Interesting facts about specialty coffee market

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Specialty coffee market now is an active and potential market where importers and exporters can meet and trade with each other.

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Overview about specialty coffee market

Specialty coffee market is regarded as a proof of the significant improvement in the coffee industry. It is not only because of the higher level of flavors and experience that coffee brings to drinkers but also its great economic value for traders.

Brief introduction of specialty coffee

Specialty coffee refers to the peakest quality coffee at the present, requiring the strictest origin from the planting areas, picking cherries to the processing stage. Moreover, specialty coffee also gets at least 80 points on a 100 point scale by a certified Q Grader (CQI – Coffee Quality Institute) or a worldwide licensed coffee taster (SCA – Specialty Coffee Association). Only 5% of the coffee produced globally reaches the coveted title of specialty coffee.


Definition of specialty coffee

Main products distributed in specialty coffee market

Specialty coffee only uses Arabica for the high-end market which is graded more than 80 cupping scores. Arabica is chosen because of its outstanding flavor with a slightly sweet and chocolate-like, fruity taste. All of these characteristics create a complex and smooth cup of specialty coffee with the fullest flavor and minimal bitterness.

  • Arabica specialty coffee is usually processed by natural or honey pulping method to intensify the beans’ sweetness. Besides, these are also 2 processing methods requiring years of experience and skilled workers. To ensure each coffee bean at its highest quality, these Arabica beans are manually processed from the harvesting to fermenting.

Main products of specialty coffee

  • The price of Arabica specialty coffee can be at any cost, depending on the locations of planting areas and processing methods so it is difficult to define exactly any specialty coffee. South American and Africa are regions growing a variety of Arabica specialty coffee thanks to its fertile soil and ideal natural conditions. This is the reason for the diverse flavor of coffee here and being the key suppliers for such famous specialty coffee brands in the worldwide specialty coffee market as Starbucks, Costa, ….
  • There are many big competitions in the world held to promote specialty coffee to the trading market such as: Vietnam Amazing Cup (VAC), World Coffee Champions (WCC), Vietnam Specialty Coffee (VSC), …

Specialty coffee competitions

To conclude, specialty coffee is a high-end product bringing great economic value for not only companies but also the specialty coffee exporting countries. Therefore, raw coffee exporting countries should gradually boost from raw or commercial coffee exports to specialty coffee by focusing on coffee planting investment to improve the coffee’s quality and pouring money into technology productions, training skills of workers, ….

Typical features of specialty coffee market

Due to the improvement in living standards of many people, the demand for specialty coffee is gradually increasing which makes this market more dynamic than ever.

Suppliers in specialty coffee market

Specialty coffee is made from strictly selected Arabica coffee beans. While growing countries like Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia are the top 3 most Arabica coffee produced regions around the world, indirect suppliers like Germany, USA, … are of the highest export volume in the specialty coffee market. The reason is that specialty coffee not only requires an ideal growing condition but also complex and high-tech processing stages which can be supplied by developed countries such as the EU, USA, ….
Europe was the major manufacturer in the specialty coffee market when it comes to volume and value in 2019 making up about 23% of the global specialty coffee exports, followed by North America with the market share of about 20%. However, growing countries like Brazil, Vietnam, … are participating in producing and exporting specialty coffee in order to meet the market’s demand and improve their position in this great coffee market.


Specialty coffee suppliers

Demand in specialty coffee market

Due to the increase in living standards and health concerns, specialty coffee is a perfect choice for coffee lovers seeking a healthier drink. According to Allegra’s report, the specialty coffee market is estimated to reach 13% a year growth, higher than the 10% predicted for the whole coffee market in 2021. The result of specialty coffees increasing in popularity is reflected in high street chains, such as Starbucks, Highland Coffee and Costa. Due to the climate conditions, the consumers’ taste preferences, and the region customs the European market is regarded as the largest coffee consumption market in the world, accounting for about 33% of global consumption in 2020/21, followed by Asia and Oceania, Latin America and North America with market share of around 20%. This demand is expected to increase in the coming years due to the drinking coffee at home trend after the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic.


Specialty coffee demand

How to connect with reliable suppliers in specialty coffee market

Negotiating in person with partners is quite a complex process, especially in the Covid 19 epidemic. Online search is an innovative and suitable way for both parties in trading negotiation.


Ways to connect with reliable specialty coffee suppliers

  • Via agricultural trade fairs

Specialty coffee is a high-end coffee product with a high value, so reliable suppliers will join in quality coffee trade fairs to publish their products to exporters. Hundreds of agricultural trade fairs are held annually which creates a great chance for connecting both suppliers and buyers in the worldwide specialty coffee market.

  • Via the Internet

Searching for reliable partners on the Internet is a useful channel that customers should try. Trustworthy suppliers will not hesitate to publicize their profile and website on the Internet and find ways to push their products available on reputable B2B E-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Tridge, … in order that their products can reach as many customers as possible, especially in a global coffee market. By entering a searching phrase such as “reliable suppliers in specialty coffee market” or simply “specialty coffee market”, international specialty coffee traders can see lists of suppliers on the screen and then consider the potential ones.

  • Via reliable broker services

Buyers can connect with specialty coffee suppliers via trustworthy brokers due to their large network and years of experience in working with foreign partners.

Top reputable suppliers in specialty coffee market

Special coffee is usually sold in bulk and bean form so you can find it in just a small quantity in specialty stores. To buy it in large quantities with the most reasonable price, considering reputable wholesale suppliers is a good option.

K-Agriculture – leading wholesale supplier in worldwide specialty coffee market

Established in 1996 as a small merchant, K-Agriculture Factory now is a reputable wholesale agricultural products supplier around the world. It is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. With 25 years of experience in producing and distributing high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, K-Agriculture is prized as one of the best options for any foreign traders.
K-Agriculture is expanding its chain of coffee processing factories spread across Vietnam such as Quang Tri, Lam Dong, Hung Yen, etc. It supplies a wide range of coffee from commercial coffee to specialty coffee in bulk to such large markets as Italy, Germany, Russia, the US, etc.


K-Agriculture – a reputable specialty coffee supplier

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