Organic Basmati Rice – 3 Benefits And How To Cook It


Organic products are becoming a hot trend in the market because it is beneficial to our health. Basmati organic rice is a new key product of some rice suppliers.

An overview of organic rice basmati

Organic basmati rice is world-famous traditional basmati rice farmed by farmers in the Himalayan foothills and nurtured by pure river water while adhering to strict international organic food regulations.

Basmati is more than a grain in India. It is an issue of national pride, and patent battles have erupted over it in the past. Organic basmati rice is naturally high in amylose, making it a low-GI type of rice with long, slender grains that fluff out and separate when cooked.


Organic basmati rice

Generally, there are two types of organic rice basmati, divided by their color, basmati organic brown rice and white rice.

  • Organic white basmati rice: Organic white rice, like organic brown rice, is grown under organic-certified farms. During processing, the outer layers — bran and germ – are removed, leaving it white. White rice is less nutritious than brown rice, but it is less expensive since it is easier to store and has a longer shelf life.
  • Organic brown basmati rice: The whole grain rice cultivated in the organic rice production technique is known as organic brown rice. Grains are brown because the outer layers of the grain, such as the bran and germ, are preserved. Organic brown rice is better for avoiding heart disease since those layers contain the majority of vitamins and minerals.

Organic basmati rice

Health benefits of organic basmati rice

Organic basmati rice is absolutely safe for the health of your family. Not only makes the meal more delicious, organic basmati rice is proven to be more nutritious than conventional rice, it contains 20-40% higher antioxidants, is rich in fiber, easy to digest and absorb.

  • It is suitable for diabetics

Organic rice basmati’s delayed digestion enables improved blood sugar control. According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, basmati has a glycemic index of 50 to 58, indicating that it is a low to medium GI meal. As a result, basmati rice is a healthier, diabetes-friendly option.

  • It is classified as a “Super Grain.”

The germ, bran, and endosperm are all present in brown organic rice basmati, making it a complete grain. As a result, eating brown basmati rice on a daily basis can provide you with extra health advantages such as a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and early mortality.

  • Reducing the risk of heart disease

Your heart will benefit if you buy organic basmati rice. Selenium is an important mineral that has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. In research, organic rice has been demonstrated to aid with rheumatoid arthritis.


Health benefits of organic basmati rice

Price of organic rice basmati

In recent years, the rice market has become more vibrant with the appearance of many new types of rice, especially clean rice and organic rice. In particular, organic rice basmati is receiving great attention thanks to the quality and value that organic rice brings.

Because of the rigorous organic production process, internationally-certified organic rice in the market often has a price ranging from ₹160-170/Kilogram.
The demand for organic rice, especially organic rice basmati is very huge, because people are more and more concerned about health, afraid of the reality of dirty food and chemical residues.

It can be seen that organic rice has a high price, but the truth is that it is “not expensive”, because the value that organic rice grains bring is wonderful.


Price of organic basmati rice

How to cook organic rice basmati

Organic basmatirice is simple to prepare and can make absolutely delicious recipes of Basmati rice. Local ethnic businesses and e-commerce platforms sell Basmati rice in bags that customers could easily find. Here are some basic steps to have a yummy dish with organic rice basmati.

  • Step 1: Put 1 cup of rice in a pot, cover it with water and let it sit for 15 minutes
  • Step 2: Rinse the water out and this will take out some of the excess starch
  • Step 3: Put back the rice into the pot and add two and a half cups of water, a little bit of salt to season and 2-tablespoon oil, you can use butter, vegetable oil that you have on hand. Let it stand for 15 minutes.
  • Step 4: Put the heat on high and let the water boil
  • Step 5: Reduce the heat to medium-low and bring it down to a simmer, cover with a lid and cook for 15 minutes.
  • Step 6: Enjoy your meal

How to cook organic Basmati rice

Some famous brands of organic basmati rice

Customers should engage with the top 5 reliable organic basmati rice brands listed below.

Jiva Organics

Jiva Organics, situated in Burnaby, British Columbia, is a major business-to-business distributor of certified organic foods with the key product of basmati rice. Right from the name, the brand’s organic products are grown according to organic methods, bringing many nutrients to the body and safe for health. Organic rice basmati is a must-try product for customers.


Jiva Organics organic basmati rice

Tasty Bite organic basmati rice

Tasty Bite has been delighting customers with quick, savory, and all-natural ethnic food – including entrées, kinds of rice, and bowls – for over 25 years. The food used in our Tasty Bite products is cultivated on local farms, where we also teach our community of farmers about organic and sustainable farming practices. Organic rice basmati is one of their popular products.


Tasty Bite organic basmati rice

Anaaj Inc.

Anaaj Inc. is one of the few companies in the world that can turn raw seeds into completed and processed food items. They have farms in several parts of Pakistan, which were carefully chosen based on the fertility and adaptability of the soil in that location. Anaaj Inc. focuses on supplying organic rice basmati to the domestic and global market.


Anaaj Inc.

Pride of India Extra Long Brown Basmati

Pride of India’s rice is a classic in Asian cuisine, with a nutty taste and a flowery tinge. It is cultivated without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It is been matured for two years to give it a richer, more complex flavor. This organic rice basmati has an extra-long grain size and length, 100% pure rice from India, packaged in the United States.


Pride of India

Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms has developed from a small-scale home company to a recognized brand that is constantly focused on agricultural techniques that protect the environment during nearly a century of establishment and expansion. The USDA has certified their organic fields, as well as those of their growers, as organic. Their Eco-Farmed rice meets all of our Eco-Farmed requirements. Basmati rice for wholesale farmed in the organic process is their key product.


Lundberg Family Farms

Nearly a decade ago, there were quite a few businesses with international organic rice certification, but now there are many participating businesses. Therefore, consumers have more choices when buying organic rice basmati in terms of supplier, type and price. In addition to rice, a number of products processed from organic rice basmati have entered the market to serve domestic and export needs.

Besides, K-Agriculture is also a reputable rice brand if you want to find a rice distributor in Vietnam, K-Agriculture is supplying many rice products like jasmine rice, ST rice, or glutinous rice.
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