

Step 4: Filtering

After having a list, everything is much more simple now. The next thing you want to do is to filter out 2-3 best Vietnam star anise suppliers that suit you or your business’s needs the most. Try to find out more about them. For example, you can work with them on the price, or the procedures that need to be done if a contract is signed…

A smart trick is to take the information of this supplier to ask another supplier of Vietnam star anise. For example, if you have known the price of supplier A, and supplier B currently has a higher price, you can ask supplier B why. By doing this, you can further understand the Vietnam star anise supplier list that you have and can finally shorten it to about 2-3 best vendors.

Step 5: Work in detail to choose the best vendor

This phase should go through fast. In most cases, actually, you can already have the choice from the previous step. This is just an extra phase so that you can be more sure about your choice of Vietnam star anise supplier.

Our advice is that you should only work with suppliers with high reputation and credibility, instead of low price. Since the contract may be worth tens of thousands USD, it is most important to be safe rather than saving some more money. 

Final step: Negotiation

After having the final supplier of Vietnam star anise of your liking, it is time for some negotiation. This is also partly important due to the fact that you might get some very good offers by negotiating. For example, you might get a discount by promising long-term cooperation…

Furthermore, you can have negotiations on the following times of coordination so that you and that Vietnam star anise supplier can work together more in the future.

3 types of fraud/scam that you should avoid

Scam Vietnam star anise providers use a number of deception techniques to defraud their victims. We’ve detailed three typical instances below:

Online payment fraud

As a result of the growth of cyber technology, cybercrime has extended across many areas in bulk enterprises such as Vietnam star anise businesses. After seeing a number of payment fraud situations, we’ve decided to clarify the methods that scammers use to take money from their victims:


Payment fraud

  • Step 1: Scammers break into the seller’s and buyer’s email systems, as well as other messaging networks like WhatsApp, and steal details about the transaction.
  • Step 2: Hackers construct new email or IM accounts that appear to be extremely similar to the sellers’ genuine accounts, then contact with Vietnam star anise in bulk customers to get trade-related information.
  • Step 3: When the Vietnam star anise in bulk deal reaches the point of delivery and payment, the con artist will claim that they need to modify the recipient’s bank account number due to fees, taxes, or interest rates. This may appear reasonable, and fraudsters will ask importers to send money to something like a third-party account of their choosing.
  • Step 4: Scammers will flee after collecting money from customers through a third-party bank account. Buyers of Vietnam star anise are unable to obtain their orders despite having paid payment.

Solution: Because remittance is a speedy means of payment, hackers frequently request victims to make payments via remittance in payment fraud situations. As a result, victims have very little time to identify that they are being conned and may lose out on taking the essential procedures to halt the transaction. When buyers of Vietnam star anise become aware of a possible fraud, they should immediately stop their funds from being transmitted in one of the following ways:

  • Request that the transaction be halted by contacting the recipient bank.
  • Report the incidents to the police so that they can be investigated.
  • To prohibit fraudsters from concealing money, spending money, or dispersing money overseas, file an Asset Preservation Order with the court.

Non-delivery fraud

Non-delivery fraud occurs when Vietnam star anise suppliers accept money but do not deliver the product to purchasers. Even if buyers have paid for the order, they may get empty boxes. This sort of fraud is occasionally conducted as a part of a larger scam in which thieves attempt to acquire credit card or other private information from purchasers. Non-delivery fraud is complicated by the fact that shipment and payment paperwork might be legally legitimate. Fraudsters might pose as Vietnam star anise vendors in bulk and demand payment via T/T. They flee as quickly as they collect money, leaving the purchasers without items.

Solutions: Buyers should contact their bank as soon as possible to halt the transfer of funds and report the incident to the authorities. If you’re working with a Vietnam star anise provider for the first time, proceed with caution. It’s a good idea to look at the webpage of the Vietnam star anise providers to verify whether they have a legitimate location, contact details, and a valid business license. Alternatively, you may Google their brand names along with phrases like “scam” or “complaint” to check if anybody has had any negative experiences with the vendors you wish to deal with.

Fake, low-quality products

Some Vietnam star anise vendors have developed their own methods for using low-cost, low-quality Vietnam star anise in the hopes that consumers will not notice the difference. The idea is to increase their profit margin by charging very high prices for high-quality star anise. The following are some of the most common methods used by con artists that sell Vietnam star anise:

  • Sell Vietnam star anise twigs that haven’t been treated and haven’t been exposed to essential oils.
  • Other plant barks and twigs can be sold.
  • Vietnam star anise powder can be thickened with flour, potato, rice, or cornstarch.
  • To make cheap star anise feel like real Vietnam star anise by using artificial color.

Solutions: Buyers are advised to give Vietnam star anise suppliers complete product specifications that explain the quality criteria of star anise in order to assure the level of high-quality Vietnam star anise.

The general working process when you want to import Vietnam star anise

Usually, there are 5 steps whenever you want to import Vietnam star anise:

  • Step 1: After determining where to buy Vietnam star anise, the buyer would write a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the distributor stating his or her requirements.
  • Step 2: In reply to the LOI, the distributor establishes an FCO. The two parties will discuss how to reach a final FCO.

How to work with star anise suppliers

  • Step 3: Bulk Vietnam star anise suppliers and buyers will talk about payment methods, pricing, and packaging needs. Buyers can ask vendors for samples, and sellers can go to the buyers’ places of business to check their information. Obtaining a sample really is one of the very typical ways to determine the legitimacy of a source for Vietnam star anise.
  • Step 4: Distributors prepare commodities for export by carrying them onto ships and presenting buyers with a bill of lading to complete payment. The freight delivery problem is a joint obligation for both parties.
  • Step 5: When the commodities arrive at the port of discharge, the sellers must examine the Vietnam star anise for quality and quantity. If all goes smoothly, suppliers will provide clients after-sales support to entice them to make another order.

That’s all there is to it. The 5 basic steps that every businessman has to take.

Top 3 prestigious Vietnam star anise suppliers

Agrideco Vietnam

Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. was a tiny business that began operations in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, in 2015. Despite the fact that it is new, the board of directors is made up of agriculture industry veterans.



It began by distributing agricultural goods to local enterprises for export, focusing on the home market. However, throughout the development phase, the aim was altered to export. Their main product consists of Vietnam star anise, cinnamon, and other agricultural goods.


Mr. Daniel Trong Quy, the CEO of K-Agriculture, a notable B2B entrepreneur in Vietnam who is also known for publishing the book “B2B – The Road to the World,” launched the company in 1996. K-Agriculture specializes in exporting and importing high-quality Vietnamese agricultural goods, such as Vietnam star anise. Modern manufacturing lines, extensive expertise exporting to worldwide markets, and a skilled crew differentiate them. 



Contact information:

WhatsApp: +84855 555 837




Oritek Co., Ltd, often known as Cinnamon-vn, is a very well-known Vietnam star anise wholesaler in Vietnam. Customers from many industries and locations of the world benefit from star anise goods. The quality of star anise goods is remarkable, and they are free of any dangerous components that might affect the human body.

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