Vietnam Wholesale Star Anise: Best Guideline For 3 Crucial Factors When Buying Bulk.


Currently, in the world, only Vietnam and China have and export wholesale star anise, which is the native plant of these two countries. In particular, wholesale star anise in Vietnam has higher quality than wholesale star anise in China, this is a great advantage for Vietnam’s star anise, especially anise in Lang Son – the largest star anise growing and production area in Vietnam.

Wholesale star anise in Viet Nam.

Below are 3 important things you should know before getting wholesale star anise in Viet Nam.

Specification of wholesale star anise.

Buying wholesale star anise in bulk needs quality anise that does not crumble, flowers are harvested when mature enough, and full of anise oil. The petals are plump, the seeds are large and round, and the bigger the anise flower, the more it is harvested when it is fully ripe, accumulating a sufficient amount of essential oil from heaven and earth. Quality anise flowers need to be put in the bedroom, we can smell the faint anise. When cooking, one or two aniseed ears may have made the food smell better and more star anise flavor.

wholesale-star-anise -1
The wholesale star anise market currently supplies 3 specifications which are whole star anise, broken star anise, and star anise powder.

Wholesale star anise season

Harvesting star anise in Vietnam has 2 seasons: Spring (from October of the previous year) and Autumn (around February-April). The spring anise flower has a diameter of 2 cm, which is smaller than the autumn crop, but the essential oil content in the product is higher than that of the autumn crop. The petals are closed. Harvested around June-October every year, star anise blooms beautifully and evenly, the flower diameter is about 2.5 cm, but the essential oil content is lower than the spring crop. Therefore, although the flowers in the autumn season will be more eye-catching, in fact, the price of spring flowers is still higher.

Wholesale star anise moisture

The moisture content of the wholesale star anise determines its storage capacity of the wholesale star anise. The longer the ability to preserve, the better the quality of export wholesale star anise, and the longer the anise will keep its fragrance. There are many ways to dry anise, but each method will affect the price of an anise. There are 3 ways to preserve wholesale star anise from suppliers in Vietnam: natural sun drying, charcoal drying, and solar drying. The most common way to preserve anise is natural sunlight. On hot days, people stretch tarps in the fields. They put anise on that canvas to catch the sun’s rays. Dried star anise will keep its natural color and fragrance.

wholesale-star-anise -2

The second way to preserve wholesale star anise is the drying method. People build specialized kitchens to dry star anise. The surface is covered with a layer of stainless steel so that the star anise does not fall under. There are many small compartments below to light a drying fire. Local people mainly use firewood from forest trees for fuel.

Charcoal drying of an anise is the most complicated way to preserve wholesale star anise. However, this is the most effective method during the wet rainy season. Because wholesale star anise is collected a lot. If not dried in time, it will lead to moldy and damaged wholesale star anise flowers. Therefore, drying anise with charcoal will be the first priority. The principle of drying wholesale star anise is also very important. They lower the heat so that the wholesale star anise doesn’t burn, but still ensure enough heat to dry the product. Workers must constantly rotate wholesale star anise to avoid uneven drying.

Finally, how to preserve wholesale star anise with a solar oven. This is the most common method of drying medicinal herbs today. However, building these standard drying ovens is also quite expensive. However, this is a long-term direction, helping to preserve the most standard wholesale star anise. This is also a long-term solution for wholesale star anise purchasing establishments that meet the strict requirements of fastidious markets. In wholesale star anise, the commonly accepted humidity is around 12-14% max.

Wholesale star anise admixture and broken

During the process of harvesting and storage, it is inevitable that substances will be mixed in wholesale star anise. Impurities mixed in wholesale star anise usually do not exceed 1% of standard goods.
If you are looking to buy wholesale star anise, the degree of fracture is very important.

wholesale-star-anise -3

The lower the fracture, the higher the price. A fracture not only reduces the aesthetics of the product but also reduces the quality. Usually, the standard brokenness is 5%, depending on the customer’s request or price, this rate changes to suit the customer.

Wholesale star anise size and color

Size affects the price and quality of anise. Compare star anise in the same season, the larger the size of anise, the higher the quality. The size of star anise can range from 2cm -2.5cm in diameter depending on the season. K-Agriculture’s spring star anise flowers are always 2.5cm or more in size.


Below is the standard specìications sheet for K-Agriculture. K-Agriculture wholesale star anise products always meet all export criteria, and quality always goes hand in hand with price.

