Cassia cinnamon essential oil: 5 facts to spice up your business!


Since ancient times, cinnamon has had quite a special connection with the world. It’s a seasoning that was formerly regarded as being worth much more than gold. Cinnamon is currently one of the most traded spices in the world and has a wide range of applications. This page is for you if you’re trying to find out about Cassia cinnamon essential oil.

Basic facts you might not know about Cassia cinnamon essential oil

Even though Cassia cinnamon essential oil is very popular, there are some facts that you might not know about it. Here we conclude the most general information of this product for you. Continue reading to know more.

Origin: What is Cassia cinnamon oil?

First is the definition of essential oil. You can understand essential oil as the liquid part inside something, after being steam distilled. The process would remove most of the liquid’s water, leaving the most quintessential part. Therefore, when it comes to cinnamon oil, it can be easily understood what it actually is. 


Definition of cinnamon oil

There are 2 types of cinnamon oil, based on the 2 different types of cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon essential oil and Ceylon oil. If the leaves and barks of Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon are used to make the oil, it will be referred to as cinnamon leaf extract and cinnamon bark oil, respectively.

Varieties: How many types of Cassia cinnamon oil are there in total?

As I have mentioned in the previous part, Cassia cinnamon essential oil can be classified by its production materials, which are barks or leaves.

Both leaf and bark Cassia cinnamon essential oil are frequently interchangeable. The pricing and fragrance are the two main variances. Because of the more difficult distillation process, the bark oil tends to be more expensive, but it is undeniably more fragrant than the oil made from the leaves of the Cassia cinnamon plant.

The taste and smell of cinnamon are distinctive. A substance known as cinnamaldehyde gives it its characteristic smell. If you want a sweeter, hotter scent, cassia cinnamon oil extracted from tree bark is a better choice. Because it carries more cinnamaldehyde than the oil derived from the Cassia cinnamon leaf, it has a sharper, more overpowering scent of cinnamon.

There is also a slight difference in their appearance. To be more specific, Cassia cinnamon essential oil from the leaves is usually lighter in color. 

To conclude, this table shall provide you all the differences of the 2 types of Cassia cinnamon essential oil:

Bark Cassia oil Leaf Cassia oil
Made from Tree bark Tree leaf
Aroma Strong, robust Mild scent and musky aroma
Color Clear yellow to deep reddish-brown Lighter in color, often brownish-yellow
Taste More expensive Cheaper

Process: How to produce Cassia cinnamon essential oil?

There are usually 3 main steps of producing Cassia cinnamon essential oil. First is harvesting. The cinnamon trees are not harvested until they reach about 4-5 years of maturing. After that, as normal, the farmers would peel off its barks then let them sun-dry. The similar process goes with the Cassia cinnamon tree leaves. Then, the dried barks and leaves are broken and put in the distiller. The Cassia cinnamon essential oil can be created by using steam or Carbon Dioxide.


How to make Cassia cinnamon essential oil

  • Step 1: Harvesting

When a cinnamon tree reaches 5 years old, it is harvested and peeled to get the barks as well as the leaves. The harvesting season for Cassia cinnamon trees is usually in Spring and Autumn.

  • Step 2: Drying and breaking the Cassia barks and leaves
  • Step 3: Extracting Cassia cinnamon essential oil by using steam or Carbon dioxide.

Benefits of using Cassia cinnamon essential oil

Just like regular cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon oil has many amazing benefits related to health, mostly because of its chemical components. Some of the most popular advantages are:

  • Treats diarrhea 

Everyone knows what diarrhea is, and if you have ever got it, you would also know how bad and annoying it is. Luckily, now you know that Cassia cinnamon essential oil can treat this illness. 

  • Improves circulation

By enhancing blood flow throughout the body, cassia cinnamon oil makes sure that you get enough oxygen and minerals to thrive. The benefits of cassia cinnamon oil include increased blood circulation, a warming sensation throughout the body, pain relief, a reduction in disease-causing inflammation, and stimulation of urine, which helps the body rid itself of pollutants.

On the other hand, Cassia cinnamon essential oil can aid in the prevention of these two potentially fatal illnesses by improving circulation, which lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Benefits of Cassia cinnamon essential oil

  • Relieves arthritis

According to estimates, 67 million Americans from 18 years old above will have arthritis by 2030, which is characterized by stiff, painful, difficult-to-move joints and bones. As pain and swelling in the joints are common indications of arthritis, cassia oil’s anti-inflammatory qualities help to naturally lessen these symptoms.

  • Antidepressant

It has been studied that cinnamic aldehyde, the iconic substance of Cassia cinnamon essential oil, can reduce stress. That is why Cassia cinnamon essential oil is frequently used for vaporizing. By inhaling some of the oil, your nerves can be relieved a lot, leaving the body with a cozy and peaceful sensation.

  • Boost immune system

Even minor, Cassia cinnamon essential oil does have an impact of boosting your immune system. In addition to acting as a febrifuge and antibacterial, cassia oil also has antiviral and antimicrobial properties. This therapeutic oil guards against bacterial activity and infections in the urethra, colon, kidneys, and urinary tract.

