Wholesale Rice Dealers And Potentials For Growth


Wholesale rice dealers are playing an integral role in the rice field when they provide million tons of rice every year for not only domestic customers but also foreign consumers from importing countries. Wholesale rice dealers should seize the upcoming opportunities to develop.

An overview of wholesale rice dealers

When it comes to supplying rice for the worldwide market, wholesale rice dealers are one of the most important contributors to the wholesale rice field. Asia is a key region with a large number of wholesale rice dealers.

Leading products of wholesale rice dealers

Wholesale rice dealers in different countries can supply many distinct types of rice and they possess their own strengths like offering premium rice or low-price rice.

  • Aromatic rice

Aromatic rice usually has medium to long grains. It has a fluffy texture and has a nutty flavor when cooked. The idea of ‘flavoring’ rice started in Asia and spread to the US and Europe over time. Aromatic rice varieties supplied by wholesale rice dealers range from the well-known Basmati to the lesser-known Randhunipagal. Basmati is one of the most popular fragrant rice varieties. At 4.4 million tons shipped in 2018-19, India is the world’s largest exporter of this aromatic rice, with a price of 350-370 USD/ton.


Aromatic rice

  • Short-grain rice

Short grain rice is starchier, stickier, and shorter (about 5.5 millimeters) than long grain rice, and it may be used in both sweet and savory recipes. Customers looking for sticky rice choose short grain rice on the market.

Glutinous rice is a type of short grain rice that becomes extremely sticky when cooked and is widely consumed in Asia. Arborio rice is an Italian white rice with short grains that is widely used in risotto. Additionally, japonica rice is a premium Japanese short grain rice that many wholesale rice dealers are providing. Short grain rice is mostly grown in Northern Asia, and its price varies from 460-570 USD/ton.


Short-grain rice

  • Other types of rice

In the market, there are some novel types of rice such as wild rice or red rice, etc supplied by wholesale rice dealers. These types of rice are not popular because they have their unique features like the dark color but they usually bring many health benefits, for example, organic wild rice is considered the “superfood of the 21st century”. The price of wild rice seems prohibitive, at approximately 3,000 USD/ton.


Other types of rice

Main locations of wholesale rice dealers

Wholesale rice dealers are mostly found in Asia, which is the world’s largest rice-producing region. Wholesale rice dealers in India exported 17.72 million tons in 2021, with basmati rice exports expected to more than double in volume over FY19. While Thai wholesale rice dealers supplied the international market with 6 million tons. Rice from Vietnamese suppliers also exported 6.3 million tons valued at 3.2 billion USD. Cambodia is another growing star in the sphere of rice exports. Last year, Cambodia shipped 690,829 tons of milled rice worth 538.8 million USD to more than 60 countries, including China.

The popularity of Asian wholesale rice wholesalers can be explained by a number of factors.

  • Massive rice production in Asian nations like Thailand, Vietnam, and India will keep wholesale rice dealers’ supply networks steady. India produced 122 million metric tons in the crop year of 2021, followed by Vietnam and Thailand, which produced 43.86 million tons and 21 million tons, respectively.

Massive rice production in Asia nations

  • Another factor is the low transportation cost. Due to India’s proximity to important import markets such as West Asia and Africa, freight costs are lower. Thailand and Vietnam, on the other hand, enjoy a greater traffic advantage in markets like Indonesia, China, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Low transportation cost

  • The government’s policies in favor of wholesale rice dealers are the last factor. The value of the baht has risen considerably, resulting in a surge in the value of Thai rice exports as measured in USD. As a result, revenues for wholesale rice dealers in this nation have risen.

The government’s policies

Typical factors affecting the wholesale price of wholesale rice dealers

The business of wholesale rice dealers is subject to some main factors that can affect positively or negatively the profit.

Stable rice production

The supply chains of wholesale rice dealers are directly affected by the total rice production capacity. If the crop is productive and produces a large amount of rice, the amount of wholesale rice given by dealers will be greater.

In 2021, Vietnam’s rice output was above 43.86 million tons, up 1.1 million tons from 2020. As a result, wholesale rice dealers’ export volume surpassed 3.27 billion USD, higher than that of 2020.


Stable rice production

Huge demand

The import market of wholesale rice dealers is constantly enlarged with some familiar names like China, the EU, the Philippines, etc. 

  • The European Union (EU), with its steady and strong demand for specialty rice from Asia, is a high-potential market for Vietnamese rice exporters. Vietnam exported about 60,000 tonnes of rice worth 41 million USD to the EU in 2021, up nearly 1% in volume and over 20% in value over the previous year.
  • In 2021, China and the Philippines are expected to be the world’s largest rice importers. China brought in 3.2 million metric tons of grain. Meanwhile, the Philippines is expected to import 2.1 million metric tons of rice, primarily from Vietnam and Thailand.
  • Bangladesh imported 1.8 million tonnes of rice in 2021, the most in four years, with long grain rice primarily coming from Myanmar and India.

Wholesale rice dealers have several potentials to grow as demand for the most popular staple rises.


