Where can I buy spices in bulk: Top 3 places that every businessman don’t want you to know


Where can I buy spices in bulk? This must have long been the question of many businessmen out there. In this post, we will show you everything you need to find yourself a spice supplier, which will help you gain success in the industry of your choice.

An overview of the question Where can I buy spices in bulk

Spices are a crucial part of our daily lives. It makes up all the amazing flavors that we taste every day. Most of the popular spices come from Eastern Countries like China, Vietnam or India. 

Popular types of spices you should know before answering the question where can I buy spices in bulk

There are hundreds of types of spices all around the world. Therefore, it is very hard to have knowledge or use all of them. If you are a businessman and you want to enter the spices industry, it is even more important for you to focus on the most popular ones, so that it is easier to answer “Where can I buy spices in bulk”. Here are some of the most well-known and used spices in the world.

Black pepper: The first spice you wanna know before deciding where can I buy spices in bulk

Pepper is the most widely traded spice in the world, contributing for over a fifth of all imported spices. The majority of pepper is sent to China, the United States, and Germany from Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-1

Black pepper is the most traded spice in the world

Black pepper is the first thought of many successful businessmen when asking themselves where can I buy spices in bulk. It is because black pepper is the most often used type of pepper in the world, accounting for over 20% of the global spice trade’s monetary value.

  • Green berries on the vine of the pepper tree are the origins of black pepper. Once the bunch of berries has ripened and the first transition from green to dark red, the spikes are harvested and shriveled by the sun into puckered, dark brownish spheres, which we call black pepper.
  • After drying, the peppers are sorted into different sizes and grades by filtering them through mesh filters. The larger the peppercorn, the richer and stronger the flavor, with the largest peppercorns put in the highest grades. If you are looking for where can I buy spices in bulk with high quality, you should look for the largest peppercorns possible.
Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-2

An overview of wholesale pepper in the world

  • Black pepper, which is somewhat hot but has the strongest aroma, is used to enhance the spicy flavor of fish meals and deodorize them. It has numerous health and cosmetic benefits, as well as weight loss and cold-fighting properties, therefore many people think of it when answering where can I buy spices in bulk. It’s also used to treat indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation, among other things.
  • Black pepper is used in all cuisines and is consumed in large quantities all over the world. The US is currently the world’s greatest user of black pepper in bulk, followed by other nations including China, India, Vietnam…

Cinnamon: One of the most suitable answer to where can I buy spices in bulk

Cinnamon is so unique that it is utilized all around the world for a variety of purposes, including as a culinary additive, medicinal, and cosmetic element. As a result, cinnamon may be viewed as a successful product that traders should not overlook. To be more specific, Grand View Research estimates that the worldwide cinnamon sector will grow at a CAGR of 14% from 2019 to 2025.

It is important for you to note about some of the common cinnamon products when asking yourself where can I buy spices in bulk:

Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-3

Different types of cinnamon

  • Tube cinnamon: This is created from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree, which curls into a tube that is 40 to 45 centimeters in length when dried.
  • Stick cinnamon: A smaller variety of cinnamon with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 centimeters and a length of 15 to 20 centimeters. Wholesale cinnamon sticks are the most traded type of cinnamon. 
  • Cigarette cinnamon: Similar to Stick cinnamon but it is typically 8 to 10 cm long. An appropriate option if you don’t know where can I buy spices in bulk.
  • Split cinnamon: The tree bark that is dried and packaged in carton boxes after being chopped into smaller, equal pieces.
  • Broken cinnamon: These are broken pieces of cinnamon obtained during the harvesting procedure.
  • Cinnamon powder is formed by grinding cinnamon barks together.
  • Cinnamon essential oil is extracted from the leaves, roots, and bark of the cinnamon tree.

Star anise: A promising market to answer where can I buy spices in bulk

Star anise is a non-timber forest spice that was first cultivated in southern China and northern Vietnam. This Vietnamese spice is recognized as the greatest quality star anise in the world due to optimal natural conditions and decades of growing experience. If you are looking for where can I buy spices in bulk that can be used in cooking, star anise can be your perfect choice.

It’s commonly used as a flavor enhancer in broths, soups, and curries in classical Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Sweet meals and desserts, such as baked fruit, pies, quick bread, and muffins, also benefit from the inclusion of star anise. Furthermore, star anise also brings with it many health benefits like antiviral and antibacterial capabilities.

