3 Most Valued Long Grain Rice Nutrition


Long grain rice has become a staple ingredient in the daily meals of many people. However, do you know anything about long grain rice nutrition and how these types of rice improve your overall health?

Long grain rice nutrition: An overview

Long grain rice types are one of the most popular types of rice in the world with its special flavour and distinctive aroma. It’s often used in daily meals, especially in Asia countries. Long grain rice is also regarded to have the highest economic value in the rice industry. Each type with different long grain rice nutrition characteristics can cater for the needs of any customer.

  • Shape: Long grain rice types usually have long, slender, thin, and hard grains.
  • Aroma: Each long grain rice type will have different scents. Overall, every long-grain rice type has a delightful aroma and a great amount of long grain rice nutrition.
  • Taste: After being cooked, long-grain rice has a sweet, appetizing taste. Another special feature of these long-grain rice types is that even when the rice is cooled, it’s still tender to eat.

Long grain rice

Different types with different nutrition

Nowadays, with the development of cultivation techniques, there are more and more types of long grain rice in the market. However, below are the most popular and widely-consumed types with their own long grain rice nutrition.

Jasmine rice

As a variety of the aromatic rice group, Jasmine rice has a long, slender shape, white color and a special pandan-leaf aroma. In addition, it’s also a great source of Jasmine rice nutrition. There are two common types of Jasmine rice, they are white and brown Jasmine rice. The long grain rice nutrition differs between each type.


Jasmine rice’s nutrition

The Brown Jasmine rice calories per cup is higher than the white ones, it contains more protein, fiber and also more healthy long grain rice nutrition to nourish our bodies. So if you are looking for a healthy diet with Jasmine rice, brown jasmine rice is worth considering.

OM504 Rice and OM5451 Rice

OM504 rice is a popular long grain rice type in Nigeria, Nepal. With a slim, medium length, delightful fragrance, and high long grain rice nutrition, OM504 is favored by many consumers. OM5451 is widely consumed in developing markets like Thailand, Vietnam, West Asia. The OM5451 has long grains with a pleasant aroma. The cooked OM5451 is tender, sweet to eat.

The long grain rice nutrition of OM504 and OM5451 rice is equivalent. Either of them contains a great amount of protein, fiber, gluxit, lipitor and Vitamin B1 which are really vital for human bodies. These two types of rice not only contain a great source of long grain rice nutrition but are relatively cheap so everyone can include them in their diets.


OM504 vs OM5451

ST Rice

Regarded as the world’s best rice, ST Rice Line has a very special aroma, appetizing taste and a great amount of long grain rice nutrition.

The ST rice contains:


Nutrition of ST rice

With appetizing flavour, aroma and a great amount of long grain rice nutrition, ST rice can cater to every customer.

Basmati rice

Basmati rice is one of the most famous long grain rice types originated from India. With long, slender rice grains, beautiful colors, Basmati rice is often used in the daily meals of Asians, especially in India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Basmati rice is a great source of long grain rice nutrition. One cup (163 grams) of cooked white basmati rice contains:


Basmati’s nutrition

With this amount of nutrition, Basmati rice is regarded to be in the top nutritious rice of the world.

Long grain rice nutrition: Health benefits of long grain rice

Long grain rice nutrition can enhance the health conditions of everybody. As a staple food for many people around the world, long grain rice has a wide variety of health benefits.

  • Easy on the digestive system

When it comes to long grain rice nutrition, long grain rice is low in fibre and easy to digest. When cooked and served correctly, these types of rice are unlikely to cause gastric upset. They may be healthy food for those who suffer from heartburn or nausea.

  • Gluten-free

Being naturally gluten free and containing a great source of long grain rice nutrition, this type of rice is a considerable option for those with coeliac disease or non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. The brown long grain rice contains insoluble fibre, which promotes digestive function and generates the beneficial gut bacteria that are so important for health.


Long grain rice is gluten free

  • Useful in maintaining healthy weight

When it comes to long grain rice nutrition, in comparison, brown varieties contain more fibre and protein. Both of them have a great effect and contribute to a lower glycemic index than that of white rice. This means the carbs supplied by a portion of long grain brown rice are converted to energy more slowly. That means eating long grain brown rice prevents cravings and may help with weight management.

Long grain rice nutrition: Long grain rice from K-Agriculture factory

With more than 25 years as a rice manufacturer in Vietnam’s agricultural market, K-Agriculture Factory is now one of the best agricultural factories that wholesale long grain rice types to traders worldwide. With a network of more than 1000 employees and 100 experts in agricultural products from cashew, pepper, cinnamon, and especially rice, K-Agriculture is now a trusted and favorite leading supplier.

The process of rice for export at K-Agriculture company

The long grain rice types that K-Agriculture Factory provides are


Long grain rice of K-Agriculture Factory

To know more, you can contact us K-Agriculture – a pioneer in supplying wholesale Vietnamese rice, for a free consult as well as the best advice about types, price, and the more detailed procedures to import long grain rice from Vietnam.

With about 25 years in producing rice and exporting to nealy 40 countries around the world, we’re sure to help you find the best suitable long-grain rice from our plenty of varieties at a very competitive price.

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