Truthful Vietnam black pepper exporters you should know


Nowadays, the number of Vietnam black pepper exporters is increasing quickly. However, there are also many fraudulent exporters which you shouldn’t believe. Buyers need to know the following tips to find a reliable black pepper exporter.

General information about Vietnam black pepper exporters

Vietnam has a number of competitive advantages in the global spice market. Pepper, cinnamon, star anise, and other spices from Vietnam are popular with clients all around the world.

The definition of Vietnam black pepper exporters

Vietnam black pepper exporters are individuals or companies which introduce and sell Vietnam black pepper in bulk to the international markets where there is a demand for buying black pepper in large quantities to serve their own purposes.


The definition of Vietnam black pepper exporters

Working with huge Vietnam black pepper exporters is a significant step forward for your pepper trading company. Because of its long-term high economic worth, pepper is a truly safe investment. Black pepper, in particular, is not only beneficial to one’s health but can also be kept for a long time. As a result, working with Vietnamese black pepper exporters almost always results in increased revenues for your company.

Black pepper products exported and prices

Black peppercorn and black pepper powder are two types of black pepper that are exported to many markets in the world.

  • Black peppercorn

The most common and well-known of the peppers growing in Vietnam is black pepper. In Vietnam, black pepper is the most widely produced product, accounting for more than 70% of total pepper production. Black pepper is a somewhat spicy spice with a faint aroma that is usually used to complement a meal’s peppery, toasted flavor. Market prices for Vietnamese black pepper range from 4050 USD per pound of 500 g/l to 4250 USD per pound of 550 g/l.


Black peppercorn

  • Black pepper powder

Black pepper powder is black pepper that has been finely ground. Pepper powder is a spice that enhances the attractiveness and flavor of foods. Black pepper powder is used more than black peppercorn because of its convenience and smell. The price of black pepper powder is higher than a black peppercorn.


Black pepper powder

Areas that have most Vietnam black pepper exporters

Central Highlands and the Southeast region are two main areas having many Vietnam black pepper exporters.

  • Central Highlands: With two different seasons and an average annual rainfall of about 1800 mm. Moreover, with the large, fertile, well-drained basalt soil, and optimal moisture conditions for the development of pepper plants, the Central Highlands is considered as an ideal place to grow Vietnamese black pepper and find Vietnam black pepper exporters.

Vietnam black pepper exporters in Central Highlands

  • Southeast region: The Southeast has a sub-equatorial climate with constant temperatures throughout the year, a beautiful natural environment, and significant seasonal variation, making it ideal for pepper farming. As a result, there are a large number of Vietnam black pepper exporters concentrating in this area. You can locate dependable exporters in Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc, Baria, and other regions.

Vietnam black pepper exporters in Southeast region

Features of truthful Vietnam black pepper exporters

To rate a Vietnam black pepper exporter, importers can depend on the following standards.

  • Identified address: Reliable Vietnam black pepper exporters should verify their office’s location and factories with many images to boost the trust of customers. Besides, a well-designed website raises the belief of customers and shows the profession of a company.
  • Legal business license: One of the most important factors to run a business is possessing permission issued by authority. Buyers could trust a Vietnam black pepper exporter if they have it.

Features of truthful Vietnam black pepper exporters

  • Specialized Certifications: Vietnam black pepper exporters need to have some qualifications to show the product quality such as ISO 22000/HACCP, or Health Certificate.
  • Past market achievements: The achievements of Vietnam black pepper exporters may reflect the country’s reputation. Customers will be satisfied and give favorable comments if they receive superior products, services, and cargo care, and they will continue to engage with Vietnam black pepper exporters in large volumes.

Elements make buyers choose Vietnam black pepper exporters

Pepper supply chain, demand and logistics are elements for customers to choose Vietnam black pepper exporters.

  • Price

With the growing integration of commerce and the increasing number of trade agreements on tax reduction and double taxation between Vietnam and nations across the world. As a result, the prices of Vietnamese exports have dropped dramatically. The price of Vietnam black pepper exporters has decreased to 99 percent, resulting in a considerable decline in black pepper export prices, giving the country a price edge over other pepper exporting countries.


Vietnam black pepper price

  • Supply and demand

Vietnam pepper is grown on 130,000 hectares and produces 250,000 tons per year. Despite the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam black pepper exporters remained consistent. Vietnam pepper is currently available in 110 countries and territories throughout the world. Vietnamese pepper exports currently account for 60% of global pepper exports. Along with the quantity, the quality of pepper in Vietnam has improved, and the product now has a variety of black, green, white, powdered, and pickled peppers.