There are many types of star anise on the market to consider when you don’t know where can I buy spices in bulk:

  • Whole star anise: The best quality star anise. There are two primary seasonal crops: spring and autumn, which produce the two main forms of whole star anise. With a diameter of roughly 2 cm, the spring whole star anise is 0.8 times smaller than the autumn one, but its essential oil concentration is substantially higher. This sort of star anise is superior to all others in terms of purity and resemblance, as well as nutrient content and aroma, making it the best choice in terms of quality when you don’t know where can I buy spices in bulk.
Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-4

Overview of whole star anise

  • Blended star anise is a mixture of broken, crumbs, and even the fruit stalk of star anise. This sort of star anise is simply harvested after picking by removing all of the leaves and drying at a suitable temperature. It has higher admixture and broken rate than whole star anise but with a cheaper price range. If you don’t know where can I buy spices in bulk at a cheap price in exchange for low quality, you might want to check this type of star anise out.
Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-5

Overview of blended star anise

  • Broken star anise includes the whole, broken, and even fragments of star anise, with a lower admixture rate than blended star anise because both leaves and stalks are carefully removed. As a result, the average price of broken star is slightly greater than blended star, suitable for people finding where can I buy spices in bulk with average quality and price.
Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-6

Overview of broken star anise

Price of spices: a crucial step to answer where can I buy spices in bulk

Wholesale price of black pepper 

Wholesale pepper prices increased in August and September 2021. If you don’t know where can I buy spices in bulk, you may feel like pepper is not a viable option. This is because several export countries hit their peak pricing in four years, compared to the wholesale pepper average price in 2020 by month:

Countries Average price by month in 2020 Average price by month in 2021 (up to October)
Indonesia 2.76 USD/kg 3.37 USD/kg
Brazil 2.08 USD/kg 3.19 USD/kg
Malaysia 3.44 USD/kg 3.64 USD/kg
India 3.82 USD/kg 3.9 USD/kg
Vietnam 2.37 USD/kg 3.65 USD/kg

The rise in wholesale black pepper prices in 2021 has been attributed to a series of events:

  • The resurgence of several sectors due to the remission of the Covid – 19 pandemic boosts demand for black pepper soared throughout the festival season.
  • Furthermore, unpredictable weather has a negative impact on harvest-ready crops.

In conclusion, a supply deficit and increased demand in major markets such as the United States, China, and Europe have led to a four-year peak in wholesale pepper prices. Therefore, importers now not only have to answer where can I buy spices in bulk, they also have to find a cheap supply source of pepper.

Some suppliers, though, with superior cost controlling technique and quality production process, can still keep their prices at a reasonable level. For example, here is the price range of K-Agriculture, the best pepper supplier in Vietnam that you can consult when looking for where can I buy spices in bulk:

Product Quality FOB Price (USD/MT)
Black pepper 430 GL Average quality 32xx
Black pepper 450 GL Average quality 33xx
Black pepper 500 GL Average quality 35xx
Black pepper 550 GL Average quality 37xx
Black pepper 570 GL Average quality 37xx
Black pepper 500 GL Asta, machine clean 37xx
Black pepper 550 GL Asta, machine clean 38xx
Black pepper 570 GL Asta, machine clean 39xx
Black pepper 5mm Asta, machine clean 40xx

If you have any concerns, we can always help you get more information about the price of wholesale pepper with just a click. 

Wholesale price of cinnamon

There are 2 main types of cinnamon on the market, Ceylon and Cassia, with Ceylon cinnamon being the total superior in price and quality. The graph below depicts the global wholesale cinnamon price trends over the course of six months, from July to December 2021. The figures come from Tridge, an official website that provides detailed information on global agriculture such as where can I buy spices in bulk, or the market trend of spices:

Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-7

Price trends of cinnamon globally

The price of cinnamon is very stable in 2021, compared to pepper. Ceylon cinnamon C5 still proves its preeminence in price, with average price from 2 to 3 times as much as Cassia cinnamon. If you don’t know where can I buy spices in bulk to start your business, cinnamon is a worthy choice due to its high demand and stability in price. 

Wholesale price of star anise

Due to the lack of supply and difficulties in shipment, the price of wholesale star anise also witnessed rises in recent times. Similar to pepper, if you are wondering where can I buy spices in bulk to do business, star anise might not be the best option at the moment. Every year when the season arrives, the price is in the range of 6-7 dollars per kilogram, but this year is different. The price range of star anise have gone up to 9 dollars per kilogram. The chart below shows the star anise price of K-Agriculture, the best star anise supplier in Vietnam:

Product Quality FOB Price (USD/MT)
Whole star anise 10% broken, >2.5cm 84xx
Whole star anise 10% broken, 2-2.5cm 73xx
Whole star anise spring 10% broken, 2-2.5cm 71xx

If you don’t know where to buy spices in bulk, and you are looking for star anise suppliers, K-Agriculture can be your best choice. They have quality star anise, harvested and processed directly from Vietnam, with the most competitive price on the market.

Where can I buy spices in bulk: How to find reliable suppliers

Getting in touch with spices in bulk suppliers is now as easy as pie. The following list will present traders various viable options.

