DT08 5% broken rice

Call for price
Average rice length 7 mm
Shape Medium long
Color Evenly bright-white, transparent in the peak
Taste light sweet when cooked
Smell Aromatic smell when cooked
Structure Sticky when it’s cold or hot
Product Infomation

Origin of DT08 5% broken rice

DT 8 is a high-quality pure rice variety studied and selected by the Vietnam Plant Seed Group (Vinaseed), which is currently the major rice variety in the Mekong Delta rice bowl as well as the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands.

This variety has a relatively short growth time, gives the full yield and meet the export standards.


Origin of DT08 5% broken rice

Product’s parameters

Features of K-Agriculture’s DT08 5% broken rice

Crop Current 
Broken 5.0% Max
Moisture 14% Max
Foreign Matters 0.01% Max
Red & Red Streaked Kernels 0.3% Max
Yellow Kernels 0.3% Max
Damaged Kernels 0.2% Max
Chalky Kernels 2.0% Max
Purity 95% min
Milling Degrees Well Milled & Double polished and sortexed
Average Length of Whole Grain 7 mm











K-Agriculture’s DT08 5% broken rice



K-Agriculture’s DT08 5% broken rice



K-Agriculture’s DT08 5% broken rice



K-Agriculture’s DT08 5% broken rice

Product price

In March and April of 2022, the price of DT08 5% broken rice in K-Agriculture is around $458. The price ranges of them are weekly updated on our website. 

Product’s certificates

Vietnam’s products meet international quality standards such as VN-STAMEQ, USDA Organic, FDA, FFL, Organic, Global Gap, TCVN, Viet Gap, and so on.

Every year and term, all certificates are renewed.


Product’s certificate


K-Agriculture’s certificate

K-Agriculture’s Past Performance

K-Agriculture has worked with lots of foreign partners all over the world, from the UK,  the Netherlands, the US, and Ireland.


B/L between K-Agriculture and a partner in the UK



B/L between K-Agriculture and a partner in the Netherlands



B/L between K-Agriculture and a partner in Ireland

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