Rice Import In The USA Is Not Difficult If You Read This Guide!


Rice is a staple in many countries, including the USA. Most buyers in the USA choose to find rice suppliers in Asian countries. In this article, K-Agriculture will give you in-depth knowledge about rice import in the USA from Vietnam. After reading this article, we hope that you will feel confident to work with rice suppliers in Vietnam.

Overview of rice import in the USA

The USA does produce some varieties of rice, but the quality is not the same as Asian rice.


Rice production in the USA from 2001-2021 (source: Statista)

In recent years, rice import in the USA has increased significantly. In particular, imports in 2020/21 increased by 29% over the previous year. Imported rice now accounts for more than a quarter of the total rice import in the USA.

Rice import in the USA: Varieties of rice

Rice can be categorised by its colour, length and fragrance.

By colour

  • White rice: White rice is the most common type for rice import in the USA, which is also consumed by billions of people in the world. The hull and bran layers of white rice are removed. The grain is well polished and the texture is soft when cooked.
  • Black rice: Black rice is also called purple rice or forbidden rice. The black colour of the rice is created by anthocyanin – a pigment that has antioxidant properties. The texture of black rice is chewy and the flavour is mild and nutty

Rice categorized by colour

  • Brown rice: Brown rice is the whole rice grain with a bran layer attached. Brown rice includes carb-rich endosperm and a nutritious germ. Its texture is chewy which takes a long time to cook.
  • Red rice: The colour of red rice is due to the presence of anthocyanins. It is typically eaten unpolished or slightly polished and has a dark red bran coating as opposed to the more common pale brown. The flavor of red rice is nutty. Among kinds of rice, it has the richest nutritional value. It is rich in antioxidants and magnesium.

By length

Length Rice varieties Texture
Long grain > 6 mm ST24, ST25, Jasmine, OM 5451   Fluffy
Medium grain 5.2 mm – 6.0 mm KDM, Arborio, Valencia, Carnaroli, Bomba Soft and sticky
Short grain < 5.2 mm Japonica The most sticky rice

By fragrance

Some of the famous fragrant rice varieties for rice import in the USA are Jasmine rice, ST24 rice, ST25 rice, Basmati rice, OM5451 rice, Thai Hom Mali, Nang Hoa rice, etc.


Jasmine rice

Vietnam Jasmine rice is popular for rice import in the USA.

Rice import in the USA: Comparison of top rice exporters in the world

The top 4 largest suppliers of rice import in the USA are Thailand, India, Pakistan and Vietnam. Here is the comparison between these rice exporting countries:




Thailand India Pakistan Vietnam
Rice volume exported to the USA in 2021 (tons) 533,217 191,523 19,823 11,433
Price of 5% broken rice 441 USD/MT 338 – 342 USD/MT 408 – 412 USD/MT 423 USD/MT
Varieties of rice Thai Hom Maili rice, parboiled rice, glutinous rice Basmati rice Basmati rice Jasmine rice, ST24 rice, ST25 rice, glutinous rice
Freight cost to the US

(container 20ft)

From Bangkok port to West coast: 7800 – 8500 USD

From Bangkok port to East coast: 10600 – 11300 USD

From Kolkata port to West coast: 11225 – 12500 USD

From Mumbai port to East coast: 9613 – 10500 USD

From Karachi port to East coast: 13640 – 14200 USD From Ho Chi Minh port to West coast: 7300 – 8000 USD

From Ho Chi Minh port to East coast: 10300 – 11000 USD

Rice import in the USA: Price of rice

Factors for the price change

The rice price for rice import in the USA is influenced not only by internal factors such as product specification or customer service, but also by external factors such as freight costs, weather, and policies of the government


Weather conditions can have a significant impact on the rice supply and price. If the weather is in good conditions, the rice supply can be abundant and make the price lower, which is beneficial for rice import in the USA. But extreme weather will reduce the rice volume and make the price increase.


Good weather for the winter-spring crop 2021/2022 in Vietnam

For example, because of the good weather during the winter-spring crop 2021-2022, the rice cultivation in Vietnam developed well and produced a high yield. As a consequence, Vietnam has a surplus of rice this year, which make the price for rice import in the USA stay low and stable.