  • Using the Internet: Almost every spice provider currently has an online presence so that people who do not know where can I buy spices in bulk can easily find them. Simply search for “spices suppliers near me” on Google, social media, or e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, and others. Reliable websites such as go4WorldBusiness, World’s Top Exports, or the Government Office may also have great listings of top spice providers. You can even utilize social media like Facebook or Linkedin to find these suppliers. Just join agriculture or spice groups like Spices Importers & Exporters, BLACK PEPPER COMMUNITY, Spices Market… and you shall find where can I buy spices in bulk there.
Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-8

Ways to find spices suppliers

  • Agricultural fairs: Hundreds of agricultural fairs take held each year in various nations. If you are a businessman searching for where can I buy spices in bulk, you should really not miss this way out. In just a few days, retailers will be able to contact thousands of wholesale spices suppliers and brokers. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt to this, so another alternative may be online fairs.
  • Embassies: You can also get information about wholesale cinnamon stick providers from local embassies. Although companies suggested by embassies are frequently reliable, the range of suppliers available through this channel is limited.

How to spot fake/scam spice supplier when looking for where can I buy spices in bulk

The following are characteristics of trustworthy wholesale pepper suppliers or spices suppliers:

  • Suppliers must have transparent contact numbers and addresses displayed prominently on their websites. Buyers must know where can I buy spices in bulk, or in other words the locations of their suppliers’ offices and verify their legitimacy on a map before beginning to work with them.
  • Required qualifications: Every wholesale spices provider must obtain licenses and certifications to prove product quality, such as ISO standards, in order to meet the requirements of exporting.
  • Excellent historical records: Working with trusted spices suppliers can help businesses relax and lessen the risk of being scammed.
Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-9

Spices suppliers: Do’s and Don’ts

As a result, the following are some features of a questionable spices supplier when you want to find where can I buy spices in bulk:

  • Exceptionally low cost: Scam wholesale spice providers may use false discount schemes or low pricing when buying in bulk to attract unsuspecting buyers. To get a complete picture of the market, a smart retailer should compare prices across multiple websites.
  • Untrustworthy suppliers always insist on payment in advance without sending any legal paperwork regarding goods transportation. This circumstance is extremely common, yet many inexperienced shops who cannot find where can I buy spices in bulk are unaware of it.
  • Uncertain information: If a supplier’s website does not include an address or phone number, it is almost certainly a hoax. Because every importers want to know where to buy spices in bulk, there’s no reason for suppliers to keep their information hidden.

Where can I buy spices in bulk: How to work with spices suppliers

Usually, there are 5 steps to go through when you work with an oversea spices supplier:

Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-10

How to work with spices suppliers

Step 1: After you have known where can I buy spices in bulk, the buyer first would send the distributor a Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining his or her requirements.

Step 2: The distributor creates an FCO in response to the LOI. The two sides will talk on how to get to a final FCO.

Step 3: Suppliers and purchasers of spices in bulk will discuss payment methods, prices, and packaging requirements. Buyers can request samples from sellers, and sellers can visit buyers’ businesses to verify their information. Having sample is also one of the most common way to test credibility of where can I buy spices in bulk.

Step 4: Distributors arrange items for export, loading them onto ships, and providing purchasers a bill of loading to finalize payment. Both parties share responsibility for the freight delivery situation.

Step 5: Sellers must inspect the items’ quality and quantity when they reach the port of discharge. If all goes well, providers will provide clients with after-sales assistance to encourage them to place another order.

And that is all the basic steps to go through after you have known where can I buy spices in bulk.

The answer to the question: Where can I buy spices in bulk

Everest Spices 

Everest is a leading spice factory in India, renowned for producing high-quality Indian spices. It is the most popular spice brand in India, and it has been in the spice business for over 50 years.

Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-11

Everest Spice

Apart from India, the spice manufacturing company sells its products in 58 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Africa.


K-Agriculture is a leading wholesale spices provider in the world, exporting to over 100 countries. “Quality is King,” the company’s motto, shows that K-Agriculture always ensures product quality under all conditions. The innovative board of directors led by Mr. Daniel Trong Quy, as well as the established product quality, contribute to the company’s reputation. If you are looking for the answer to where can I buy spices in bulk from Vietnam, K-Agriculture is your best option to take.

Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-12

K-Agriculture: The best spices supplier in Vietnam

Contact information:


Whatsapp: +84855 555 837 


Olam Food Ingredients

Olam International is a large agribusiness and food company, operating in 60 countries and supplying food and industrial ingredients to more than 19,800 customers worldwide. OFI’s most well-known raw materials and ingredient platforms include cocoa, coffee, dairy, almonds, and spices.

Where-can-I-buy spices-in-bulk-13

Olam Food Ingredients

Quality control, traceability, and risk management can all benefit from deep involvement at every point of the spices in bulk supply chain, thus making Olam a reasonable answer to where can I buy spices in bulk.

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