Specialty Coffee Shops And Things That Are Hidden


When making a decision for a coffee shop, there are many varieties and the emerging wave of coffee makes it difficult for coffee lovers to think. If people have a chance, they should visit specialty coffee shops for some reasons.

Overview of specialty coffee shops

It is no secret that the specialty coffee industry has experienced a remarkable expansion in recent years, propelled by changes in coffee culture among young coffee enthusiasts.

The specialty coffee trend

In the past, coffee used to be an underrated beverage but since 2002, the phrase “Third Wave Of Coffee” movement emerged, greatly influencing the community’s thought on the art of cultivating, mixing and enjoying coffee. Since then, specialty coffee beans have gradually taken the throne, a consequence that has arisen following the “Third Wave Of Coffee”. Many big names in the coffee service industry (typically Starbucks) choose to follow this trend faithfully to position their brands of specialty coffee shops, using only premium ingredients instead of any other popular beans.


Speicalty coffee trend

Business orientation of specialty coffee shops

If the shops labelled “specialty coffee” only buy high-class coffee beans for sale and not pay any attention to it, they certainly unable to satisfy customers with fastidious taste, who can immediately recognize brewing errors from the first sip of coffee.

  • These specialty coffee shops are usually aimed at high-end customers or genuine coffee lovers. They are knowledgeable about coffee flavor and want to enjoy the real specialty coffee cups from the shop.
  • Specialty coffee from specialty coffee shops must reach ≥ 80/100 points on the scale (SCA/CQI); Full flavor; little or no primary error.
  • Besides, in order to be able to assess the quality of coffee beans, during the inspection for purchasing, coffee experts will conduct inspection and classification with main criteria such as soil, geographical location. planting point, how to fertilize coffee trees, how to harvest and post-harvest handling, classification, and tasting.

Difference between specialty coffee shops and normal coffee shops

Basically, coffee shops labeled “specialty coffee shops” simply mean a place that sells high-end products from specialty coffee ingredients – can be raw beans serving for coffee preparation.

  • To be able to confidently become a “specialty coffee shop”, coffee shops must both ensure the source of top quality beans and have staff with thorough knowledge of coffee, understanding the meticulousness in each recipe when making a coffee drink.
  • Specialty coffee shops need to understand and respect every aspect of the value of their efforts in farming, harvesting, processing, and every customer handling process in the supply chain.

Only then can the purpose and full meaning of “specialty coffee” be truly expressed – not only as a theoretical scale for comparison, but also as a global thought and cultural trend that has developed in recent years, for more than 20 decades.

Some types of specialty coffee drinks in specialty coffee shops

There are many types of beverages made from specialty coffee beans, but below are just 3 typical examples.


Espresso is really a delicious and popular drink in specialty coffee shops. Espresso is defined more by the process when we make it rather than its ingredients.

  • Espresso can be made with any type of beans — the phrase “espresso bean” only tells you that it’s been roasted for a longer period of time, resulting in darker colours and a more oily surface. The resulting bean is finely ground and then packed tight before near-boiling water and steam are forced through during the brewing process.
  • The Espresso is thicker and darker than coffee, with the oils creating a creamy surface.
  • This type of coffee is a basic drink that appears in every specialty coffee shop, and in Vietnam the average price of a high-end espresso drink is about 3 dollars.

When you do not know which type of coffee to choose, Espresso is a basic choice but is always enjoyed by many people because they can enjoy the full flavor of each coffee and the preparation process is also quick and simple.


Espresso coffee


Cappuccino is also a favorite drink for many coffee lovers when they come to specialty coffee shops.

  • Equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth. The trick is to pour the warm milk into the espresso and hold the foam back till the end. The cap of foam is said to have insulating properties that keeps the rest of the drink warmer, longer.
  • It has a bold coffee taste and some sweetness from the naturally sugar in milk.
  • Many specialty coffee shops also provide this type of coffee with an average price of about 3 dollars like Espresso. With this price, customers can have a genuine Cappuccino coffee cup with a deep and light taste, slightly bitter and fatty milk, and sweet cream.

Cappuccino is suitable for people who are not much interested in the bitter taste of coffee and like the artistic art on the surface of the drink.


