Vietnamese Jasmine Rice And 5 Attractive Features


Vietnamese jasmine rice has high nutritional content, rich in vitamins. However, Vietnamese jasmine rice has some different features from other jasmine rice that not many customers could realize.

Vietnamese jasmine rice: Overview

Jasmine rice was voted as the most delicious rice variety in the world and Vietnamese jasmine rice still remains unique characteristics of original jasmine rice.

The process of rice for export at K-Agriculture company

Definition of Vietnamese jasmine rice

Jasmine fragrant rice is sown from the Jasmine 85 rice variety bred at IRRI Philippines, which is a blend of the high yielding variety IR262 and the fragrant rice variety Khao Dawk Mali of Thailand. Currently, Vietnamese jasmine rice is commonly grown in the provinces of the Mekong Delta and has a basic aroma similar to Thai rice.

Jasmine rice product is considered a fragrant rice brand in Vietnam in recent years, but the price of Jasmine rice is not too expensive for consumers, ranging from 13,000 to 15,000 VND/kg.


Vietnamese Jasmine rice

Main features of Vietnamese jasmine rice

Jasmine rice variety has appeared in Vietnam for a long time and has been giving consumers many effective features such as:

  • Vietnamese jasmine rice grains are long, clear, and especially not chalky.
  • When cooked, Vietnamese jasmine rice has a mild aroma, supple seeds and each seed is usually about 6.8mm in length.
  • This is one of the types of rice with good rice quality, meeting export standards.
  • Vietnamese jasmine rice is soft when cooled and has a light, delicious taste.
  • Vietnamese jasmine rice seeds have hard stems, are easy to fertilize, and are less prone to be flattened.

Features of Vietnamese jasmine rice

Nutrients in Vietnamese jasmine rice

Vietnamese jasmine rice is suitable for all ages such as adults, children, the elderly, etc. which provides essential nutrients and strengthens the resistance of the body to fight against all diseases.

Compared with regular white rice, Vietnamese jasmine rice’s nutrition has lower calories and contains a little more fiber, calcium, and iron.


Nutrients in a cup of Vietnamese jasmine rice

In addition, the nutrition content of Jasmine rice also includes vitamins B1 and D. These are vitamins that provide energy and aid in blood cell production, nutritional balance, and immune system support. Moreover, Vietnamese jasmine rice contains many minerals such as selenium, iron, calcium and meets the body’s needs. Selenium prevents metabolic disorders in the digestive system, anti-aging, participates in thyroid hormone synthesis, and helps eliminate heavy metal toxins.

Locations where Vietnamese jasmine rice is mainly cultivated

Vietnamese jasmine rice is mainly cultivated in the Mekong Delta for a high yield.

  • The Mekong Delta with an area of ​​more than 3.2 million hectares of rice cultivation, annually contributes more than 50% of rice production and more than 90% of rice exports, not only ensures food security but also affirms the role and position of Vietnam’s top rice exporter in the world.

The Mekong Delta

  • Besides, Vietnamese jasmine rice is also cultivated in the Red River delta and localities in Central Vietnam. However, the productivity is not high and this type of rice is not focused in these areas because they specialize in sowing other Vietnamese white rice varieties.

The Red River Delta

Compare Vietnamese jasmine rice with other Vietnamese rice

Jasmine rice was imported into Vietnam in 1992 and produced widely throughout the delta provinces, Vietnamese Jasmine rice has the largest export markets in Iraq (18.8%), the Philippines (18.4%), and the Coast. Ivory (18.1%). Rice in Vietnam also has other famous rice varieties like ST25 or Japonica rice

  • ST25

During the World Rice Conference taking place in Manila (Philippines), Vietnam’s ST25 rice excellently surpassed many rice varieties of other countries to win the First Prize of the World Delicious Rice Contest 2019. ST25 rice grains have a characteristic aroma of pandan leaves mixed with the aroma of young nuggets, which is easy to smell even when the rice is still raw. The US and China are the two largest export markets for ST25 rice, the US accounts for 91% of Vietnam’s total ST25 rice export volume with about 2,800 tons.


