Washed coffee beans – the purest coffee beans


Washed coffee beans allow the consumers to taste all the different flavors of the original beans. That’s the reason why these coffee beans are so popular with both coffee traders and consumers.

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Overview of washed coffee beans

Currently, washed coffee beans are the most popular fermentation around the world. Although its making process is complex and strict, the flavor that coffee brings is absolutely deserved for coffee consumers to pay for and enjoy it.


Overview of washed coffee

A brief definition of washed coffee beans

Washed beans are beans going under the process of removing the entire outer pulp, flesh, and mucilage from the coffee cherries then are immediately dried in the sun. Therefore, these beans tend to have a high level of acidity and a more consistent flavor of the coffee. It is the acidity of coffee beans that makes this coffee generally appreciated by the coffee community.


A brief definition of washed coffee

Main types of washed coffee beans

Washed coffee is often classified into 2 main types: fully washed and washed coffees. Both methods are similar at the beginning processing stage when the fruit’s outer layer is mechanically removed. The big difference between the 2 processing methods exists in removing mucilage. The washed method uses a device called “Demucilager ” whereas the other uses fermented sugars to create a biochemical reaction to discard the mucilage totally.

Washing coffee beans process

There are 4 main steps in the process of making washed coffee beans. Each step needs to be conducted carefully to make the perfect flavor of washed coffee.
After picking the coffee fruits, producers will pour them into tanks of water to remove the floating ones and keep standard coffee beans. The reason is that high-quality beans of the densely formed structure are heavier than water.


Sorting of washed coffee beans

The next stage is important to set the coffee beans apart from the outer skins. This step is often done by industrial machines called “Demucilager” to improve productivity and save time.



Next, fermenting beans is a crucial step to remove the rest of the mucilage stuck to the coffee beans and their parchment. They will be fermented in large tanks full of water in about 18 to 24 hours. An important problem of this stage is environmental problems regarding the disposal of the great wastewater. This step needs to be conducted carefully to make the perfect taste of washed coffee beans.



Drying is the last step but also the highest risk in the washed Arabica coffee beans making process. At that time washed coffee beans’ flavor and acidity are easily damaged by microorganisms’ attacks. To keep the purest taste of coffee, the beans have to be dried in the open sunny air for about 2 days then heated by mechanical driers.



Differences between washed coffee beans and natural coffee beans

Natural and washed coffee are the two most common processing ways in the world. There are some differences between washed vs natural coffee that make them taste differently.


Differences between natural coffee beans and washed one

Making process

Natural coffee fermentation now is not a popular processing method but it is the oldest one while washed coffee is the most common method of fermentation. For the former process, the ripest cherry will be dried without removing any outer layers while for the latter, farmers separate the seed of a cherry from the fruit by removing all the outer skin and flesh then fermenting them with water in the open air.


Due to the totally different processing methods, natural coffee and washed coffee beans also bring their own unique flavors which can not be mistaken for each other. The flavor of this coffee is prone to the taste of the cherry’s seed itself which brings the feeling of cleanliness and purity while the natural ones bring out a full-flavor, fruity and complex taste to the coffee.

Nutrient composition

It has shown that there is a close correlation between the contents of sugar and the kind of processing methods. While in washed coffee beans, analyzers found that only low amounts of sugar were present, those in natural coffees were significantly higher.

Reasons why washed coffee beans are popular

Although making washed coffee beans is more complex and the manufacturing cost is high, this coffee is still preferred by many coffee lovers.

Washed coffee has its own unique and “classy” taste

Washed coffee beans are much purer and cleaner than natural ones. Washed methods mainly focus on the bean itself which offers a more acidic, consistent, and bitter flavor at the coffee finish. Due to the popularity of  these coffee beans and their mechanically processing stage, the price of this coffee is generally higher than that of the natural ones, which shows the “classy” taste of consumers.


Washed coffee has its own unique and “classy” taste

Washed coffee beans can improve drinkers’ experience

After the coffee cherry is harvested, it’s processed. A different method brings a different taste to the final cup. Washed coffee beans are often described as having a light body, featuring bright acidity and clean, floral flavors. Its original taste reflects the soil and surroundings of the coffee’s growing lands, bringing to consumers the feeling of fresh nature and purity.


Washed coffee improve drinkers’ experience

Washed coffee beans are better for your health

Thanks to the low content of sugars, washed coffee beans are good for diabetes in controlling their sugar intake. Moreover, with coffee addicts, consuming less sugar will lower your blood pressure which helps prevent strokes and heart problems.


Washed coffee is better for your health

Where to buy high-quality washed coffee beans

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