Jasmine Rice In Bulk – Things To Know Before Investing


Jasmine rice in bulk is supplied by many exporters in large rice exporting countries like Vietnam, India and Thailand at different prices. However, the quality of jasmine rice in bulk is getting better and better to meet the needs of picky customers.

An overview of jasmine rice in bulk

Many countries that consume rice in mass are turning to jasmine rice in bulk. Because jasmine rice is suited for everyone, there is a steady growth in production and demand for jasmine rice, which has various good signs.

Definition of jasmine rice in bulk

Jasmine rice in bulk is a long-grain rice variety of Asian rice, that is mostly grown in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Rice is a key element of the diet and plays a central part in practically every meal throughout Asia, India, and the Middle East, where it is commonly consumed. This rice is moist and soft when cooked, with a somewhat sweet flavor. When cooked, the rice grains are aromatic and slightly sticky, albeit not as sticky as sticky rice. Jasmine rice has a distinct scent, flavor, and texture that sets it apart from other varieties of rice.


Jasmine rice

Some countries provide jasmine rice in bulk and wholesale prices

Jasmine rice in bulk is supplied by big agricultural countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia with an enormous output every year to serve a huge need.

  • Thailand

Thai jasmine rice in bulk has earned a reputation for good quality among all varieties of rice traded for several years. Since 1988, Thailand’s jasmine rice exports have increased at a rate of 100,000 tons per year on average. Jasmine rice in bulk exports accounts for 11-15% of total Thai rice exports. In terms of volume, roughly 1.3-1.6 million tonnes of jasmine rice are exported each year. The price of Thai jasmine rice in bulk in 2019 is 1148-1152 USD/ton and its main markets are China, the US and UK. It can be seen that Thailand succeeded in exporting jasmine rice to picky markets which focus on quality rather than the price, so Thai jasmine rice is still preferred in these markets despite its prohibitive price. Moreover, the strengths of Thai jasmine rice are stably high quality and long-standing rice export reputation, Thailand is the largest exporter of jasmine rice in the world, but it is experiencing increasing competition from nations developing rice varieties with similar qualities.


Thai jasmine rice

  • Vietnam

The volume of jasmine rice in bulk exported in recent years accounted for about 43% – 46% of the total export volume in Vietnam, reaching over 3 million tons. The cultivated area of Vietnamese jasmine rice in bulk in the Mekong Delta provinces annually reaches about 25% of the total cultivated area (equivalent to about 1 million hectares), the production of jasmine rice in bulk is estimated at 5.5 million tons in 2020. The price of Vietnamese jasmine rice in bulk in 2019 is 528-532 USD/ton and its main markets are China, Africa, and Philippines import rice from Vietnam is the trend in the market. Compared to the price of Thai jasmine rice, Vietnamese jasmine rice’s price is lower, which shows the difference in the rice quality. With a reasonable price, Vietnamese jasmine rice in bulk not only meets the demands of price-sensitive markets but also markets with strict quality requirements such as the EU (in 2019, Vietnam’s rice exports to the EU reached more than 50,000 tons, jasmine rice accounted for more than a half).


Vietnamese jasmine rice

  • Cambodia

During the Rice Traders World Rice Conference in Hong Kong in November 2013, the Cambodian rice variety Phka Rumduol or Cambodia Jasmine Rice by rice millers and traders, was named the “World’s Best Rice and Cambodia is the second biggest exporter of Premium Jasmine Rice. Phka Rumduol typically yields 3.5–5 tons per hectare under rainfed lowland conditions. The price of Cambodian jasmine rice in bulk in 2021 is 785-790 USD/ton and its main markets are China, the US. Cambodia is a new member in the market of jasmine rice in bulk, however, the volume of export rice from Cambodia is quite huge due to the high-quality of its rice.


Cambodian jasmine rice

Wholesale jasmine rice: factors affecting the development of this market

The market of wholesale jasmine rice primarily depends on the following elements.