Freight cost

The freight cost is also a factor that constitutes the final price for rice import in the USA. Since the beginning of 2022, freight rates in Vietnam have risen substantially. The extended supply chain disruption that has resulted in a lack of cargo containers in Asia is one of the causes why freight rates have climbed. However, according to the most recent data in June 2022, freight costs in Vietnam are on a slight decline.

Price list

Below are the prices of rice from four major rice exporters, including Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan and India. While Vietnam and Thailand both focus on providing high-quality rice and aromatic rice for the rice import in the USA, India and Pakistan produce rice for lower-quality segments. Thus, the rice prices in Vietnam and Thailand are higher than those in India and Pakistan. The below information was last updated in June 2022 and is only for reference purposes:

Thailand Vietnam Pakistan India
5% broken rice 441 USD/MT 423 USD/MT 408 – 412 USD/MT 338 – 342 USD/MT
25% broken rice 437 USD/MT 403 USD/MT 392 – 396 USD/MT 323 – 327 USD/MT

Here is Vietnam rice price of some varieties that are popular for rice import in the USA:

Type of rice FOB price
ST24 5% 840 – 950 USD/MT
ST25 5% 820 – 920 USD/MT
KDM 5% 580 – 680 USD/MT
Japonica 5% 580 – 680 USD/MT
Jasmine 5% 580 – 660 USD/MT
DT08 5% 530 – 600 USD/MT
OM5451 5% 430 – 500 USD/MT
IR 504 5% 425 – 480 USD/MT

Special requirements for rice import in the USA

1/Rice import in the USA are subject to inspection by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which decides their admissibility


FDA certification of K-Agriculture

2/Prior Notice: All commercial rice import in the USA requires Prior Notice, and overseas exporters of rice products must enlist with the FDA before their commodities can be accepted. Prior Notice can be submitted in two ways:

  • By CBP (the United States Customs and Border Protection): Prior Notice can be can sent to the FDA via the current CBP-FDA interface
  • By PNSI (Prior Notice System Interface): Individuals or corporations who do not prefer to file through CBP may use the PNSI. Buyers must include Prior Notice for international postal delivery with PNSI applications.

3/Phytosanitary certificate: To import rice products, the buyer must apply for import permission from APHIS as well as a phytosanitary certificate from Vietnam to ensure that the rice has been assessed for quality prior to export.


Phytosanitary Certificate sample

4/Fumigation certificate: Rice import in the USA requires the Methyl bromide treatment for the rice products

5/Tariff for rice import in the USA

  • For Broken rice (HS code: 10064000), the applied tariff is 0.44 cents/kg according to MFN treatment
  • For Rice semi-milled or wholly milled, whether or not polished or glazed, parboiled (HS code: 10063010), the applied tariff is 11.2% according to MFN treatment
  • For Rice semi-milled or wholly milled, whether or not polished or glazed, other than parboiled (HS code: 10063090), the applied tariff is 1.4 cents/kg according to MFN treatment

Rice import in the USA prohibits:

  • Unmilled rice, or rice with husk layer outside (Unmilled rice can be admitted for research purposes only if it has a permit from the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service)
  • Rice from countries affected by the khapra beetle (currently, rice import in the USA allow rice from Vietnam to enter the US market since Vietnam is not affected by the khapra beetle)

A quart sample obtained at inspection may have only 28 or fewer contaminated hulls for the consignment to be allowed entrance, but if a greater number of hulls is identified, the consignment will be denied.

7/Documents and Certification for rice import in the USA
For exporters of rice in Vietnam, if they want to export rice to the US, they have to meet these requirements and have these documents:

  • Have at least 1 Vietnam rice warehouse with standard quality
  • Have at least 1 rice milling manufacturer with standard quality
  • Rice export license issued by the Vietnamese Government
  • Bill of lading
  • Cargo insurance
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Quality
  • Certificate of Fumigation
  • Certificate of Phytosanitary and other documents

Global GAP certificate for K-Agriculture

Rice exported from Vietnam has to achieve one of these certificates before being exported to the US: FDA, Global Gap, USDA Organic, Viet Gap, VN-STAMEQ, FFL Organic, TCVN, and so on.