Supply and demand for Vietnam black pepper

According to experts, due to a jump in orders in the fourth quarter to fulfill year-end demand, pepper demand from major importing countries such as Europe, the United States, China, the Middle East, and Africa is still high. Meanwhile, Vietnam’s export supply has reduced as a result of this year’s pepper harvest, which resulted in lower output. Furthermore, because the supply of these commodities from main producing countries was not as plentiful as in prior years, the import volume of these items dropped dramatically. Vietnamese pepper prices are likely to continue to climb as a result of these factors.

  • High quality product

Despite their low prices, Vietnam black pepper exporters provide a high-quality product that meets international standards such as GAP, HACCP, and ISO. Europe, for example, is a major importer of black pepper from Vietnamese vendors because its quality meets several European criteria.


High quality product

Ways to find Vietnam black pepper exporters

The following ways would help buyers to find reliable Vietnam black pepper exporters.

Signs to identify a spam black pepper exporter

Here are some characteristics of fake Vietnam black pepper exporters to look out for:

  • Prices are excessively low: Vietnam black pepper export prices should be compared to the ICP’s average pricing. If its reputation is too low, people should be cautious and double-check it.
  • Uncertainty of data: If wholesalers can’t find basic information regarding that company such as location and factory profile, they may be untrustworthy.
  • Demand for prompt payment: If the company demands money before the items arrive, wholesalers should be suspicious. The most common payment method is a 50% deposit and 50% on board, which protects both parties’ rights.

Channels to find a black pepper exporter

There are many ways to find a reliable Vietnam black pepper exporter. The following ways will help you approach exporters easier.

  • Face to face

One of the most efficient strategies to attain success after learning everything there is to know about Vietnam black pepper exporters is to meet with them firsthand. It’s a chance to talk about something, check for false information, or negotiate a deal. However, this procedure takes time for both sides and is difficult to do rapidly.


Face to face

  • Trade fairs

Taking part in trade shows provides buyers with several opportunities to network with Vietnam black pepper exporters and advertise their products. However, the Covid-19 is impeding this activity, therefore virtual trade fairs are a viable alternative.


Pepper trade fairs

  • Online

Alibaba, Tradewheel, and other online stores are becoming increasingly popular. This is a quick and easy approach for buyers to find good Vietnam black pepper exporters and compare their prices. Finding suppliers over the Internet, on the other hand, carries a number of hazards, such as scamming or receiving substandard goods.



A guideline to cooperate with Vietnam black pepper exporters well

Buyers or importers need to pay attention to steps in the process of working with a Vietnam black pepper exporter.

  • Step 1: Buyer sends the letter of intent
  • Step 2: Seller replies with official FCO
  • Step 3: Discuss the terms in FCO
  • Step 4: Agree with the final FCO
  • Step 5: Send draft contract
  • Step 6: Discuss and finish the contract
  • Step 7: Send a sample for testing (optional)
  • Step 8: Payment instrument
  • Step 9: Loading goods and sending the documents

Top 3 Vietnam black pepper exporters

Here are the top 3 reliable Vietnam black pepper exporters.


Hanfimex is a prominent exporter and manufacturer of foods and spices in Vietnam, including cashew, black pepper, cinnamon, coffee, and coconut. Hanfimex is regarded as one of the world’s greatest agricultural exporting firms, with over 17 years of experience and a large client base. Hanfimex is recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as a trustworthy customer network.



K- Agriculture

K-Agriculture, Vietnam’s leading rice, coffee, and spice wholesaler, has sold to over 80 countries. Thanks to sophisticated milling and polishing procedures and government support, K-Agriculture has been authorized as a national representative, exporting the most important agricultural commodities to the global market (Ministry of Industry and Trade). The company sells GAP, ISO, and HACCP-compliant black pepper, white pepper, and pepper powder.



Please contact us for additional information:

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +84855 555 837
  • Website:


As part of the NIC GROUP, Visimex Corp., JSC was founded in 2002. Visomex wants to build a long-term agribusiness that produces environmentally friendly products for domestic and international markets. Visimex pledges to offer only high-quality agricultural products, such as rice, pepper, and coffee, that comply with international food safety regulations. Visimex has increased its exports to 70 countries in the last decade, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, China, Korea, and Japan.



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