  • There are still some more benefits like fighting bacterias, treating diabetes, or even working as a bug repellent…

Overview of Cassia cinnamon essential oil market

After you have known the overview of Cassia cinnamon essential oil, it is important to know about the market of this product, or in other words knowing where to buy quality Cassia cinnamon.

Supply of Cassia cinnamon essential oil

Global supply of Cassia cinnamon essential oil can be found in many countries, but the most prominent ones are Vietnam, China and Indonesia. However, Indonesian cassia cinnamon essential oil is not favored by the country, as well as the other nations. Instead, people tend to import Chinese and Vietnamese cassia cinnamon essential oil. Therefore, we would only analyze the cassia cinnamon essential oil from these countries to best support B2B businessmen looking to import cassia cinnamon essential oil.


Supply of cinnamon oil

  • Vietnam: The world’s greatest exporter of cinnamon is Vietnam. It is widely renowned for the cassia cinnamon essential oil made from Saigon cinnamon, which has a richer flavor and perfume than cassia cinnamon farmed in China. Vietnamese Cassia cinnamon essential oil has a golden or dark-brown hue, and its perfume is similar to that of Vietnamese cinnamon. Its flavor is sweet, woodsy, and just a touch peppery. Aldehyde cinnamic acid, which makes up roughly 80–95% of the whole composition, is the primary component in Cassia cinnamon oil. Consequently, one of the advantages of Vietnamese Cassia cinnamon essential oil over Chinese Cassia cinnamon oil is its distinctive scent, which is frequently acknowledged to have a really fantastic flavor. And it’s clear from that why Vietnamese Cassia cinnamon essential oil is pricier than Chinese one.

Vietnam has achieved excellent achievements in the export of raw cinnamon, but its output of Cassia cinnamon oil is less impressive. In comparison to China, Vietnam has fewer suppliers and factories producing cassia cinnamon oil, and these plants are frequently smaller and have less flexible facilities. More dependable and high-quality vendors have recently helped to improve this situation, although it can take more work to locate a good source in this area.

  • China: One of the world’s fastest-growing export markets for Cassia cinnamon is China. Chinese cinnamon is not regarded for its quality, oil content, or flavor in contrast to other countries. Many cultures detest cinnamon because of how powerful and bitter it can sometimes taste, therefore domestic manufacture is where it is most commonly utilized. Therefore, Vietnamese Cassia cinnamon oil is of higher quality than Chinese oil. However, China is thought to own more sizable factories and swift, contemporary facilities than any other nation when speaking of cassia cinnamon essential oil.

Demand of Cassia cinnamon essential oil

According to Tridge, the total demand for cassia cinnamon essential oil in 2020 is $3B. 3 countries top-ranked in importing cassia cinnamon essential oil in 2020 are Malaysia, Netherlands and Italy.


Demand of cinnamon oil

  • Malaysia: In 2020, Malaysia imports $196.3M worth of cassia cinnamon essential oil in total. This figure has been decreasing since 2017, reaching $164.5M in 2019, then rising again until now. Even though it only accounts for 6.5% of total annual import, Malaysia is still the number one importer of this product. If you are looking for a client to sell cassia cinnamon essential oil, you should try to find one in Malaysia.
  • Netherlands: With $180.9M import volume of cassia cinnamon essential oil in 2020, Netherlands is the world’s second largest importer of Cassia oil. Since 2017, Netherlands’ import of cassia cinnamon essential oil has been constantly increasing. Therefore, it can be expected that this country will take over Malaysia and become the biggest consumer of Cassia oil.
  • Italy: Italy is the country with the biggest growth in the period from 2019 to 2020, at a stunning 92.18% increase from $81M to $156M. This growth can mark a milestone for the cassia cinnamon essential oil market of Italy.

Market price of Cassia cinnamon essential oil

Cassia cinnamon essential oil, of course, is more expensive than Cassia cinnamon. There are not very many varieties of this product on the market and it is also quite hard to find the cinnamon wholesale price of it. However, we can tell you about the cassia cinnamon essential oil price of K-Agriculture Factory, the best supplier of this good in Vietnam. They are currently supplying the highest quality cassia cinnamon essential oil with 90% purity at a price of about $28 per liter. This is also among the cheapest on the market.


There are some differences in cassia cinnamon essential oil among countries. Let’s focus on the 2 main markets of cassia cinnamon essential oil, which are China and Vietnam. 

  • The cassia cinnamon essential oil from China is cheaper, thus the quality is also worse than Vietnamese oil. Its taste is stronger, yet more bitter than Vietnam. However, an advantage is that Chinese cassia cinnamon essential oil is always abundant. Due to the developments in technology, China is able to supply large amounts of cassia cinnamon essential oil, almost at any time. So if you choose a supplier of cassia cinnamon essential oil from China, it is almost guaranteed that you will not have a lack of supply.
  • On the other hand, Vietnamese cassia cinnamon essential oil is more expensive than Chinese. In exchange, you would get a tastier flavor, more smooth, more pungent and not as bitter as the Chinese one. However, the supply source of cassia cinnamon essential oil in Vietnam might be quite limited. This is because Vietnamese suppliers do not focus on producing this product but instead they make raw cinnamon. So as a substitute you can buy raw Cassia cinnamon from Vietnam.