Rice import in the USA: Ways to find a reliable rice supplier

Step 1: Do market research for rice import in the USA and make a list of potential suppliers

To carry out the rice import in the USA, buyers can find the contact information of reliable rice providers from Vietnam by the internet. There is a wide range of tools and social media platforms where we can connect with rice suppliers, including:

Google: You can type some keywords or phrases like “Top rice suppliers in Vietnam” or “Where to buy wholesale rice in Vietnam”. Then you will see a list of websites such as go4WorldBusiness, World’s Top Exports, or the Government Office. You should click on one of these websites to find the contact information of rice suppliers.

Facebook: There are many groups that you can join such as Rice Traders, Rice millers, GRAIN EXPORTERS & IMPORTERS, WORLD RICE, RICE-IMPORT-EXPORT


Groups for rice import on Facebook

Linkedin: There are many groups about rice trading on Linkedin. We recommend you join groups such as WORLD RICE IMPORT AND EXPORT, Rice importers worldwide, or Rice Sellers And Buyers Group to find the suppliers for the rice import in the USA.

Step 2: Verify the information

Look at their websites: Is the website created for a long time? Is the website organized professionally?

Check the accuracy of the following contact information: Email address, phone number, business address, or certifications.

Step 3: Make direct contact with your suppliers

Before the rice import in the USA, it is critical to contact the rice suppliers in order to understand more about their business activities and their customer services

There are several methods for contacting them. The most common methods of communication are through the Contact form on website, WhatsApp or email. During the conversation with rice suppliers, buyers should ask vital information such as product specifications, discounts, payment terms, delivery terms, and other specific needs.

Step 4: Selection of the most potential rice suppliers

Choose 4-5 possible rice suppliers who can continue the negotiation after the discussion with them

Step 5: Deeper negotiation

To get the best deal for the rice import in the USA, you should negotiate more with your supplier about pricing, trade discount, packing terms, payment terms, delivery terms, and any extra requirements.

Rice import in the USA: Top 5 rice suppliers in Vietnam

If you are seeking reliable rice providers in Vietnam for rice import in the USA, we recommend the below list:


Vilaconic has 11 years of exporting rice and support the rice import in the USA. They have 30.000-square-meter rice plant in Vietnam. The market share of Vilaconic is about 40% percent in Middle East, 30% in Africa, and 30% in other regions.



Vilaconic company specializes in aromatic rice and ST rice that has been certified by SCG, HALAL, and other organizations.

Khanh Tam rice

Khanh Tam is one of Vietnam’s largest rice enterprises, with two mills in the Mekong Delta manufacturing 1.2 thousand tons each day. The quality of rice is always a priority for the Khanh Tam enterprise, which serves challenging areas such as the United States, the European Union, and others. The Khanh Tam firm sells Jasmine rice, ST rice, KDM rice, and other aromatic rice that could be suitable for rice import in the USA.

Sunrise Ins Group

Sunrise Ins Group, founded in 2012, is one of the biggest Vietnamese rice export enterprises. Sunrise Ins Group has extensive expertise in rice export and has earned the trust of consumers due to its consistent product quality and low prices.


Sunrise Ins

Sunrise Insurance Group strives to provide differentiated values to clients while also enhancing the lives of farmers and the surrounding environment.


K-Agriculture is a well-developed company for rice export in Vietnam. They sell a variety of rice from Vietnam, such as ST24, ST25, Jasmine, and DT08. They have exported wholesale rice to more than 100 nations. K-Agriculture, which is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, has been a reliable supplier for rice import in the USA.

Contact information:

WhatsApp: +84855555837 (Ms. Kris)




Angimex is a fragrant rice provider in Vietnam with a network of contemporary producers and a volume of 100,000 tons annually. The company consistently offers rice at the most competitive price for rice import in the USA. Angimex rice products are currently available in both high-end and traditional markets.

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