Science-based information about Cinnamon stick calories

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Recent 5 years have witnessed a significant increase in people’s awareness about health and products’ nutrient index. As the most flavorful spice in the world, the number of cinnamon stick calories, of course, receive lots of consumers’ concerns.

Cinnamon stick calories: An overview

Before digging into the science-based statistics part of this article, you might need to browse through some general information.

First, a calorie is a unit showing the amount of energy in a type of food or beverage. If the sum of calories intake outnumbers that of calories used up, the storage of excess body fat increases, which makes you gain weight or even suffer from diabetes.

The recommended amount of calories intake is 2,500 kcal per day.


Recommended daily calories

And the fact is, cinnamon sticks are the most enjoyed spice in the world right now. Beside searching for the benefits of that spice, smart and cautious customers are now paying attention to its “seemingly” bad side, which is cinnamon stick calories.

Cinnamon stick calories: Scientific facts

This section will make everything clear by showing you trustworthy statistics.

Calculating cinnamon stick calories

According to statistics of Nutritionix, a trustworthy unit to calculate calories index in food and drink:


The amount of calories in cinnamon stick

Due to coumarin, a harmful substance in cinnamon, consumers are recommended to use less than 2 cinnamon sticks per day. That means, if you follow that instruction, you just intake 6.4 kcal a day.

Calories in cinnamon stick-containing food

It is impossible to list and assess the calories rate of every single meal made from cinnamon sticks. This article will serve you 6 most popular cinnamon-containing food and drinks all over the world.

The data is taken from websites of Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Nutritionix to ensure the accuracy.


Calories in cinnamon-stick-contained food

Looking at the chart, it is obvious that most favorite foods and drinks that have cinnamon sticks as the main ingredient have relatively low levels of calories. The drink from Starbucks has the largest amount of calories (155 kcal), just accounting for 6.2% of the whole amount of calories needed a day. At the same time, stick cinnamon tea with 6.4 kcal is less than a fraction of 2,500 kcal.

For those going on a diet: Influences of cinnamon stick calories

This is the most popular question about cinnamon stick calories.


Influences of cinnamon stick calories

Does it negatively affect your losing-weight process?

The answer is “No”. The amount of calories in a cinnamon stick is nothing compared to 2,500 calories a human being needs per day.

In contrast, when you consume cinnamon sticks, not only do you absorb calories but also a huge amount of food substances. A star of them is antioxidants, which do wonders for losing weight, reducing blood sugar rate and avoiding aging skin.

Ways to burn cinnamon stick calories

However, if you are still worried about cinnamon stick calories intake, this article will solve that problem for you.
First, assuming you have eaten a piece of Pizza Hut cinnamon stick then drunk a cup of Starbuck Cinnamon Skinny Dolce Latte. The total amount of calories consumed is 235 kcal.

Now let’s choose to do one of several funny and interesting activities below:


Ways to burn cinnamon stick calories

After just 21 minutes of rope jumping or 26 minutes of belly dancing, you are able to get rid of 235 kcal of cinnamon stick calories intake out of your body. These activities not only help you to keep your optimal weight but also improve your total body’s health.


This article has shown the 3 most concerning aspects of cinnamon calories. If you have any questions about cinnamon stick calories or about other problems of using spices in your meal, feel free to contact us to buy Cassia wholesale cinnamon sticks through:



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