Cappuccino coffee


When it comes to mocha flavored, it is because it blends the flavors of chocolate and coffee. It is sweet like chocolate but with the roasty qualities of a cup of coffee. Mocha is also popular in specialty coffee shops because of its delicious and memorable flavor, suitable for those who love the chocolate flavor.


Mocha coffee

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List famous specialty coffee shops in the world

There are some must-visit specialty coffee shops that have gained many reputations.

Starbucks coffee – the USA

Starbucks is a famous specialty coffee shop in the world. Starbucks coffee company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA; In addition, the airline has more than 23,000 stores in 64 countries. All the coffee drinks at Starbucks are made from specialty coffee that is imported from Indonesia. People who are interested in Indonesian coffee can try Stabucks coffee. Coffee lovers can quickly purchase a coffee drink at Starbucks with about 1.75 to 6.45 dollars and by using the company’s app to find the nearest location or by placing an order online through delivery apps like Grab, Uber, and… to have a wonderful cup of Starbucks coffee at home


Starbucks brand

La Viet coffee – Vietnam

La Viet began as a popular local coffee shop in Dalat, where the majority of their beans are grown. At the price ranging from 2 dollars to 4 dollars, you will receive a cup of specialty-grade Vietnamese coffee, mainly from Dalat or Liang Biang province, and it is fantastic.With good quality drinks and special space, La Viet specialty coffee shop is a suitable place for those who love specialty coffee. The coffee beans here are carefully selected from Da Lat itself – the land of specialty Arabica coffee. You can both buy coffee from La Viet specialty coffee shops online and offline in Da Lat and Ha Noi.


LaViet – specialty coffee shop in Vietnam

All day Coffee – Vietnam

All Day Coffee is a famous specialty coffee shop in Vietnam that provides many delicious drinks that are made from specialty coffee beans such as All Day Cream Espresso, Espresso Macchiato,… With only about 3-4 dollars, everyone can enjoy a cup of delicious specialty coffee. The complicated developments Covid-19 pandemic led to the closure of this specialty coffee shop but customers can buy products online through food and drinks applications.


All day coffee Vietnam

Mazelab specialty coffee shop – Czech Republic

Most of the beans here are hand-picked from La cabra, a popular coffee brand that has specialty coffee shops.

Besides, coffee is selected from Korea and a cupping room in Hong Kong. Customers can buy specialty coffee online and at shops during the pandemic.


Mazelab specialty coffee shop in Czech

Workshop Specialty coffee – Vietnam

Natural coffee beans and washed coffee beans are carefully selected to make special coffee products in that shop. With only about 2 to 4 dollars, customers will get a delicious and unique coffee cup and they can both buy online via delivery apps like Grab or Now.


The Workshop specialty coffee in Vietnam

Pros and cons when choosing specialty coffee shops

Choosing a coffee shop personally depends on the coffee taste. There are some advantages and disadvantages of going to a specialty coffee shop.

Benefits of choosing specialty coffee shops

When it comes to drinking coffee, people can have varieties of decisions that may consider:

  • Products in specialty coffee shops are always delicious and luxurious that bring their own unique tastes for the most demanding customers.
  • Besides, they can know about how to make a high-end cup of coffee with meticulousness.
  • Moreover, when visiting specialty coffee shops, we can experience good services and how unique specialty coffee is.

Backward when choosing specialty coffee shops

As you all know, making specialty coffee beans requires great effort and meticulousness from planting, picking, preliminary processing, and preparation for a final cup of coffee. Therefore, the price may be higher than a cup of coffee in normal coffee shops, but it is worth it because the taste of coffee is impressive.

How to find a specialty coffee shops

Specialty coffee shops are a little bit more difficult to find than other coffee shops because they may have challenges when developing this form of selling coffee products. Coffee lovers can find it on some platforms:

  • Google

As you know, Google is a huge search engine that can provide you with many results in just a second. Therefore, if you want to find some specialty coffee shops to visit and try this type of drink, you can see them on Google. The only thing you need to do is choose what shop you want to try.

  • Youtube

Youtube may differ from Google because it provides only videos for users. But why should you find specialty coffee shops on Youtube? Because you can see many reviews of reviewers that have experienced specialty coffee of a particular shop that you can personally have your own thinking and decision.


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