Top Worldwide Coffee Powder Brands You Should Try


Coffee powder is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world. For that reason, many coffee powder brands are present in this dynamic market.

Overview of coffee powder brands

There are many coffee powder brands now appearing in the market due to the widespread popularity of coffee powder.

Quick introduction about coffee powder

Coffee powder is regarded as the finished product of coffee after a long processed journey from planting, harvesting to processing, roasting then grinding the roasted beans into powder.

  • Coffee powder allows drinkers to easily and quickly prepare a tasty cup of coffee by pouring hot water with a little condensed milk depending on consumers’ preference into the coffee powder mix.
  • There are 2 main types of coffee powder which are original coffee and blended powder. The original one is 100% made from one type of coffee beans which can be only Robusta or Arabica whereas blended powder is an interesting combination of two or more different origins to create a new, diverse and well-balanced coffee taste.
  • Due to the products’ form, coffee powder brands can introduce many new coffee flavors and promote them to consumers simply by adding some basic materials such as matcha, cacao powder, French vanilla, caramel, … to diversify the customers’ experience and expand their market share.

Coffee powder

Reasons why many coffee powder brands are available in the market

There are more and more coffee powder brands now competing with each other in the instant coffee market due to its widespread popularity across the world. The upward trend of arising many coffee powder brands is because of the 2 main reasons:

  • The convenience and diversity of coffee powder

Coffee powder brands now usually pack the powder in packets or pouches which is more
affordable and convenient for consumers. They can easily enjoy a cup of coffee whenever and wherever they want such as in the office, at home, hotels, restaurants, …. Moreover, it enables drinkers to try out more new flavors without spending much on buying in bulk.

  • The immense popularity of coffee powder

In the last few years, the consumption of coffee powder has significantly increased, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. Before the outbreak of Covid 19, the annual growth rate of this market was estimated at 4,13% on average with the value of up to 30 billion USD in 2018. This upward trend is a proof of high demand in the large work population. However, in the year 2020, the coffee powder market size was valued at 34 billion USD which is 8% higher than that of the previous year. The significant increase occurred due to lockdown during the Covid 19 times, which stimulated the coffee at home consumption trend. In the near future, this market is forecast to grow steadily at about 4,3% per year because of rising coffee consumption at home and office trends. This change is a good chance for coffee powder brands to diversify their products and expand their market share.

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Top 6 reputable coffee powder brands

These are 6 renowned coffee powder brands in the world with their own unique strength.

Nestle – one of reputable Swiss coffee powder brands

Nestlé SA, multinational manufacturer of food products. It is headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, and operates factories in more than 80 countries. Nestlé’s products are various, ranging from condensed and powdered milk, baby foods, chocolate products, candies to instant coffees. For the coffee powder products line, Nestle provides dozens of different coffee types packed in pouches from 100g to 500g per package. In which, the Nestle Classic Instant Coffee and Gold Espresso Italian Style are the two most popular products.


Nestle a reputable coffee powder brand

Trung Nguyen Legend – a Vietnamese coffee powder brand

Trung Nguyen Legend is a renowned Vietnamese coffee powder supplier, promoting its products to over 80 countries around the world. In a wide range of Trung Nguyen coffee products, G7 is the most outstanding coffee powder line, with many popular products such as Instant coffee G7 3 in 1, Instant Cappuccino Coffee G7, Black Instant Coffee, ….


Trung Nguyen Legend, Vietnam

Starbucks – one of the worldwide coffee powder brands prize

Starbucks is favored by many coffee drinkers around the world due to its widespread chains of coffeehouses. Besides serving cups of coffee at stores and takeaways, it also provides customers with a huge selection of coffee powder pouches. The outstanding coffee powder products of Starbucks customers can not skip include Veranda Blend, Willow Blend, Guatemala Antigua, ….

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Starbucks coffee powder brand prize

Davidoff – one of the most popular coffee powder brands from Germany

Davidoff coffee is classified as a luxury coffee from Tchibo Corporation, Germany with a century of experience. Its coffee is famous for the intense aroma and unique flavor of high-quality Arabica beans. In a wide range of Davidoff coffee powder products, Café Rich Aroma, Espresso Instant Coffee and Fine Aroma Soluble Coffee are the three most outstanding.


Davidoff – German coffee powder brand

Café Pilao – the most popular brand in Brazil

Café Pilao is a full bodied coffee made with dark, slow roasted & finely ground beans coming from the best planting regions of Brazil. Cafe Pilao represents home-style Brazilian coffee with ambiguous flavour character & fermented fruit notes. Their products are diverse with the 5 main product lines including: coffee powder of café Pilão, Pestle coffee capsule, Cappuccino, Soluble coffee, Senseo coffee.


Cafe Pilào – the most popular brand in Brazil

Sunbean Beaten Caffe – one of the highlight coffee powder brands from India

Sunbean Beaten Caffee is a premium luxury coffee brand in India with more than 25 years competing in the coffee trading market. It is proud of their diverse products with the high-end quality, bringing the rich and smooth tasting coffee. They provide a wide selection of coffee from roasted to instant coffee. In which, instant coffee is outstanding with coffee pouches such as Instant Coffee Paste, Choco Mocha Coffee Clique and Strong Beaten Coffee Paste.


Sunbean beantean caffe – a highlight coffee brand from India

How to choose the best coffee powder brands

There are many coffee powder brands appearing in the market and it is quite difficult to choose a good one without considering the following clues.


Ways to choose the best coffee powder brands

Reliable coffee powder brands always provide clear and full information for customers

Reputable coffee powder brands are always willing to show their company profile, contact and details information about products in order that customers can consider and contact them for orders easily. Moreover, these brands also try to promote their coffee to as many commercial platforms as possible to improve customers’ awareness of the products.

Good coffee powder brands receive good feedback

Online shopping now is a common trend around the world that makes most businesses join in it. Coffee powder brands are not exceptions. Whether displaying their products on offline stores or online malls, the reviews and ratings from consumers are always useful for the up-sale or the totally new order especially on the online store.

Uses of coffee powder suggested by famous coffee powder brands

Not only used as a beverage, coffee powder also has many other uses that buyers can be surprised by.

  • Customizing your drink at home

With coffee powder, drinkers do not have to prepare many coffee making tools except for a pouch of coffee powder, hot water and condensed milk or ice, caramel, … as your preference. Mixing all the materials you like and have, a cup of coffee with special taste is finished then you can enjoy coffee drink right at your home.


Common uses of coffee powder

  • Safe skincare treatment

The pure coffee powder contains tiny particles that help remove dead skin cells on the face easily and safely. Moreover, a coffee mask which is a combination of coffee powder and natural ingredients such as coconut oil, fresh milk, olive oil, … can help exfoliate, and brighten the face, leaving behind a glowing skin.


Skincare use of coffee powder

K-Agriculture – one of the best Vietnamese agricultural brands
K-Agriculture is the loyal vendor of thousands of B2B partners all around the world. With 25 years of history of promoting Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, K-Agriculture’s products have been available in many large markets in the globe such as the US, EU, India, …. In which, high-quality coffee is an outstanding product.
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