How to enjoy delicious coffee drinks at home

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Making coffee drinks at home has become a trend and even a hobby for many coffee-drinkers during the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic. Contrary to popular belief, making a delicious cup of coffee at home is not as hard as it may sound.

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The trend of coffee drinks at home

Ever since it first appeared in Vietnam in the late 19th century, the coffee culture has formed a concrete status in the heart of the Vietnamese people. It has become a norm and a habit to go to coffee shops and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee. However, things can change.

Before Covid-19

Before the dreadful epidemic, it was a typical everyday scene to see people, from young high school students to elder people go to coffee shops or street vendors for a cup of coffee. Since the rising popularity of the coffee industry about 30 years ago, there have been approximately 20,000 coffee shops, ranging from small to large, in Vietnam. However, among those shops, there are only a few prominent and famous brands that stand out, namely Highlands with more than 300 shops across Vietnam, Starbucks, Trung Nguyen, The Coffee House, etc. Even though there are ways to make coffee drinks at home, people still prefer to have coffee outside.
Different generations have suitable coffee brands that fit their styles of coffee drinks. While most senior citizens love spending time playing chess and enjoying their black coffee in a street vendor, office workers and university students prefer to be in a quiet coffee shop to work and drink a wake-up coffee. It is hard to imagine life without coffee nowadays.


The trend of coffee drinks at home

After Covid-19

However, Covid-19 changes everything. To prevent the spread of the virus, all coffee shops must temporarily close for several months or open with only take-away and follow strict 5K rules when vaccination campaigns are carried out. This enables a new method of coffee-drinking to dominate people’s lives: making coffee drinks at home. There are many tutorial videos on how to make delicious coffee drinks at home on Youtube, Tiktok or other social media platforms, leading to several coffee-making trends among coffee-lovers, such as the Dalgona or whipped coffee in 2020. People can also have take-aways or use shipping services to deliver coffee to their houses, which is more expensive than the home-made coffee method.

Most popular types of coffee drinks at home and how to make them

Vietnamese coffee is not only renowned for their coffee beans as input ingredients for coffee drinks, but their signature coffee-drinking styles are also popular and loved around the world. Here are the top must-try Vietnamese coffee drinks at home and their how-to-make guidelines.

Black filtered coffee – coffee drinks at home

This is a staple drink for those professional coffee drinkers who enjoy the bitterness and the original flavor of the coffee beans. In order to make black filtered coffee, you need a filter or Phin that can easily be found in a typical grocery store, fine coffee powder and boiling hot water. A normal filter includes a filter press, a cup spanner, a chamber and a cap.


Black filtered coffee

To make black filtered coffee drinks at home, first you need to heat the cup with hot water to make sure that the coffee will always be hot. And then put ground coffee powder into the chamber of the filter, slightly tap the chamber to settle the coffee. Next step is to put the chamber on top of the previous heated cup, pour hot water into the chamber, put the cap on and water for the coffee dripping. After 4-6 minutes, the coffee is ready to drink. You can use it directly or as an ingredient for other drinks or dessert that contain coffee.

Iced milk coffee – coffee drinks at home

Iced milk coffee is perfect for those with a sweet tooth but still love the taste of coffee. Sweet, bitter and still having a strong coffee aroma, this drink is now one of the beverages that steal the heart and soul of the Vietnamese people. While iced milk coffee can easily be found in any stores or through delivery services, making iced milk coffee drinks at home allows you to get the ideal ratio of coffee and milk, suitable for your taste and liking. The name of the drinks already give away the ingredients needed: coffee, milk or condensed milk, ice and mix them up in a cup. The amount of coffee and milk depends on how you like your cup of coffee: sweet, bitter or in between.


Iced milk coffee

Yogurt coffee – coffee drinks at home

Most popular during the hot months, this specialty coffee is the perfect combination of sweet, sour, bitter and even serves as a balanced source of nutrients rather than just a normal type of beverage. Drinkers can add a bit of coconut milk and lots of ice during the blending of coffee and yogurt to create a refreshing twist of flavor, perfect for the hot summer!


Yogurt coffee

Dalgona/Whipped coffee – coffee drinks at home

Dalgona coffee has taken the Internet by storm in 2020, becoming one of most searched types of coffee on Google with numerous tutorial videos online. Beautiful foam, balanced taste and good for photos, Dalgona or whipped coffee is especially popular among young people despite the fact that it takes plenty of time to make and may not succeed in the first several tries. To make this coffee drink at home, you can whip the instant coffee, sugar and hot water until it becomes creamy and then add some milk. It can be topped with coffee powder, cocoa, biscuit crumbs or honey for a more flavorful taste and for decoration.


Dalgona/Whipped coffee

Delivery of coffee drinks at home

To ensure the safety of the community during the epidemic and still make profit, many coffee stores offer alternative methods for customers, of which the two main ones are coffee take-away and delivery.


Customers can order their coffee take-away at the coffee shops to enjoy coffee drinks at home. This helps them to have their drinks faster than using delivery services, since shippers may have to deliver many orders at once. Still, it is recommended that customers follow safety procedures when going out and buying coffee take-away.



Delivery services

Coffee shops may choose to deliver coffee drinks directly to customers themselves or using delivery services. Each method has its own pros and cons. If coffee shops do the delivery themselves, they can be in control of the whole delivery time and process, making sure that coffee does not spill or ruin before it reaches the customer. However, if customers order their coffee drinks through intermediary delivery apps such as Shopee Food or Baemin, they may have discounts and promotions, even though the waiting can be longer. During the complex situation of the pandemic, delivery services are gaining higher profits than ever due to the tremendous demand.


Delivery services

Where to find ingredients for coffee drinks at home

To make delicious coffee drinks at home, it is indispensable that drinkers find high-quality ingredients depending on the drinks they want to make.

For ingredients such as milk, yoghurt or the coffee filter: customers can buy directly at any supermarkets, convenient stores or find them online through E-commerce platforms such as Shopee or Lazada. These apps frequently have discount codes or promotions that can offer many great deals.

For coffee: to make fine-tasting coffee drinks at home, getting high-quality coffee from reputable coffee suppliers is recommended. A few popular names in Vietnam are Trung Nguyen, Highlands, The Coffee House, etc.


Where to find ingredients for coffee drinks at home


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