Black pepper manufacturers in the world and all things to know

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Vietnam, Brazil, and Indonesia are the main locations for black pepper manufacturers in the world. With the experience and expertise, these countries have been an indispensable component of the current bustling black pepper culture.

Introduction about black pepper manufacturers

Black pepper manufacturers play a vital role in the black pepper supply chain.

Definition of black pepper manufacturers

The black pepper manufacturers are considered as places that produce the black pepper product from the raw materials to the final stage in large quantities. By using various tools, equipment, and processes, the raw black pepper is then sold to consumers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, or to other manufacturers for the production of more complex goods.

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Definition of black pepper manufacturers

Black pepper manufacturers’ responsibilities are sophisticated and dynamic:

  • Provide and process the black pepper from the raw materials to the final product
  • Transports and distributes the products to retailers or directly to the consumer
  • Ensuring the product quality throughout the storage and shipping stage

Outstanding products of black pepper manufacturers

According to the FAO, 4 various forms of black pepper have their typical uses:

  • Grade 1: There are no flat seeds and the grain size is consistent. Fine black pepper, grade 1, has solid seeds that are generally rather hefty. Dry goods stores, grocery stores, and major supermarkets typically sell grade 1 black pepper.
  • Grade 2: This pepper has not been classed since it has been washed and filtered to remove contaminants, leaves, and stalks. Grade 2 pepper is commonly marketed on the market as a processing spice and is used to manufacture ground pepper in restaurants.
  • Grade 3: This type of pepper, which has not been processed, is purchased by traders from farmers. Grade 3 black pepper is utilized wholesale.
  • Special grade: beautiful and smooth peppercorns. The pungent and aroma are retained the highest compared to other types.

Each type of black pepper has its application and characteristics suitable for each country.

Location of black pepper manufacturers

Black pepper is manufactured to suit preferences in each region. Most black pepper manufacturers are in agricultural countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, and India,…

Countries Value (MT)
Vietnam 216,000
Brazil 91,200
India 58,800
Indonesia 33,000

Black pepper production of leading countries
(Source: IPC)

  • These countries have a long-life culture of black pepper production with a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced workforce.
  • Due to the availability of raw materials for processing, the average pepper export price in these countries is reduced, thereby maintaining a stable output year after year.
  • The reputation of these countries has been confirmed over time, creating familiarity with customers. Consequently, traders often approach black pepper manufacturers of these agricultural countries firstly.

Location of black pepper manufacturers

Some of the most productive and popular black pepper manufacturers can be found in their major growing areas because:

  • The harvesting areas provide sufficient input for the black pepper manufacturer to ensure stable output, serving distribution.
  • Reduce the black pepper manufacturers’ transportation costs.

Top 5 famous black pepper manufacturers

The top 5 reliable black pepper manufacturers are listed as follow:

Olam Spice

Olam International, the parent company of Olam Food Ingredients (ofi), began exporting cashews from Nigeria to India in 1989. Then, in 2020, Ofi was formed following a reorganization of Olam in order to pursue a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange’s premium section as well as a secondary listing in Singapore. Olam Food Ingredients (ofi) is currently a market leader in food and beverage ingredients and solutions throughout the world. Cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices are among the raw materials and ingredients offered by ofi.


Olam Spice

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory, one of the best black pepper manufacturers, which was founded in 1996 has 25 years of expertise in Vietnam pepper export activities. The company provides coffee, rice, cashew, pepper, and cinnamon for the international market. The black pepper or grounded black pepper of K-Agriculture is among the main products with the highest quality thanks to a stringent and meticulous selection and production procedure. There are separate departments for each stage of black pepper processing, ready to give the best black pepper product to the international market.


K-Agriculture Factory

Contact information:

Royal Spices

Royal Spices is one of the world’s trustworthy and reliable black pepper manufacturers and exporters. Royal Spices provide a wide range of products including Cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, cumin seed, cardamom, ginger,… Produces and exports the finest quality black pepper with a wide range of grades and specifications as per International Market Standards. Royal Spices frequently exports to Vietnam, Brazil, and India.


Royal Spices

Nedspice Vietnam

Nedspice Vietnam Spices Processing Company Limited is an FDI black pepper manufacturers with 100% Dutch investment capital. This business specializes in the production and export of pepper and agricultural products. Main products include pepper, cinnamon, anise, turmeric, garlic, onion, cloves,… Currently, products have been exported to countries such as Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Australia.


Nedspice Vietnam

Grancafe Comercio

Grancafé is one of the family-owned black pepper manufacturers that has been developing and increasing its area of operation each year since it was founded more than 40 years ago. Coffee, black pepper, chocolate, and cloves are among the company’s primary goods. Currently providing nations in South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia on both local and international markets.


Grancafe Comercio

Elements affect the wholesale price of black pepper manufacturers

Different factors can interfere with the wholesale price of black pepper manufacturers such as supply, demand volume, and government subsidies.

  • Supply volume: Stable wholesale black pepper output also affects the black pepper manufacturers. Statistics show that Vietnam, Indonesia, and Brazil witnessed a continuous increase in pepper production. The pepper production in Vietnam and Brazil increased by 30% and 23% while Indonesia witnessed an increase of 11% between 2017 and 2019. In addition, a large growing area is a key factor for these countries to be in the top leading in black pepper manufacturers. These figures in these 3 countries were 148.000 ha, 117.900 ha, and 30.000 ha, respectively. The higher the supply volume is, the more chance for black pepper manufacturers to expand their activities. High production and export volume of black pepper will result in a noticeable downward trend in black pepper prices.

Supply volume

  • Demand: The effect of the COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in the demand and supply chain of black pepper freezing. Lowering the black pepper price also decreases the black pepper manufacturers’ motivation. Many manufacturers met obstacles in the pandemic and some of them fell into a predicament. However, the vaccination is being launched, which prompts international trading activities, black pepper manufacturers have got the opportunities to reproduce and sell to the market. At a specific time of time, a sudden increase in prices will happen If the demand is too high compared to the supply.


  • Government support: Agreements between countries eliminate tariffs when traded make room for the pepper industry to develop. For example, the black pepper manufacturers in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India have signed the EVFTA and SAFTA to eliminate tariffs, which reduce the exportation cost and promote the black pepper trading activities to develop.

Government support

Must-know things when working with black pepper manufacturers

In order to work efficiently with manufacturers, traders should notice several details:

Ways to find prestigious black pepper manufacturers

To find prestigious black pepper manufacturers, buyers should acknowledge several ways: Search for the keyword “black pepper manufacturers in Vietnam” on the Internet and access the websites to learn about the company or join agricultural trade fairs. Another way to find black pepper manufacturers is through e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and EC21 with public feedback from real customers.


Ways to find prestigious black pepper manufacturers

How to work with black pepper manufacturers?

In order to work smoothly and effectively with black pepper manufacturers, traders must understand this procedure in the process of buying black pepper products:
Step 1: Buyer sends Letter of Intent (LOI) to black pepper manufacturers with requirements.
Step 2: The black pepper manufacturer will respond with a Final Corporate Offer (FCO) and the 2 parties will negotiate to agree to the final offer.
Step 3: Samples will be sent if required by the buyers.
Step 4: Both parties sign the contract and place a deposit.
Step 5: Packaging and shipping the goods on board to the buyers. The notification of the product will be updated daily.
Step 6: Checking the cargo and giving feedback.


How to work with black pepper manufacturers

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