High consumption of wholesale jasmine rice

Increasing demand for jasmine rice product opens promising opportunities for businesses to expand the distribution of wholesale jasmine rice. Companies can bring wholesale jasmine rice to demanding markets beyond Asia such as Europe, the USA, or Canada.

When jasmine rice offers numerous positive influences on human health, people are consuming more of this rice. In total, among long grain rice varieties, jasmine rice is most preferred by 59.6% of consumers.

According to many researchers, jasmine rice is consumed by 79% of Thai people, and over 31% of Europeans, Southeast Asians, Canadians, and Americans.

The production of jasmine rice

With growing areas from Eastern to Western countries, the stability of jasmine rice supply chains is guaranteed. Therefore, wholesale jasmine rice companies can satisfy the requirements of large rice import volumes from customers.

Due to the expansion in growing areas, the production of jasmine rice has significantly increased from time to time. For example, Thailand experienced considerable growth in jasmine rice cultivation, from 16.8% in 1990 to 28.3% in 1998. In particular, during this period of 8 years, the farming area of jasmine rice rose from 1.5 million ha to 2.8 million ha.

In recent years, jasmine rice under the American label has been developed and tested in California, Arkansas, and Louisiana. This aims at satisfying the demand for wholesale jasmine rice within the country.

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Sea freight is the main method to transport wholesale jasmine rice. The wholesale price of jasmine rice partly depends on the transportation cost. For example, Hom Mali rice, Thailand’s famous delicious rice and the world’s best rice in 2020 recorded the current export price at $700/ton, down 14.2% from the price of $800/ton in this early year. Due to the increasing freight costs, suppliers have to lower the wholesale jasmine rice price to balance. Bad weather, clearance delays, or pirates could all be factors in the rise in transportation expenses.

From given statistics, it can be said that businesses are focusing on distributing wholesale jasmine rice to international destinations.

Main factors affecting the price of jasmine rice in bulk

The price of rice exports, particularly jasmine rice in bulk fluctuates because of some striking factors like production, demand, transportation.

Jasmine rice in bulk production

Production of jasmine rice is one of the main elements affecting the price of jasmine rice in bulk. For example, the total jasmine rice production in Thailand in 2020 witnessed a slight reduction because of an extreme drought, from 312kg/1000m² (in 2019) to only 287kg/1000m². The decrease in jasmine rice in bulk production causes the increase in the price of Thai jasmine rice in bulk exports (about 5 USD/ton).


Jasmine rice in bulk production

Jasmine rice in bulk demand

Jasmine rice addresses the sensory preferences of Asian consumers living in North America. Jasmine rice is finding a niche and growth potential in new markets like the EU, the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Jasmine accounts for 15 to 18% of Thai rice exports in volume, but contributes to half of rice exports incomes in Thailand. This proves the demand for jasmine rice in bulk is huge. The non-stop decreasing demand for jasmine rice continues to push up the annual jasmine rice price slightly (825 USD/ton-1111 USD/ton).


Jasmine rice in bulk demand


Expensive shipping costs remain an obstacle for exports. A trader said many deals have been delayed due to high shipping and logistics charges. Freight rates are higher on long-haul routes, such as the Asia-Europe and Asia-North America routes. Freight charges at these routes have increased about 4 to 8 times within a year. Congestion at the destination port is becoming more and more common, causing delays in delivery. In addition, freight from Asia to West Africa is currently up to 130-150 USD/ton, too high considering the transport cost structure in rice prices in West African markets. This case pushed the price of jasmine rice in bulk up so much.



Reasons for choosing jasmine rice in bulk

Jasmine rice is one of the best types of long grain rice because of four following points that an importing country can take into consideration to give it a try.

Diverse in products

Classified by colors, white jasmine rice (most consumed by global customers) and jasmine rice in brown color are popular because it helps lose weight and does wonders for human health. Besides, there are many products that are bred from jasmine rice in bulk like OM5451 or Jazzman. Each type of rice is quite similar and customers have more options to meet their own needs.