Jasmine rice vs ST25 rice

  • Japonica rice

Japonica rice is a round-shaped grain rice variety (also known as Japanese rice), high quality, cultivated, and produced in the Mekong Delta provinces about 10 years ago. In 2018, a private Vietnamese company won a tender for 50,000 tons of Japonica rice to be exported to South Korea – a market that is considered difficult. Japonica rice grains are round, soft rice, when cooked, white rice grains are fluffy and round like pearls. In particular, Japonica rice has a strong taste of rice, a naturally sweet aroma, and contains many nutrients.


Jasmine rice vs Japonica rice

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Competitive advantages of jasmine rice from Vietnam: flavors and prices in bulk

Jasmine rice from Vietnam is a type of long grain rice, but it possesses some distinct features compared to others, including premium quality and reasonable price.

  • Jasmine rice from Vietnam vs Jasmine rice from Thailand

Jasmine rice from Vietnam and Jasmine rice from Thailand are two big competitors in the market. The quality of jasmine rice is rather similar between the two nations when having a light, fluffy, delicate texture, and unlike many other glutinous “sticky” varieties, it does not stick together. However, Vietnam jasmine rice price is 577 USD/ton while Thailand’s is much higher, 609 USD/ton, which makes several importers hesitate.


Jasmine rice from Vietnam vs Jasmine rice from Thailand

  • Jasmine rice from Vietnam vs other Vietnamese fragrant rice

Vietnamese fragrant rice includes some famous brands like ST rice and OM 5451 rice. ST rice – leading rice from Vietnam has a characteristic scent, when eaten, it has a sweet taste and is very soft. When cooled, ST rice is still delicious and not hard. However, its main market is just China and its price is much higher than jasmine rice from Vietnam (770-1000 USD/ton) while besides China, jasmine rice is consumed much in the Philippines, Ghana, etc.

OM 5451 has an extended grain and a white milk color that is slightly opaque. The rice is medium and soft when cooked, with a subtle natural aroma. This type of rice has lower specifications than jasmine rice from Vietnam and it does not have the special aroma, so it is hard to conquer picky markets. Its price is 408 – 412 USD/ton and imported most by Philippines, East Timor, Africa.


Jasmine rice from Vietnam vs other Vietnamese fragrant rice

Many wholesalers in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and the Philippines prefer jasmine rice from Vietnam because its price is more reasonable than jasmine rice from Thailand and Campuchia. In 2019, jasmine rice from Vietnam cost 597 USD/ton while the price of Thai jasmine rice and Cambodia jasmine rice is 950 USD/ton and 800 USD/ton respectively. Moreover, in picky markets like the EU, jasmine rice from Vietnam still satisfies strict export standards due to its high quality.

Factors affecting the price of Jasmine rice from Vietnam

Jasmine rice from Vietnam is subject to some outstanding elements, which makes its price fluctuate in every period.

Jasmine rice from Vietnam supply

Prices will change based on the volume of rice producers’ output. The wholesale price would rise if the overall rice production of rice manufacturers decreases. For example, in 2016, the price of jasmine rice from Vietnam was 486 USD/ton, and after 5 years, the price constantly rose and reached 514 USD/ton in 2020.


Jasmine rice from Vietnam supply

Demand for Jasmine rice from Vietnam

American consumer demand for specialty aromatic rice such as jasmine rice has steadily increased in recent decades due to changing demographics and consumer tastes. This is a big chance for jasmine rice from Vietnam to step into this market when imported rice now accounts for more than a quarter of total rice consumption in the US. Besides, countries like Ghana (accounting for 39% of the total export turnover of Vietnamese fragrant rice and jasmine rice), the Philippines always crave for jasmine rice from Vietnam.


