How To Distinguish Cinnamon Stick Vs Ground Cinnamon?


Cinnamon is a popular spice that frequently appears in our daily meals. Cinnamon is processed in many forms. Each form of cinnamon has its own usage. You may have heard the name “Cinnamon stick” and “Ground cinnamon”. Are they the same? Are there any differences between cinnamon sticks vs ground cinnamon? K-Agriculture will give you a clear answer from experts.

Overview of cinnamon stick vs ground cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks vs ground cinnamon are all spices that are used frequently in cooking. Some people have not been able to distinguish these two forms of cinnamon. Let’s take a closer look at them by reading this article!

What is a cinnamon stick?

The cinnamon stick is a form of a dried roll of cinnamon made from the inner bark of the cinnamon plant. The cinnamon plants are mainly distributed in Vietnam, China, India and Indonesia. There are Cassia cinnamon sticks and Ceylon cinnamon sticks. The most popular one that is widely used is Cassia cinnamon.


Cinnamon stick

The cinnamon stick is primarily used as a spice and food additive in cooking. Below are some popular dishes that include cinnamon sticks as an ingredient:

  • Pho bo (Vietnamese beef noodles)
  • Stewed beef, stewed pork
  • Hot chocolate
  • Cinnamon roll cake
  • Cinnamon tea

How to process cinnamon stick?

Step 1: Collect the fresh cinnamon barks. To get the best quality bark, the cinnamon trees should be more than 12 years old.

Step 2: Shave off the cinnamon bark to reveal the inner shell

Step 3: Cinnamon bark should be cleaned and cut into small pieces. To ensure the cinnamon stick is not torn or broken, it should have a width of 3.3 – 3.7 cm and a length of 15-40 cm.

Step 4: Dry the cinnamon in the sun or use a drying system until they curl up into cinnamon sticks. The appropriate thickness of the cinnamon’s skin should range from 1 mm to 2 mm.

Step 5: Cut and/or grind the cinnamon sticks. The cinnamon sticks will be cut into different lengths depending on the request from customers. The length of cinnamon sticks can range from 5 to 20 centimetres long.


Process to make cinnamon stick

Sometimes, the cinnamon sticks are also ground into powder form. The ground cinnamon will be packed in 25kg PP bags and has a shelf life of 3-4 years. The quality of ground cinnamon is more difficult to preserve and is more easily to be spoiled. As a result, many importers choose to purchase the whole cinnamon stick.

What is ground cinnamon?

Ground cinnamon (or cinnamon powder) comes from the bark of the cinnamon stick, but it is processed into small particles in fine powder. Cinnamon powder is often ground from broken cinnamon. Ground cinnamon is also used as a food additive or spice to add to dishes. To give tea, coffee, or hot chocolate a somewhat sweet flavor, you can sprinkle a pinch of ground cinnamon on top.


Ground cinnamon

However, spicing up pastries is one of the most well-liked uses for ground cinnamon. Oatmeal, cereal, or muesli can also be topped with ground cinnamon to add a distinct sweet-spicy flavor.

How to process ground cinnamon?

To make cinnamon powder, we definitely have cinnamon sticks. We will choose the freshest cinnamon sticks. Then we gently scrub the surface of the cinnamon stick with a fine, soft fur brush to eliminate impurities such as dust and earthen attachments.

There are 5 different methods to make ground cinnamon from cinnamon sticks, depending on the tool you have! You can easily grind the cinnamon at home!

Method 1: Using microplane
Microplane is a super useful tool for grinding the cinnamon sticks. You just need to run the cinnamon stick over the microplane while placing a bowl under the microplane to catch the ground cinnamon. Cinnamon will be shaved into incredibly tiny shavings. Despite not being as fine as cinnamon powder, they are great toppings.

Method 2: Using mortar and pestle
Place the cinnamon stick in the mortar after cutting it in half. The cinnamon sticks will be crushed and ground into powder by using the pestle.


Using microplane or mortar and pestel to make ground cinnamon

Method 3: Using Ziploc Bag and Meat Tenderizer
Simply place the cinnamon sticks in a Ziploc bag, close it, and use a meat tenderizer to crush them into powder.

Method 4: Using a blender
Blend the cinnamon sticks in the blender for 30 seconds on more. Then you will check and stir the powder again. After that, you will sift the powder into a large bowl.

Method 5: Using a spice grinder
Turn on the spice grinder, add the cinnamon sticks into it, and grind it until the cinnamon come with a fine powder form.


Using blender or spice grinder to make ground cinnamon

Easy, right? Now you know how to make cinnamon powder by yourself with cinnamon sticks!

Comparison between cinnamon stick vs ground cinnamon

In this section, we will indicate some cinnamon stick characteristics and cinnamon powder characteristics to know the differences between them.


  • Cinnamon stick: It has a shape like a long rod
  • Ground cinnamon: It has a shape like a fine powder


  • Cinnamon stick: It is produced from the bark of the cinnamon tree
  • Ground cinnamon: It is made from processed cinnamon sticks.


  • Cinnamon stick: It is used as a food additive in tea or liquid dishes like noodles, soup, etc. The cinnamon stick will be removed before serving the dish.
  • Ground cinnamon: It is used as seasoning added to desserts, drinks or stews. It is not removed before serving the dish.


Cinnamon stick has a higher price than ground cinnamon. To be more specific, cinnamon stick has an FOB price range from 4700 USD/ton to 5500 USD/ton, depending on a roll percentage of 70%-80%-90%-100%. The higher the roll percentage is, the more expensive it is.

Meanwhile, the FOB price of ground cinnamon is between 600 USD/ton and 2500 USD/ton, depending on oil content. The higher the oil content is, the more expensive it is.


Differences between cinnamon stick vs ground cinnamon

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Cinnamon stick vs ground cinnamon: Are they replaceable?

You might be unsure if you can use ground cinnamon instead of cinnamon sticks because cinnamon sticks might be harder to come by. But we have good news that cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon are interchangeable. For instance, instead of using cinnamon sticks, you can substitute ground cinnamon for the same flavour without changing the taste of your food.

When using ground cinnamon instead of cinnamon sticks, you also need to keep in mind that your dish won’t be the same color and texture.

In order to avoid changing the texture of the dish, cinnamon sticks are typically removed after they have provided the flavor to the food.

It’s likely that the cinnamon stick won’t dissolve even if you decide not to remove it. As a result, your meal will still have a particular texture that is different from the texture you would get from cinnamon that has been ground.

On the other hand, adding cinnamon powder will blend with the other ingredients and alter the final dish’s color and texture.

K-Agriculture: A trustworthy place to buy cinnamon stick vs ground cinnamon

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