Vietnamese Green Rice: The Pride Of Vietnamese Agriculture


Vietnamese green rice is the unique cuisine of Vietnamese agriculture. With its distinctive flavor and aroma, Vietnamese green rice is now the favorite food of many people.

Vietnamese green rice: An overview

Vietnam is one of the largest rice producers in the world. Hence, many rice varieties originating from this country are popular on the rice market like ST rice line, Jasmine rice, and Vietnamese glutinous rice. Among Vietnamese rice, Vietnamese green rice is the traditional cuisine that can not be found in any other country.


Vietnamese green rice

Vietnamese green rice is young sticky rice seeds that were carefully picked up since they are in their blossom. The seeds must be milled and cleaned by hand, before being roasted to create the delicious Vietnamese green rice.


No one knows exactly where or when Vietnamese green rice was created. It was told in a tale that during the Ly dynasty in the 10th century, when the king moved the capital city to Thang Long which is Hanoi nowadays, there was a disastrous flood. Many rice fields were destroyed and people could not find anything to eat. A young man had to pick up the sticky rice seeds that were soaked in water and roast them to feed his starving mother. Many people then mimicked him and found that these young rice seeds were really tasty. Since then, Vietnamese green rice has become a unique delicacy of Vietnamese wet rice civilization.

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Origin of green rice

Nowadays, Vietnamese green rice can be found anywhere in Vietnam. It is also an important ingredient to make many traditional cuisines like green rice cake, green rice sausage, etc.


Vietnamese green rice has unique features that make it stand out from any other rice variety.

  • Colour: Vietnamese green rice usually has a dark green appearance. This is an important feature to distinguish the fresh green rice from the light green rice that was colored by chemicals.
  • Shape: Vietnamese green rice is usually curvy and has thin grains
  • Texture: Most Vietnamese green rice on the market nowadays was processed to get a gently sticky, chewy, and sweet flavor. 
  • Aroma: Vietnamese green rice has an appetizing fragrance that cannot be found in any other type of rice.

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Features of green rice

Vietnamese green rice: Popular types

In Vietnam nowadays, there are many types of Vietnamese green rice from different regions with special features. Below are the most popular types of Vietnamese green rice.

Vietnamese green rice from Vong village

Vong, a village located in the south of Hanoi, has the most famous type of Vietnamese green rice. Vietnamese green rice from Vong village is so popular that many people perceive Vong village as the origin of green rice. With the appetizing flavor and aroma, green rice from Vong village is now the famous delicacy that is adored by many people. Green rice from Vong village can only be found in Autumn and is a special cuisine of the Mid-Autumn holiday. 

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Vietnamese green rice from Vong village

Vietnamese green rice from Thanh Huong village

Thanh Huong is a village in Thai Binh province, located in the North of Vietnam. Thanh Huong village has a history of hundred years producing Vietnamese green rice. Although having the same quality, green rice from Thanh Huong village still needs to be sold under the name of green rice from Vong village due to the dominating brand name of Vong village’s green rice.


Vietnamese green rice from Thanh Huong village

Thin Vietnamese green rice

Thin Vietnamese green rice was created by the Khmer people, an ethnic minority living in the South of Vietnam. Nowadays, this type of Vietnamese green rice is really popular in the Southern provinces, especially in Soc Trang and Tra Vinh province. Thin Vietnamese green rice is usually mixed with sugar and coconut juice to be soft and flavorful.


Thin Vietnamese green rice


Traditional cuisine made from Vietnamese green rice

Normally, people can eat Vietnamese green rice instantly or with a banana to enjoy the pure taste of it. However, throughout history, Vietnamese people have created many traditional cuisines from this type of rice.

Vietnamese green rice cake 

The crust of this rice is made from Vietnamese green rice while the filling is made from beans mixed with sugar and scraped coconut. Vietnamese green rice is firstly mixed with a little bit of water and steamed. Then, it is mixed with sugar, grapefruit extract to create a fragrant and sweet crust. For the cake filling, people would steam the Vietnamese green rice then grind them to mix with sugar. Finally, they wrap the crust outside the filling which was formed into small balls, and pack the cake in small carton boxes. In Hanoi, Vietnamese rice cakes in Hang Than street are the most famous and are usually used as gifts of invitation to wedding ceremonies.


Vietnamese green rice cake

Vietnamese green rice sausage

Another delicacy made from Vietnamese green rice is the green rice sausage. The green rice to make green rice sausage is usually harder than other types. Pork is ground thoroughly then mixed with Vietnamese green rice and a little seasoning. After that, people use their hands to form the mixture into small pieces to steam and fry in hot oil. Vietnamese green rice sausage is now preferred by many people owing to its chewy and crispy taste. This sausage is usually served with Bun dau mam tom- a popular Vietnamese street food.


Vietnamese green rice sausage

Vietnamese green rice gruel

Vietnamese green rice gruel or Vietnam green rice sweet soup is an easy dessert to make. The ingredients include sugar, tapioca starch, Vietnamese green rice, and grapefruit flower extract. Boil the water with sugar and add in the tapioca starch and a little grapefruit flower extract to create a fragrant condensed mixture. Then put into the mixture the green rice then you have the sweet Vietnamese green rice gruel ready to be served.


Vietnamese green rice gruel

In conclusion, Vietnamese green rice is nowadays a famous delicacy that everyone should try once in their life. To get more information and purchase Vietnamese agricultural products such as rice,.. contact K-Agriculture Factory via: 


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