All about bulk rice: 3 best place to buy white rice in bulk


Buying white rice in bulk always needs to consider many factors such as price, quality of rice, and shipping fees,.. especially when more and more places choose to produce and wholesale rice today.

In this article, we will provide all you need to know when buying white rice in bulk and suggest some reputable and quality wholesale rice businesses for you.

An overview of white rice in bulk

Rice is a major staple crop that feeds over half of the world’s population. Rice grains include several nutrients such as protein, fiber, starch, and other health-promoting substances, as rice is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Here is some primary information you should know about white rice in bulk.

Definition and features of white rice in bulk

Rice is a byproduct of the rice plant. The rice grain will be obtained after milling the rice and removing the husk. White rice in bulk is rice that has been milled and polished to remove the husk, bran, and germ layers, making the grain whiter.


White rice in bulk

  • The grain of rice can vary in shape depending on the type of white rice in bulk.
  • Rice’s structure after being cooked is determined by two starches: amylose and amylopectin. According to recent research, short- and medium-grain white rice in bulk has higher quantities of amylopectin, making them wet and sticky when cooked. Long-grain white rice in bulk, on the other hand, has more amylose. As a result, its texture remains soft and separates when cooked.
  • White rice in bulk has a neutral taste so it can be easily combined with many dishes and creates many distinctive flavors.


    Different ways to cook white rice in bulk from different countries

  • In 2020, Thai Jasmine rice won the World’s Best Rice contest, followed by Vietnam’s ST25 rice in second place.

The process of pre-exporting white rice in bulk

  • White rice in bulk for export usually goes through the following process:
    Step 1: Drying
    After being harvested, fresh rice is transported to a drying facility to reduce moisture content for the preservation process and to ensure quality. Rice typically has a moisture level of 20-30% after harvest, which is reduced to 13-14% so that white rice in bulk can be stored for 3-4 months.
  • Step 2: Sieve impurities
    A critical first step in the preparation for exporting white rice in bulk. The impurities to be removed include rice husks, termites, sandstones, etc., if any.
  • Step 3: Peeling/ separating the husk
    The grain will be passed through the hulling system and separating the husk to achieve the finished product is brown rice.


    Before and after separating the husk

  • Step 4: White milling
    Brown rice is normally whitened 1 to 2 times to separate the bran layer, then the ultimate result is rice and coarse bran.


    Brown rice after milling

  • Step 5: Wipe white
    White rice in bulk is whitewashed 1 to 2 times to separate the fine bran layer.
  • Step 6: Broken rice separation
    There are 2 usual steps of broken rice separation: separation through a sieve, then separation through the drum. In fact, the lower the broken percentage of white rice in bulk, the higher the value.


    White rice in bulk with 5% broken

  • Step 7: White rice in bulk storage
    Finished rice is stored in silos waiting for export bagging.
  • Step 8: Color separation
    Depending on the customers’ requirements, white rice in bulk can be color separated before being weighed and packed into packages for export. Finished white rice in bulk is usually packed in 25kg bags.


    Jasmine white rice in bulk packed in 25kg bags

  • In addition, the OEM packaging policy allows white rice in bulk buyers to design their own, or request custom packaging.


    White rice in bulk designed package

  • This policy is already present in many rice white rice in bulk suppliers businesses, such as Vietnam K-Agriculture.

Types of white rice in bulk

White rice in bulk is classified into three categories based on grain length.

  • Short-grain white rice in bulk:
    Rice with a slightly rounded shape, when cooked has the soft and sticky texture of all rice. The grain of this type is less than twice as wide as long-grain white rice in bulk and has a sticky texture after cooking.


    Japonica – famous short-grain white rice in bulk

Currently, Japonica is the most famous. Vietnam has successfully purchased seeds of this rice and produced products with good quality and more affordable prices.

  • Medium-grain white rice in bulk:
    Medium-grain rice is relatively short (about 5.2mm – 6.5mm). After cooking, the texture is soft but not as sticky as short-grain rice.


    Medium-grain white rice in bulk

  • Long-grain white rice in bulk:
    The length of the grain rice is three to four times its width. This type of white rice in bulk is quite popularly used in daily meals. In Vietnam, some delicious long grain rice brands are ST, Jasmine, and OM5451.


    Some types of white rice in bulk in Vietnam

This type of white rice in bulk has the thinnest structure of the three and contains less starch, making it light, separable, and fluffy when cooked.

White rice in bulk: Most rice-consuming countries

Rice is one of the world’s most popular grains and appears in almost every Asian daily meal.


Rice is probably indispensable in Asian meals

  • Asia is the world’s most populous region, as well as the biggest consumption market of white rice in bulk. In particular, China and India use more than half of all rice consumed worldwide.


    Rice consumption worldwide in 2021/2022 (Source:

  • According to the statistics, China consumes more white rice in bulk than any other country, with about 154.9 million tons consumed in 2021/2022, followed by South Asian countries (India, Bangladesh), and Southeast Asian countries (Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam,…)
  • Each country has a different culinary culture. Therefore, different types of white rice in bulk are preferred depending on the taste of each region. Here are some prominent markets and popular varieties of rice there.


    Popular types of white rice in bulk by region

Top white rice in bulk exporters countries in the world

White rice in bulk is heavily developed throughout South and Southeast Asia due to its suitability for hot and humid climates, which is suitable for growing rice.

  • India, Vietnam, and Thailand are the top 3 exporters of white rice in bulk countries according to USDA’s statistics (2/2021)


    Top 3 rice exporters countries (Source:

In 2021, India continues to be the world’s largest rice exporter with rice exports reaching nearly 20 million tons, accounting for more than 25% of the global market share. Thailand and Vietnam still are prominent names among the world’s largest white rice in bulk exporting countries.