Demand for jasmine rice from Vietnam

Supporting policies for Jasmine rice from Vietnam

The Vietnamese government is trying to build good relationships with other countries to easily sign agreements to boost rice exports. In 2020, a Vietnamese rice supplier exported the first batch of jasmine rice to the European Union (EU) under the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), with a tax rate of 0%.


Supporting policies for jasmine rice from Vietnam

Channels to buy Vietnamese jasmine rice

Customers could buy Vietnamese jasmine rice in bulk through a variety of convenient channels.

In grocery stores and supermarket

Nowadays, Vietnamese jasmine rice is displayed and sold in every grocery store because of its popularity. Supermarkets sell many brands of Vietnamese jasmine rice with high quality. However, customers should be aware of fake products that have the same packaging.


Buy Vietnamese jasmine rice in grocery stores and supermarkets

Through e-commerce platforms

Vietnamese jasmine rice is consumed all over the world, so e-commerce platforms are the best method for global customers to access Vietnamese jasmine rice suppliers. Alibaba, Amazon, Go4world are some popular platforms where Vietnamese jasmine rice is available at different prices and qualities.


Buy Vietnamese jasmine rice through e-commerce platforms

Through social networking sites

In this day and age, groups on Facebook, or sales on Instagram are trendy. Rice is a staple commodity to consume every day. Therefore, social networking sites are the places customers could buy Vietnamese jasmine rice.


Buy Vietnamese jasmine rice through social networking sites

Top brands of Vietnamese jasmine rice

Here are reputable jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam that affirm their position in the rice market with a reasonable price and guarantee quality over time.

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Trung An jasmine fragrant rice

Jasmine Trung An rice is Jasmine 85 rice variety, IR 841-85 hybrid line, which is very popular. Rice is flexible, soft, fragrant, and has a sweet taste. When Vietnamese jasmine rice is ripe, white rice grains are fluffy, stretchy and very attractive. You can use Trung An Jasmine Rice to cook all kinds of rice, cook porridge, make cakes…
Products are carefully selected, safe for health, bringing peace of mind to users. Products are packaged discreetly, easy to store, and keep the original quality inside. Jasmine Trung An rice rich in nutritional value will bring your family delicious and warm meals.


Trung An jasmine fragrant rice

K-Agriculture jasmine rice

This brand provides rice with high quality. K-Agriculture Jasmine rice has outstanding features in aroma, taste, and is certified by GMO, HACCP. With a 25-year history of delivering Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, K-Agriculture jasmine rice is popular and consumed by many customers.
If you are interested in K-Agriculture, feel free to contact us via:
WhatsApp: +84855555694


K-Agriculture jasmine rice

Vua Gao jasmine rice

Vua Gao jasmine rice is grown on separate, fertile and safe fields, guaranteed to be rigorously tested. Clean rice does not have pesticide residues and is not impregnated with chemicals that affect consumers’ health. The product packaging is in the form of a bag, carefully packed. Make sure Vietnamese jasmine rice is not contaminated with bacteria from the surrounding environment.


Vua Gao jasmine rice

AAn jasmine rice

AAn jasmine rice is a brand of clean rice packed in bags of Tan Long – a leading corporation in Vietnam in the field of green and clean agriculture. Vietnamese Jasmine rice is produced on a large sample field in association with farmers, strictly controlling pesticide residues, safe for consumers’ health. Jasmine A AN rice is committed to no mixing, processed by modern European technological lines, creating naturally delicious rice products.


AAn jasmine rice

Vietnamese jasmine rice is the most imported type of rice that Vietnam suppliers are focusing on to improve the quality and optimize all costs. Customers should take it into consideration to buy prestigious Vietnamese jasmine rice.

In conclusion, this article provides you with the information you need to know about Vietnamese jasmine rice. Hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment for further explanation from experts from K-agriculture which is one of the biggest factories in agriculture in Vietnam!


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