Export Rice to the US – March 2023

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In March 2023, we successfully exported 50 tons of rice to the United States and received positive feedback. We are so glad when our customers are satisfied with the goods that we supplied to them. After this trade, there will certainly be mutual reliability between the two parties and promising cooperation as well.

Here are the feedback and the images sent by our customer in the US.

K-Agriculture Factory is a small business that was established in 1996. The Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Commerce helped our company change its name to the National Project in 2020 with the goal of promoting Vietnamese agricultural products on the international market. We consider it an honor to be the main supplier for thousands of partners around the world!

At K-Agriculture Factory, a variety of rice types are offered, including Jasmine, DT8, ST25, KDM, OM5451, and IR504.

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