  • Several popular varieties of rice are dominating the rice market and capturing a high market share.
  • There will be numerous varieties of wholesale rice depending on your needs or the market you are targeting.
  • If you want to buy white rice in bulk at the cheapest price, IR504 is the greatest option. Vietnam is the only country that manufactures IR504.

White rice in bulk at the cheapest price – IR504

  • If you wish to buy higher-quality white rice in bulk at a reasonable price, select Jasmine (Thailand) or DT08 (Vietnam)


    White rice in bulk with high quality – DT08 and Jasmine

  • Furthermore, the white rice in bulk with the highest price today is Vietnam’s ST (such as ST24, ST25), which is also known as “the best rice in the world.” Because of its high quality, ST rice is especially popular in the American and European markets.

Each type of white rice in bulk has its strengths and weaknesses, you should consider other factors such as quality, price, target market, and buying purpose to choose the best type of white rice in bulk to import.
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Factors affecting white rice in bulk price

The white rice in the bulk market is still growing, but it needs price flexibility and certain knowledge to choose the finest rice at the best price. Here are some simple elements to consider while trading white rice in bulk to prevent getting scammed into purchasing overpriced or low-quality rice.

  • Rice quality
    Non-fragrant white rice in bulk (IR504, OM5451) is not as expensive as fragrant rice (ST or Jasmine), although they are all long-grain rice.
    Similarly, the broken percentage also affects the price. Compared to the standard of 5% broken white rice in bulk, the higher the percentage of broken rice, the cheaper it is.
  • The price of white rice in bulk is determined by the last eater’s taste.
    The more tasty and popular the white rice is, such as ST and Japonica rice, the higher the rice wholesale price.


    Price of white rice in bulk in Vietnam (Source: K-Agriculture Factory)

Japonica rice is specially used for making sushi because of its extremely flexible qualities and excellent stickiness.

  • Productivity of each type of white rice in bulk
    Some types of rice have higher requirements, requiring more careful and thorough planting and harvesting to yield the greatest rice. These types of white rice in bulk are typically more expensive.


    ST25 and OM5451 in comparison

For instance, a 1-hectare field will harvest 7 tons of rice 5251, but ST 25 can only harvest 4 tons.

  • Import laws and regulations about white rice in the bulk in each country
    Besides common standards, each import market has different requirements for white rice in bulk such as residues chemicals, pesticides, impurities, handling, and preservation.
    The quality of rice products is related to the national security of all exporting and importing countries. As a result, white rice in bulk exporters must regularly update import and export policies and regulations to adjust the price. In Vietnam, some types of white rice in bulk are ST, Jasmine, and OM5451, which have been exempted from tax incentives by Europe.

White rice in bulk: What makes a rice supplier reliable?

Finding a dependable wholesale rice supplier for long-term partnership is difficult, even with the assistance of these smart digital platforms. As a result, there are numerous factors to examine in the supplier-based assessment.

Clear and public information

Reliable white rice in bulk suppliers certainly have a clear position of offices and factories to gain the trust of customers. A regularly updated website is the easiest sign to identify reputable white rice in bulk suppliers.

Legal business license and certificate

When it comes to reputable white rice in bulk suppliers, showing off their license and track record is the best way to gain customers’ trust and enhance their position in the white rice in bulk market.
In general, some documents required for rice export are a business registration license, export license, ISO 22000:2005 certification to ensure food safety for health, and HACCP certification on control hazards in food production and processing.


Some certificates needed to export (Source: K-Agriculture Factory)

In addition, each country will require specific certificates. For example, Halal certification is only for markets in Muslim countries, to ensure that there are no ingredients in the white rice in bulk raw materials that are prohibited by Islamic law (LHG).

Past performance of white rice in bulk suppliers

Showing BL (Bill of Lading) or feedback from previous customers might reflect the quality of white rice in bulk sellers.


White rice in bulk exporter from Vietnam – K-Agriculture is discussing with their partners.

If the suppliers provide them with good products, services, and shipments, they will receive positive feedback from their buyers.

White rice in bulk: Top 3 suppliers

1. K-Agriculture Vietnam

K-Agriculture Factory is one of Vietnam’s the best rice suppliers of white rice in bulk. The facility manufactures and distributes about 3 million tonnes of rice to 80 countries each year. K-Agriculture, in particular, offers a variety of white rice varieties in bulk, including ST, Jasmine rice, Japonica, OM5451, IR504, and so on.

Otherwise, K-Agriculture Factory also provides reasonable prices, good customer service, and easy payment ways for their white rice in bulk buyers.

  • Website:
  • WhatsApp: +84855555694 (Ms. Evelyn – Sales Manager at K-Agriculture Factory)
  • Email:

2. Hak Yong Co.
Hak Yong Co is long-standing white rice in bulk supplier in Singapore, both at a local and global level.
Hak Yong Co. provides 5 types of white rice in bulk: Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice, Jasmine Rice, Brown Rice, Mixed Brown Rice, and Red Rice. Otherwise, they also distribute other ordinary foodstuff and provisions such as sugar, flour, oil, and salt.

3. Wonnapob Company
Wonnapob Company is a reputable white rice bulk distributor in Thailand. This Thai family-owned business was set up in 1895, offering a large selection of Thai rice, including Jasmine, glutinous rice, brown rice, white rice in bulk, and a special blend of rice.


Wonnapob Company – white rice in bulk supplier

With a long family history and advanced automatic rice processing equipment, Wonnapob can supply rice products of high quality and guarantee even large orders.

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