Jasmine rice

Price advantage

Jasmine rice in bulk is somewhat stable over time even when ít is produced and exported by different countries. Its price varies from 620-700 USD/ton. In the meanwhile, basmati rice – one of the best long grain rice, is sold at 833 USD/ton, much higher than jasmine rice’s price. ST rice is also a type of fragrant rice in Vietnam that is sold at 692 USD/ton. Therefore, with the same quality, jasmine rice in bulk is a sensible choice.


Jasmine rice

Stable and great demand

Jasmine rice goes well with any Asian cuisine, and even Indian cuisine if you do not have basmati rice on hand. Moreover, EU nations also use this rice as the main ingredient. Therefore, an enormous volume of jasmine rice was imported from producing countries. 1,59 million tons of jasmine rice were imported from Vietnam in 2020. In the same year, Thailand’s jasmine rice accounts for 80-85% of its exports to the US, Thailand supplies 90% of China’s rice imports, the majority of which is high-quality jasmine rice in bulk.


Jasmine rice

Abundant supply every year

Jasmine rice is being focused on cultivating in Cambodia which fragrant rice accounted for 107,339 tons of the exports, or 69.84%, of which jasmine rice varieties – such as Phka Romduol – clocked in at 57,714 tons, or 37.55% of the total in 2020. Vietnam’s rice exports in 2020 reached 6.15 million tons, of which jasmine rice accounted for 26.9%. In 2021, Thailand is estimated to export 1,5 million tons of jasmine rice, which means the supply and production are ensured for wholesale markets.


Jasmine rice cultivation

A reputable wholesale jasmine rice supplier’s characteristics

To be successful in trading wholesale jasmine rice, buyers should be careful in choosing suppliers providing a huge quantity of jasmine rice. A trustworthy wholesale jasmine rice supplier will have clear documents, necessary qualifications, and a great cooperation background.

  • Information about reputable wholesale jasmine rice suppliers is clear

To check the reputation of a wholesale jasmine rice supplier, buyers should rely on basic information such as office addresses and business licenses. A business license is an important document to run a supplier of wholesale jasmine rice, which is authorized by national organizations.

The transparent location of the office or factories will enhance the trustworthiness of the wholesale jasmine rice supplier. Buyers can easily find this information on the website or company profiles.

  • A reputable wholesale jasmine rice supplier can provide the required certificates

Indispensable information that buyers should know well is the certificate profile of a wholesale jasmine rice supplier. This document can prove the quality of jasmine rice products from the supplier.

Normally, a reliable supplier of wholesale jasmine rice is required to have certificates such as FSSC22000, CFS, and ISO. However, for trading organic jasmine rice, the supplier has to provide specific certificates such as USDA organic, JAS, and organic EU.

  • A reputable wholesale jasmine rice supplier is highly rated by the partners.

Usually, a true wholesale jasmine rice supplier has an impressive history of trading for numerous partners nationally and internationally. In addition, positive feedback from the customers indicates the good quality of jasmine rice provided by the supplier.

An instruction to import wholesale jasmine rice

If you’re looking to import wholesale jasmine rice, it’s crucial to start by following some steps

  • Finding reputable wholesale jasmine rice export companies

Importers can depend on given criteria including information transparency, certificate profile, and customer feedback to evaluate the reputation of wholesale jasmine rice exporters.

To ensure the quality of jasmine rice, buyers should ask for samples from wholesale companies.

  • Preparing legal documentation for rice importation

Regulations for rice import are different among countries. Wholesale jasmine rice importers should work with competent authorities in both export and import countries to prepare necessary licenses and documents.

To Vietnamese importers of wholesale jasmine rice, they can register with the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) to submit import licenses. A custom dossier is required as Appendix II of Circular no 38/2015/TT-BTC. Besides, both importers and exporters have to submit documentation related to food safety, quarantine, and quality standards verified by competent authorities.

For wholesale jasmine rice importation to the USA, buyers have to follow the licensing procedures from the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Basic documents required when importing wholesale jasmine rice into the Philippines are bill of lading (or airway bill), commercial invoice, and packing list. In some cases, authorities can require extra papers such as certificate of origin, import permit, certificate of insurance, an inspection of pre-shipment, and proforma invoice.