Cassia cinnamon essential oil suppliers in Vietnam: How to find them?

There can be multiple ways for you to find a supplier of cassia cinnamon essential oil in Vietnam. However, after many years of experience, both as a buyer and a seller, here is our suggestion:

  • Using the Internet: In the technological era, it is so easy for you to make contact with any supplier out there, as long as they have an online presence. We usually apply 2 ways: Google and Social Media. First is using Google. There is almost nothing left to say when it comes to Google. This tool is so powerful that no business or individual does not use it. Just type in the search bar anything you want to buy, such as “cassia cinnamon essential oil suppliers in Vietnam” or many more. I bet that there would be thousands, if not hundred thousands results would show up. Alternatively, you can choose to use social media like Facebook or Linkedin… It may sound unfamiliar right? But actually, you might not know that Facebook and Linkedin are very useful tools if you want to reach out to various suppliers. There are groups on these media that specialize in importing/exporting internationally. You can find some groups that focus on trading agricultural products, or in particular trading cassia cinnamon essential oil. 

Using the internet

  • Hire a broker: This is always an option. If you are too busy, or if you are a new business in the field and not sure what to do to find cassia cinnamon essential oil suppliers, we suggest you find a broker for yourself. It is not that bad if you can utilize the method, especially if you want to save time. All you have to pay is some money. 

Hire broker

  • Find on E-Commerce platforms: This is also a very effective method. However it might be quite confusing for you if you are new to the market. This is due to the fact that there are usually too many suppliers on those markets, and there is too little information that you can find from them. However an advantage is that you can have a better overview of the market as well as the price ranges.

E-Commerce platforms

  • Go to trade fairs: Even though it might be time-consuming and hard to pull off, attending agriculture trade fairs is always a viable option.

How to import Cassia cinnamon essential oil from Vietnam

If you are still reading, you must be truly looking to buy cassia cinnamon essential oil from Vietnam. Therefore, this would be a very important part for you, which is how you can import Vietnamese cassia cinnamon essential oil. There are many steps and procedures, as well as regulations that you should know. Here we focus on some of the most important ones:

Understanding the Vietnamese working culture

It may sound unreal, but understanding how people in Vietnam work or making contracts is very important. By knowing this, you can work more easily, as well as knowing if the Vietnam market really suits you. There are various aspects relating to the working culture. However, it is crucial to know that Vietnamese value trust and credibility. If you want to work with a Vietnamese cassia cinnamon essential oil supplier, you better put more trust in them. If they feel like they are respected and trusted, they would give you the best service and products. 

Regulation requirements

Of course, when you import/export, there are always regulatory documents that you must have, such as a license for importing and exporting. Some other mandatory documents for importing cassia cinnamon essential oil can be named:

  • Contract
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificates for quality (custom for different markets)
  • Customs clearance paper
  • Fumigation certificate
  • Phytosanitary
  • Certificate of Origin

Top 3 suppliers with the best Cassia cinnamon essential oil in Vietnam


Since its founding in 1980, VILACONIC has grown to become the leading manufacturer and seller of high-quality agricultural goods from Vietnam and other countries. After 33 years in business, the company has consistently confirmed its position as a trusted brand in the industry.



Along with the broad domestic distribution network, the company’s products are currently exported to several nations and regions. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam chose to acknowledge the firm as having a strong export reputation.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture stands out as the best agriculture factory and the best supplier of cassia cinnamon essential oil in Vietnam. This is not only due to top-quality products with the most reasonable price but also because of the innovative board of directors and the clear vision of the company. K-Agriculture is founded and run by Mr. Daniel Trong Quy, a very successful businessman in Vietnam, who also gained recognition by issuing his book “B2B – Road to the world”. The company’s slogan is “Quality is King”, which shows how much K-Agriculture focuses on supplying the best cassia cinnamon essential oil. 



K-Agriculture also gives you one of the best customer service you can get when working with a Vietnamese supplier. This is because of their strong experience in trading internationally. K-Agriculture has been supplying Vietnamese agriculture products to the world since 1986, with over 25 years of operation. 

Besides cassia cinnamon essential oil, K-Agriculture Factory also supplies many other agriculture products from Vietnam like rice, spices and coffee. All of their products are handled with care, and all give out the highest quality possible. 

If you are interested, please contact us:



Whatsapp: +84855 555 794

C&C Food

One of the top companies bringing synthetic export goods made in Vietnam is C & C. They provide clients in Vietnam and other countries around the world high-quality goods made using cutting-edge technology. Many of C & C’s suppliers are located in industrialized nations like Korea, Japan, Germany, America, Italy, and so forth.

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