Huge demand

Governmental policies

In terms of rice-producing countries, the government set several policies to boost the volume of export.

  • EVFTA supports Vietnamese wholesale rice dealers since the European Commission limits Vietnamese rice imports to 80,000 metric tons per year, including 20,000 metric tons of unmilled rice, 30,000 tons of milled rice, and 30,000 tons of fragrant rice.
  • The Indian government imposed a blanket prohibition on the export of common rice in March 2008. The overall rice exports of Indian wholesale rice distributors plummeted from 6.5 million tons in 2007/08 to merely 2.5 million tons in 2008/09. (mainly basmati).
  • Because Thai rice is highly valued, the Thai Ministry of Commerce will collaborate with the rice exports organization to locate new wholesale rice dealers to grow the market.

Governmental policies

Wholesale rice dealers: How to find them?

Depending on the current situation, importers could choose a wise way to connect with wholesale rice dealers online or offline to get a successful order.

  • Online sources: When there are numerous results for stores to evaluate, searching for wholesale rice dealers on the Internet saves time. The results’ reliability, on the other hand, is questioned. Another option is to join agricultural forums or Facebook groups, where people discuss and share their experiences in locating wholesale rice dealers and dealers who can reach as many customers as possible.
  • Direct meeting: If merchants wish to meet wholesale rice distributors in person, agricultural fairs are the greatest place to go, or they may go straight to the offices of wholesale rice dealers. Agricultural fairs are unfortunately not permitted owing to the Covid-19 epidemic.
  • Use broker services: If merchants lack experience, brokers can assist them in locating wholesale rice dealers. Brokers are individuals or businesses with extensive understanding of this industry who can link merchants with qualified wholesale rice dealers. This way is quite safe and effective, however, you will charge extra fees for this service.

Wholesale rice dealers: How to find them?

How to import rice from foreign wholesale rice dealers?

When importing rice, importers must follow phytosanitary processes and inspect food safety.

Businesses have an account that they use to register and report when their items arrive.

Importing rice usually necessitates the following customs documents:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin (to enjoy preferential tariff)
  • Other documents (if any)

How to import rice from foreign wholesale rice dealers?

Some reputable wholesale rice dealers

Wholesale rice dealers are providing a variety of rice varieties for global customers at an affordable price and all export rice of reputable wholesale rice dealers meets the strict exporting standard.

Western Rice Mills – one of the leading wholesale rice dealers

Western Rice Mills, founded in 1964 in Vancouver’s Chinatown, is one of North America’s largest wholesale rice wholesalers. Western Rice Mills has built a large network of partners over the last 57 years, including Walmart, Save-On-Foods, London Drugs, Sysco, and others. Furthermore, many wholesale rice goods are organically certified. Long-grain white rice, jasmine rice, black jasmine rice, and brown jasmine rice are now available from the wholesale rice distributor.


Western Rice Mills

K-Agriculture Factory – one of the best wholesale rice dealers

With 25 years of experience supplying Vietnam’s finest agricultural goods to 80 countries, K-Agriculture Factory is one of Vietnam’s leading wholesale rice dealers. The Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade also supports the wholesale rice distributor. K-Agriculture Factory, which produces 15000 tons per month, features modern milling and polishing chains. This wholesale rice dealer also has an 8000m2 warehouse with a storage capacity of 21.500 tons. K-Agriculture Factory has earned several certificates, including HACCP, ISO 9000, and FSSC 22000, over its 25-year history of rice exports. The factory supplies high-quality rice such as Japonica, ST24, ST25, ST 21 rice, OM504 rice, OM5451 rice, and DT08 rice at reasonable prices.

To get free consultation, feel free to contact us via: 

WhatsApp: +84855555837 (Ms. Kris)



K-Agriculture Factory

Ake Rice Mill Company Limited

Ake Rice Mill Company Limited is a famous name among significant wholesale rice dealers in Thailand. For more than 50 years, they have specialized in rice. They were able to generate 150 thousand tons of rice every year, which is equivalent to 4,000 million baths per year, because of better infrastructure.


Ake Rice Mill Company Limited

Gautam General Trading LLC – one of UAE wholesale rice dealers

Gautam General Trading LLC is one of the UAE’s largest wholesale rice suppliers, with 76 years of experience. They sell a varied range of rice brands to over 1000 clients in 50 countries. Gautam is one of the most well-known and reputable Basmati Rice trade companies in the Middle East.


Gautam General Trading LLC


Wonnapob – one of the best Thai wholesale rice dealers – offers and supplies the best rice products through our up-to-date automatic rice processing equipment as a professional rice exporter in Thailand. Their products are GMO-free, nutritious, and environmentally friendly. They sell jasmine rice in bulk, glutinous rice, brown rice, white rice, and a unique blend rice, among other great Thai kinds of rice.



Wholesale rice dealers are having many advantages to gain a big profit because they constantly improve the quality of rice by themselves, moreover, the government also supports many aspects of the rice field.

In conclusion, this article provides you with the information you need to know about wholesale rice dealers. Hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment for further explanation from experts from K-agriculture which is one of the biggest factories in agriculture in Vietnam!

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