  • Price negotiation and payment

After choosing a suitable exporter and having legal documents for rice import, the next step is price discussion. Normally, the price of wholesale jasmine rice remains unstable, so that importers should check the price update on official agricultural associations in different countries. This will help buyers to see whether the price offered by the wholesale jasmine rice exporter is reasonable or not.

After that, the importer and exporter of wholesale jasmine rice should make an agreement on payment methods. To endure the trustworthiness, payment should be separated into 2 times: one is before delivery, and the other is after receiving products.

  • Quality check after getting delivery packages

When jasmine rice packages reach the final destination, buyers have to recheck the quality and quantity. During the delivery, the goods can be affected by outside elements such as high temperature or too long shipping time. These factors can negatively influence the general quality of wholesale jasmine rice.

If some problems happen with wholesale jasmine rice, importers should give feedback as soon as possible to exporters to find solutions.

Top 5 jasmine rice in bulk suppliers

Jasmine rice is a popular rice product that is imported in large numbers by a number of international markets, including Europe, the Philippines, and other Asian nations. Therefore, these countries can import jasmine rice in bulk according to some famous suppliers below.

VIMEX Import Export Group – a reputable jasmine rice in bulk supplier

VIMEX Import Export Group exists and develops solely for the goal of direct worldwide consumption of Vietnamese agricultural goods. With headquarters in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Singapore, they have complete authority to manage our distribution networks in many locations in order to offer products to various groups of customers at guaranteed quality and reasonable prices. Organizing several rice mills in the Mekong Delta with an annual production of about 160,000 tons for export. VIMEX produced enough product to meet our foreign customers’ needs on a yearly basis. Bamboo rice jasmine rice is a brand of jasmine rice in bulk that is exported in bulk to a number of major countries.


VIMEX Import Export Group

Lundberg Family Farms – An American supplier of jasmine rice in bulk

Lundberg Family Farms sells a variety of rice. Because it is certified organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO tested, their organic brown rice is one of the best available. Long grain rice from Lundberg Family Farms is similarly additive-free and only has one component. Organic white jasmine rice is a popular brand with many importers.


Lundberg Family Farms

K-Agriculture Factory – one of the leading jasmine rice in bulk suppliers

If you are wanting to buy jasmine rice in bulk, K-Agriculture Factory is a great supplier to consider. K-Agriculture Factory has been a trusted exporter for over 25 years, with customers in Dubai, China, the United States, and other countries. They are happy with the great quality of Jasmine rice in bulk from Vietnam and the services provided by K- Agriculture. In 2020, K-Agriculture Factory will undertake a countrywide initiative with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to deliver the greatest Vietnamese agricultural goods to the global market.
If you are interested in K-Agriculture’s products, feel free to contact us via:
WhatsApp: +84855555694


K-Agriculture Factory

Mahatma – A famous Indian jasmine rice in bulk supplier

At Mahatma, they understand the importance of good rice. From scent and texture to flavor, our rice has it all. For nearly a century, American families have put their confidence in them. America’s Favorite Rice is a result of their long history of offering consistent quality and flavor in every bag of Mahatma Rice. They are providing jasmine rice in bulk with brown rice and white rice.



Wonnapob jasmine rice supplier – A Thai supplier of jasmine rice in bulk

Wonnapob Co., Ltd., is a Thai jasmine rice in bulk exporter, is a pioneer in the application of cutting-edge technology to boost output. Wonnapob is famous for exporting Thai Hom Mali rice, a jasmine rice that is unique to Thailand.


Wonnapob jasmine rice supplier

Jasmine rice possesses some distinct characteristics compared to others, as well as including premium quality and reasonable price. Therefore, more and more importers prefer this type of long grain rice.

In conclusion, this article provides you with the information you need to know about jasmine rice in bulk. Hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment for further explanation from experts from K-agriculture which is one of the biggest factories in agriculture in Vietnam!

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