Wholesale prices of K-Agriculture products (rice, coffee, cinnamon, pepper and starise) are weekly updated.

Valid time: 25/08/2022 – 01/09/2022.


Prices of wholesale rice in K-Agriculture:

Categories FOB prices


OM 5451 5% 470
IR 504 5% 459
Jasmine 5% 582
ST25 5% 910
Japonica 5% 650
KDM 690
DT8 535


Prices of wholesale coffee in K-Agriculture:

Categories FOB prices


Robusta G2 S13 BB5% 2193
Robusta G2 S13 Cleaned 2265
Robusta G2 S13 Wet polished 2318
Robusta G1 S16 BB2% 2247
Robusta G1 S16 Cleaned 2285
Robusta G1 S16 Wet polished 2340
Robusta G1 S18 BB2% 2268
Robusta G1 S18 Cleaned 2307
Robusta G1 S18 Wet polished 2361
Arabica S16 Wet polished 6703
Arabica S18 Wet polished 6930


Prices of wholesale cinnamon in K-Agriculture:

Categories Features
FOB prices
Tube cinnamon   updating
stick cinnamon
cont 20ft 4500
cont 40ft 4450
Cigarette cinnamon
cont 20ft 4500
cont 40ft 4450
Split cinnamon
cont 20ft 2800
cont 40ft 2750
Broken cinnamon
cont 20ft 2200
cont 40ft 2150


Prices of wholesale pepper in K-Agriculture:

FOB prices
Black Pepper 500GL FAQ 3255
Black Pepper 500GL MC 3455
Black Pepper 550GL FAQ 3380
Black Pepper 550GL MC 3580
Black Pepper 5MM 3680

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