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With the wave of specialty coffees gradually growing, the emergence of specialty coffee associations as a boost made the specialty coffee industry more popular that can reach many people from all over the world.

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Who is the Specialty coffee association (SCA)

The Specialty Coffee Association is a membership-based nonprofit organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals throughout the world, from farmers to baristas. They develop a worldwide coffee community and support activities to make specialty coffee a thriving, equitable, and sustainable activity throughout the entire value chain, built on the pillars of openness, inclusion, and the power of shared knowledge.

Origin of Specialty coffee association

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) was founded in 1982. There are approximately 40 member countries. It is a non-profit commercial organization serving the premium coffee industry. The activity covers many segments from manufacturers, roasters, exporters/importers, to retailers.

  • In 1998, the Specialty coffee association of Europe (SCAE) was established. The purpose is to research and support the development of the coffee industry in the European region.
  • In order to complete the mission, in 2017, these two associations decided to consolidate into the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) – World Specialty Coffee Association.

Origin of Specialty coffee association

Mission of Specialty coffee association

Specialty coffee association carries its own missions to vary the coffee culture.

  • Firstly, the Specialty coffee association was born with the aim of inspiring and connecting the coffee community and expanding the commerce of Specialty Coffee worldwide. Through her leadership through activities, events, education and research. Aim to promote strong development of the Specialty Coffee industry.
  • Next, the Specialty coffee association gradually benefits everyone from coffee farmers, roasters, to baristas… around the globe.

As a result, the position of the coffee industry on the world industrial map is increasingly enhanced. The international prestige as well as the wide influence make the Specialty coffee association known as the “Boss” in the specialty coffee industry.


Mission of Specialty coffee association

Specialty coffee association and the core value

Specialty coffee association represents thousands of professionals from all over the world in the coffee industry. The organization was established and operates on an open platform, sharing knowledge to improve coffee quality and the common purpose is for the coffee industry to develop sustainably. To realize the mission, SCA built an intensive coffee education system, distributed by a network of Certified Professional Trainers (Authorised SCA Trainer – AST).

How does the specialty coffee association work?

SCA has requirements and standards to select specialty coffee beans in the world.

Processing process and requirements of specialty coffee association for coffee beans

If coffee beans are considered as specialty coffee beans, they need to meet requirements of specialty coffee association

  • When it comes to the harvest season, conventional farms harvest by plucking. This harvesting method has the great advantage of saving time, but harvesting both ripe and green berries leads to uneven specialty coffee beans potential. To overcome this problem, all Specialty coffee farms conduct coffee harvesting by hand picking. Coffee is harvested at the right time when the fruit is ripe enough, the quality of the beans is uniform, and the beans are better sorted.
  • To ensure the best quality and taste, the coffee cherries after being harvested will be put into the processing stage as soon as possible. All Specialty coffee is wet processed. In order for the coffee to not be harmed and have any adverse effects on the quality, every step from husking, fermenting or drying is followed a strict standard and handled with care.

Processing process and requirements of specialty coffee association for coffee beans

  • Before being roasted, people will have to check and select raw coffee beans with test samples. Screening by taste and color is once again conducted to ensure the best coffee taste. After that, the coffee beans will be checked for quality one more time after roasting. If these samples meet the quality requirements, the rest of the beans will be roasted at a temperature of about 230 – 260 degrees Celsius. During the roasting process, the roaster will rely on the quality of the beans to adjust. in order to develop the best taste of Specialty Coffee.
  • Finally, after having the finished coffee, specialty coffee must be scored from 80-100 according to the rating scale of SCA. If it’s below 80, it’s probably commercial coffee or lower quality coffees.

International event activities of Specialty coffee association

In fact, the specialty coffee association is not only a leader in the field of coffee research and development or a pioneer in professional education activities, but it is also an organizer of major events and competitions in the world coffee community. Specifically, those activities are the International Coffee Conference and Exhibition, the World Barista Championship, the World Latte Art Championship, and the World Brewer Cup.

For example, in the World Brewer Cup, contestants must win their respective national championships, which are conducted by associated national organizations.

  • If the national champion is unable to attend, the national organization may replace.
  • There are two rounds in the WBrC: a preliminary round and a finalist round. Every contender must perform two coffee services in the first round: a mandatory service and an open service.
  • Up to now, this championship has been organised for 10 years, and has taken place in many countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, Brazil,…

Specialty coffee association and education – training activities

Specialty coffee association is known as a comprehensive coffee organization from commercial connections, scientific research to international communication. One of Specialty coffee association’s essential activities is a system of intensive training and education aimed at those who want to improve their professional skills and for anyone who is passionate about pursuing the specialty coffee industry.

Competitive advantages when having Specialty coffee association certificates

With coffee – a job that not only has to specialize in barista skills. It also requires general knowledge of other aspects such as organoleptic, manual brewing, green beans and roasting, etc. Having an SCA certificate is a matter of pride. A recognition of one’s efforts, skills and knowledge and confidence in being recognized internationally. SCA certification is a “ticket” for you to board the train to become trend-leading experts in the coffee industry both at home and abroad.


Competitive advantages when having SCA certificates


Specialty Coffee has dominated and led the coffee waves for decades. The specialty of specialty coffee is always accompanied by quality assurance and promotion of the specialty coffee association. Not only that, the Specialty coffee association also helps create conditions to raise the value of specialty coffee, bringing to coffee lovers the best quality. If you want to know more information about coffee and expert in this field, please visit the website of K-Agriculture (a famous specialty coffee brand) to get information: or WhatsApp: +84855 555 837

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