Things to know before buying Vietnamese coffee beans online


Vietnamese coffee beans online business is now becoming a major trend to save time and effort in importing, trading, or serving personal needs. Selling coffee beans online is being applied widely and also gives relatively positive results. The goal of this is to increase profits for the business as well as promote the image of the coffee shop.

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Vietnamese coffee beans online buying trend

Vietnamese coffee beans online demand has been increasing recently. The habit of using coffee and drinks is indispensable, especially for business people and offices in cities. In addition, the complicated escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic also affects the habits of users and travel restrictions and gives priority to online purchasing.

Customers can purchase coffee online instead of going directly to the factories, wholesalers, or coffee agents. The growth of online shopping, as well as e-commerce sites, gives consumers a variety of choices. Moreover, when buying Vietnamese coffee beans online, consumers can compare the price, the volume of the commodity, and finally decide to buy coffee from different brands.

For coffee shops that have operated traditional models for years, they need to transform to fit the market. As for those who intend to start a coffee shop, they need to thoroughly apply this online model from the beginning. Because of the pandemic, users’ habits are also partially affected, and with the current fast pace of life, but this is also an inevitable habit after the epidemic is over.

Notes when buying Vietnamese coffee beans online

Generally, when buying Vietnamese coffee beans online, consumers cannot be sure of the product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when choosing to buy coffee products.

Coffee roasting date

Besides the product’s expiry date, the roasting date must not be ignored if buyers want to choose famous coffees in Vietnam with regard to deliciousness and richness.

New products will help customers get a “good taste” cup of coffee and this is also a factor that helps to attract them effectively. In addition, buyers should also avoid purchasing ready-made coffee because these types often do not undergo special processing.

For green coffee, customers do not need to pay attention to this note. Because green coffee, if stored in good conditions, can be kept for a long time.

Drinkers’ taste

Based on taste, consumers can choose to buy the right Vietnamese coffee beans online. Consumers should consider between the seductive aroma of Arabica and the passionate and rich flavor of Robusta.

Normally, roasted coffee beans have a dark brown color, buyers can choose a darker color if their customers’ taste is stronger. If buyers’ customers love strong, rich, and smooth coffee flavors, choose pre-roasted coffee beans that are dark, glossy, and roasted long enough.

Purity of coffee beans

The words “100% coffee” can be easily seen on the packaging, but keep in mind that none of these products are truly 100% pure, even Arabica or Robusta because different brands will have different recipes.

Although Vietnamese coffee beans online are not mixed with cornstarch or bean powder, it is mixed with some flavors during the roasting process. A good example is roasteries mixing butter into coffee beans to enhance their flavor to suit the tastes of users.

How to distinguish the quality of Vietnamese coffee beans online

To answer the question of whether Vietnamese coffee beans online can be trusted, buyers should follow these techniques to distinguish the product quality. Prior to the process, prepare a little amount of ground-roasted coffee to conclude whether the coffee is qualified or not.

Coffee volume

Buyers should learn about the density of coffee after roasting. If possible, buyers can buy a number of products in a reputable place, then compare them with the online purchasing ones.

Pure coffee after roasting has a very low moisture content, so they often have high porosity and light weight. A kilogram of 100% pure coffee will have a larger volume than coffee mixed with cereal flour, cornstarch, etc.

Coffee porosity

Prepare a glass, then put in a moderate amount of cold water. Add the coffee powder onto the surface of the water:

  • If it is pure coffee, the coffee powder will dissolve very little and float on the surface for a long time, the amount falling to the bottom of the cup is extremely small.
  • Coffee with fewer impurities will also float on the surface of the water, but after a short time, it will start to fall to the bottom of the glass.
  • Coffee mixed with cereal flour, cornstarch, lead, etc. will sink as soon as it is put in water, the color from the powder begins to spread, making the cup darker.

Coffee color after brewing

High-quality coffees or any pure product after brewing will also have a distinctive brown color. The density may vary slightly, but not too much. When putting the glass of water shine through the light, buyers will see the clarity of the coffee product.

In the case of coffee with impurities, the color will be darker due to the cornstarch or over-roasted beans during the roasting process. In addition, the coffee after being brewed with a dense black color should not be used because it is definitely of poor quality.

Coffee grounds after brewing

Pure coffee is carefully roasted and separated from the water. Therefore, after brewing, it will absorb quickly and the water will drain out in a short time.

In contrast, the cornstarch components in unqualified coffee will quickly expand, hydrate, and make it harder for water to pass through the filter. This is a feature that anyone can perceive with the naked eye.

Pros and cons of buying Vietnamese coffee beans online

Buying Vietnamese coffee beans online brings many conveniences. However, at the same time, there are also potential risks of harm to customers and sellers.


  • Time-saving

With cross-border trading, this is considered the best point of buying Vietnamese coffee beans online. Instead of having to go directly to the factories, roasteries, agents, buyers can now easily order the needed commodity via screens.

  • Easy to compare prices

By researching online information, in just a short time with a laptop accessing the internet, consumers can easily compare the price of the item, as well as the delivery policy and customer service of the supplier.


  • Unqualified product

This is a problem that makes consumers confused before deciding to purchase online. When buying online, buyers only see the image of the product, and the product description provided by suppliers.

To overcome this problem, buyers should only buy from suppliers with accurate and clear product images and information; more so, buyers must discuss with the supplier carefully about the product before conducting the transaction.

  • Risky in transportation

Online purchasing carries a huge risk of transportation. Furthermore, if the product is found to be mishandled by the courier or transport company, there is nothing buyers can do about it.

There is one option left, which is to call the suppliers and convince them to change the product. The problem is only half solved if the suppliers agree because buyers will still have to pay the shipping fee. If the seller does not accept the proposal, it will be a great loss for the buyers.

Prestigious Vietnamese coffee beans online suppliers

Coffee is one of the most competitive commodities in Vietnam. Here are some prestigious names regarding distributing premium quality Vietnam coffee beans online.

Vina Café – Vietnam Coffee Corporation – One Member Co., Ltd

Vina Café has a complete system that supplies Vietnamese coffee beans online with high productivity, good quality, and a system of import and export trading companies. The Corporation is one of Vietnam’s leading suppliers of green coffee beans – accounting for 30% of the country’s export market share.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

K-Agriculture Company, LLC.

K-Agriculture is the loyal vendor of thousands of B2B partners all around the world. Its 25-year experience of transporting Vietnamese agricultural products throughout the world has allowed it to understand the whole industry thoroughly and provide suitable support to its partners.

Contact information



WhatsApp: +84 855555837

Trung Nguyen Legend – Trung Nguyen Coffee JSC

Trung Nguyen Legend is a company that specializes in coffee production, processing, and trade, as well as franchising, distribution, modern retail, and tourism. Trung Nguyen Coffee is one of Vietnam’s most well-known brands, with distribution in more than 60 countries.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855555837


AVC HEMERA Co., Ltd. is recognized for producing and distributing high-quality Vietnamese coffee beans online that are pure, diverse, and high-quality.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

Son Duong Coffee Co., Ltd

Son Duong Coffee Co., Ltd. is well-known for delivering high-quality coffee from locations with abundant raw materials, such as Nam Ban, Buon Ho, Dak-Nia, Tram Hanh – Da Lat, and the LangBiang plateau.

Contact information

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

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