Moisture Admixture Broken Oil content Color Size
Whole star anise 13,5 % 1% max 5% Natural color Flower size 2.5 cm up
Broken star anise 13,5 % max 1% max Natural color
Star anise powder 13,5% – 14% max 0,5% max 2% – 4% Orange brown

Wholesale star anise current market

For several years, the export of wholesale star anise has been the primary focus of growing and producing essential oils. Lang Son star anise faces numerous challenges in foreign markets, in addition to numerous development opportunities. At the moment, the two largest export markets for Lang Son wholesale star anise are China and Western Europe. These two markets are distinguished by features such as:

Main wholesale star anise market

The Chinese wholesale star anise market

China is the world’s most populous country. As a result, this market’s consumption is enormous. Furthermore, China shares borders with Vietnam, making trade very convenient.

Western European wholesale star anise market

Due to the high exchange rate between foreign currencies and the Vietnamese dong, this market frequently provides a significant source of revenue. Furthermore, unlike the Chinese market, this market is relatively stable, has many supplier protection policies, and prices do not fluctuate.

Challenging in wholesale star anise market

Aside from the positive aspects, the two major markets for wholesale star anise export face numerous challenges

Wholesale star anise Market in China

Although purchasing power is high, it is volatile. Five Chinese traders buy a lot of wholesale star anises, driving up the price, then try to suppress the price the next year, forcing people to sell it for a low price. Obviously, we must find other niche markets to export wholesale star anise too, so that even if the Chinese do not buy, there is still a way to process finished products. Although China is the most important wholesale star anise export market, it is far from the only one. We must devise a plan of action for the worst-case scenario. People, on the other hand, should construct warehouses in order to stockpile wholesale star anise and avoid allowing Chinese traders to dictate prices.

Wholesale star anise Western European market

Despite its high economic value, this is a difficult market with many stringent testing requirements. Obviously, if Viet Nam is to succeed in this challenging market, it must promote promotion as well as improve product quality. In terms of branding, the creation of the name, logo, stamp, packaging, etc. should be completed as soon as possible. In terms of product quality, Vietnam must actively apply science and technology in manufacturing; scientists must directly assist people in growing star anise. To avoid the situation of uncontrolled export, which causes market reputation loss, exported wholesale star anise must be strictly quality checked.

Wholesale star anise price (valid 5-7 days)

Below is a table of the wholesale star anise price of Vietnam.

Spring star anise (USD/mt) Autumn star anise (USD/mt)
$6500USD – $7500USD $7.500USD – $9.000USD

Wholesale star anise supplier in Viet Nam

Currently, in the high-end market, the quality inspection, as well as the requirements for goods, are extremely strict, and there are many procedures. Meanwhile, star anise growers and flower collectors in Lang Son also have no experience in trading with these countries, so they face many difficulties. Moreover, some traders who buy flowers from Lang Son wholesale star anise are not really professional. Because they only buy in small pieces. They do not have a good drying and preservation system. The storage of products is not good, leading to mold, and reducing product quality.

Even worse, there are people who reflect that there is a wholesale star anise export company that also buys extracted star anise (anise has no value) to recycle finished products. They even preserve products by drying sulfur dioxide. I think it’s still difficult for those products to sell domestically, not to mention exporting wholesale star anise to the fastidious market. Therefore, it is necessary to find a wholesalestar anise exporter in Vietnam that can meet all of the above factors.

K-Agriculture company

Currently, the development potential of wholesale star anise in Vietnam is huge. We can completely turn star anise into a key export item for economic development. K-Agriculture, with 24 years of operation in the agricultural field, set itself the mission of bringing Vietnamese agricultural products, especially wholesale star anise, to the world, always fulfilling our mission well. Being a giant in trading star anise products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest Vietnamese star anise exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.

Wholesale star anise is an item with a constantly changing price, so to update the price of wholesale star anise regularly, follow K-Agriculture’s Facebook or Website, or contact us directly. With our sales assistant, we will give you the most accurate updates.

Whatsapp: Mrs Kris +84855555837

Agenas-Food New Feed

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The main business is exporting Vietnamese agricultural products, feeds, additives, and animal feeds to customers around the world.

The company provides customers with high-quality products without harmful additives that are safe for users and environmentally friendly, and it develops Vietnamese brands for the world as well as supports farmers to have better living conditions. You can easily find a large supply of wholesale star anise here.

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